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Coin Listing Services | How To List Your Own Cryptocurrency?

Ready to take advantage of your Cryptocurrency coins with Bitdeal’s top-notch services? We support listing your Crypto coins on reputable exchanges to increase the market liquidity.

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Coin Listing Services | How To List Your Own Cryptocurrency?

Coin Listing Services

Bitdeal is a prominent Coin Listing Services Company with several years of experience in the industry. As you know Coin Listing is the method of including the newly created Crypto Coin to an already existing exchange platform. At Bitdeal, we enable you to list your Bitcoin coins on various exchanges and other platforms. Your cryptocurrency will be simple to buy and sell after it is published on coin listing websites. We assist you in listing your cryptocurrency on the main exchange platforms with our cryptocurrency exchange listing service. Additionally, assisting with new currency listing services can provide your company with a lot of market visibility.

What is Crypto Coin Listing?

Crypto Coin Listing is nothing but the process of adding a recently released cryptocurrency to an exchange platform. A cryptocurrency may be bought and sold by the general public as soon as it is listed. The Crypto Coin Listing process is done by evaluating a cryptocurrency project's validity, trustworthiness, and adherence to applicable rules and regulations.

Our First-Class Coin Listing Services

Go through our first-class Coin Listing services offered by Bitdeal. 

Documentation: To list your crypto coin, we will perform complete research on the technical requirements of your crypto exchange. After the background research, we will document the details and discuss them with users.

Marketing: When you launch a new crypto coin through our exchange listing services, you will get huge attention from other exchanges as well. 

Coin Audit Certificate: We audit newly generated coins by exchange requirements, ensuring that the audit certificates that describe the cryptocurrency that is going to be offered are resistant to vulnerabilities.

Excellent Benefits of Our Coin Listing Services

The following are the excellent benefits of leveraging our Coin Listing Services. 

Top Exchange Platform Submissions: We offer massive legal availability for your cryptocurrency or token on over 150+ reputable trading platforms worldwide.

No Commission Listing: We never demand a commission fee for listing your freshly produced cryptocurrency with our assistance. We help you list your coin together with its affordable price.

Perfect Listing: We promise that we will list your currency on the easiest and finest exchange without a doubt. So, never doubt our Coin Listing Services. 

How to List Crypto Coins?

To list crypto coins on the exchange, you have to understand some common details. Here are the essential factors you must keep notes of. 

  • Coin Name - Name of the Coin

  • Symbol - The coin symbol used on both exchange and trading platforms.

  • Trading Volume - The total volume of the cryptocurrency’s trade volume.

  • Market Cap - The cryptocurrency’s market price is calculated by the market cap.

  • Price - The current price of the cryptocurrencies like BTC, USD, EUR, etc.

  • Price Chart: Whenever the price of a cryptocurrency is changed, it will be updated on the price chart.

  • Total Supply - The largest number of cryptocurrency coins will be created on the total supply.

  • Circulating Supply - This will count all the cryptocurrency coins that are currently present in circulation.

  • Maximum Supply - This will let you know about the maximum number of coins left remaining. 

  • Trading Pair - Users can trade cryptocurrency on another trade-based crypto coin. 

Why Users Should List Cryptocurrency on Exchange?

Did you know that listing cryptocurrency on exchange has various advantages for traders and coins? Of course, yes! Here are some effective reasons why users should list cryptocurrency on exchange. 

1. Enhanced Liquidity: When a cryptocurrency is listed on an exchange can trade more readily and be seen by a larger number of buyers and dealers. This may contribute to a rise in the currencies' trading volume and liquidity. That will facilitate the buying and selling of tokens by investors at reasonable rates.

2. Visibility and Discoverability: A cryptocurrency's exposure and visibility to potential users and investors can be increased by listing it on a well-known exchange. Being listed on a respectable exchange might assist in drawing in new investors and increase demand for the token because many investors use exchanges to find new coins to invest in.

3. Authenticity: Having the coin listed on a respectable exchange can contribute to its legitimacy and credibility. This might assist convince potential investors that the idea is genuine and reliable, which can be especially crucial for new or relatively unknown projects.

4. Price Stability: By facilitating easier and more equitable trading between buyers and sellers, the listing of a cryptocurrency on an exchange can contribute to a more stable market for the asset. By doing this, you may lessen volatility and make sure that the price of the coin is more in line with its intrinsic worth.

5. Access to More Investors: By being listed on a well-known exchange platform, a cryptocurrency project can have access to a bigger pool of investors and traders. This heightened visibility has the potential to accelerate the coin's adoption and enhance its long-term outlook. 

How to List Crypto Coins on Exchanges?

Coming to the important segment of this blog post. If you are constantly looking for ways to list your crