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CoinTool App Clone Script

To Create BEP20, ERC20 Token Generator Platform like CoinTool.

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CoinTool App Clone Script

CoinTool App Clone

CoinTool App Clone Script is a token generation platform that creates BEP20 & ERC20 tokens which works exactly like CoinTool App can also be used as an online digital currency toolkit. Bitdeal -CoinTool App Clone Script includes all the features and functionalities of

Startups and Entrepreneurs can launch your own token generation platform by using our revenue-generating CoinTool App Clone Script. Our CoinTool App Clone Script is fully customizable and ready to launch which helps you to gain high ROI for your crypto business.

Get a FREE Demo - An Online Digital Currency Toolkit is used to create tokens within minutes. It is the next-generation token generator platform that is widely used by users all over the world. Because of the usage of BEP20 and ERC20 tokens makes this app more unique. Due to its irresistible features, it became one of the reasons to make clones for this platform.

BEP20 Token Generator Platform Development

We create BEP20 tokens by using the best token generator platform like cointool app that is built on blockchain like Binance Smart Chain with no coding knowledge to generate tokens. We built the best BEP20 token generator platform with required programs and user-friendly. 

ERC20 Token Generator Platform Development

We create ERC20 tokens by using the best token generator platform like the cointool app that is built on blockchain like Ethereum. To build these tokens you need no coding knowledge. We build the finest token generator platform with required programs and user-friendly.

In our CoinTool App Clone not only you can create BEP20 and ERC20, tokens but also you can create other tokens like Solana, Starknet, Avalanche, Polygon, TRC20, Aptos, etc., on various blockchains like Tron, Solana, etc. We build your token generator platform within 1 day with the latest features and functionalities exactly like Cointool App.

Features of CoinTool Clone Script

Our CoinTool App Clone Script offers customizable features as per your business needs. Here listed are the features we offer.

  • Smart Contract Development

  • Token Locker

  • Referral Program

  • Gas Price

  • Multi Wallet Support

  • Strong Ownership

  • Customized Token Symbol

  • Market Insights

  • Token Allowance

  • Batch Balance

  • Distributed Ledger

  • Chain Record

  • Token Hold Scan

  • Token Batch Collection

  • Batch Wallet generates and Check Balance


  • Token Multisender

  • Bulk Collect

  • Create Token

  • Unit Converter

  • Vanity ETH

  • Gas Price 


  • Batch Balance

  • Unit Convertor

  • Address Generator


  • Batch Wallet Generate

  • Batch Balance

  • Token Mutisender

  • Token Allowance 

  • Bulk Collect


  • Create Token

  • Batch Wallet Generate

  • Batch Balance

  • Bulk Collect

  • Token Multisender

Benefits of CoinTool App Clone

Our CoinTool App Clone Script offers various benefits to create the finest cryptocurrency experience. The benefits of creating CoinTool App Clone are:

  • Simplified Token Creation

  • Cost-Effective

  • Efficient-Time

  • High Security

  • Compatibility

  • Customizability

  • Scalability

  • Multi-language Support

Development Process of our CoinTool Clone App

As the best CoinTool App Clone Script provider, we offer cointool clone development with many latest features and benefits all over the world. We provide the successful making of blockchain applications with our CoinTool Clone App development process. 

Our CoinTool App Clone development process includes:

Gathering Requirements of Clients

We support our clients in comprehending their thoughts and needs for the business in CoinTool Clone App creation. We respect their feedback and integrate them into the development process.

Plans and Analysis

We prepare Blueprints as per our client's requirements and conduct thorough market research to provide suggestions about the latest trends in the token creation industry. 


Our expert design team designs based on blueprints and sends them to our clients for conformations.


Our front-end and back-end developers work on developing our client's projects based on their unique needs and plans.


After the development process, we send the projects to our testing and quality-checking team where they undergo rigorous bug and error testing.


After the testing process, we make them live and available for user access. 

How to Create a BEP20 Token using our CoinTool App Clone Script?

BEP20 Token runs on the Binance Smart Chain network while ERC20 Token runs on the Ethereum network. The BEP20 token generator helps users to use smart contracts for mintable, standard, capped, and burnable tokens in DApp. Steps to follow for the creation of the BEP20 token.

Metamask Installation

It is important to install a metamask wallet for the payment of the contract development fee in BNB. You can also install other wallets like:

  • Trust Wallet

  • imToken

  • Coinbase Wallet

  • Tokenpocket

  • WalletConnect

Update Details

It is mandatory to enter the name of the token, and symbol, and to select the supply token type.

  • Enter token name

  • Symbol Selection

  • Enter decimal precision for your token

  • Enter Initial Supply

  • Enter Total Supply

  • Select the configuration for the token like mint, burn, pause, blacklist, and deflation

Token Deploy

After confirming the transaction using the metamask wallet, the token is deployed and ready to use. 

After this, the generated token will be available in BEP20 wallets all over the world with its name, symbol, and amount. 

White-Label CoinTool App Clone Script

White-label CoinTool App Clone Software helps your blockchain business with numerous benefits and improves your business to the next level. This is cost-effective compared to the terms of development from scratch.

White-mark CoinTool App Clone Script helps both you and the client to have a user-friendly experience in token generation with customized programming solutions while using the platform. CoinTool App Clone Script is used to launch ready-made ERC20, BEP20, and other crypto token generation platforms like Kickstart your crypto business with our CoinTool App Clone and gain high ROI.The major tokens are,

  • Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Ethereum (ETH)

  • Tron (TRON)

  • Binance Coin (BNB)

What is CoinTool App?

To create the BEP20 token and ERC20 token, the CoinTool App - a token generator platform is used. This app comes with important features like a token locker, where tokens or liquidity can be locked so it assures users and investors to invest. This allows the creation of an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) token that runs on Binance Smart Chain a blockchain network that attracts users for its low transaction fees and enhanced speed.

What is Token?

In blockchain terms, a token means both fungible and non-fungible tokens. In terms of digital currency, refers to cryptos or fungible tokens. They are also known as a smart contract, which helps users start trading on them by defining digital assets. 

The Smart contract is an application that is programmed and runs without the interference of a third party. They support property ownership and run on customized blockchain networks in a shared infrastructure. 

What is Mintable, Burnable, and Capped?


The initial process of token generation is called Minting. Only the owner can mint the generated token and can also disable the token if not needed. 


The token supply circulation can be reduced by eliminating the portion of the token, Then the token will be burnt.


The users can generate only the allocated number of tokens at most.

How does CoinTool App Clone Work?

In token generator platforms like CoinTool, users can perform token burning as well as destroy a portion of the token to reduce the circulating supply. The steps to follow to create a token in ConTool App Clone.

User Interface

This has different functionalities and highlights so clients can easily understand the cointool clone application.

Token Creation

To start the token generator process, you have to start by entering the required fields like token name, image, accuracy, decimal, and introductory supply.

Deployment on Blockchain

To make the token available and usable on the blockchain, the created smart contract is sent to the assigned blockchain network, on cointool app clone a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) smart contract is used.

Token Management

Clients can screen their tokens, move them, and perform other activities through CoinTool App Clone Software. 

Token Utilities

The CoinTool Clone App offers utilities like token consuming, locking, or integrating tokens with decentralized exchanges. This helps clients to upgrade the features and operations of the tokens. 

Why Bitdeal for your CoinTool App Clone Script?

As a leading BEP20 token development company, with a team of professional developers, we offer services to create tokens like BEP20, ERC20, and more, who are experienced in developing tokens on various blockchain platforms. We also provide token development services on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, etc., with the required security features of blockchain standards as per your business needs. 

Bitdeal is the best Token Development Company, providing the finest CoinTool App Clone Script for startups and entrepreneurs who want to start their own token creation platform like CoinTool. We deliver CoinTool App all around the world such as the United States, France, Germany, India, Spain, Italy, Japan, Turkey, and more. Contact us and launch your own CoinTool App Clone!

With more than 10+ years of experience, we offer other services like

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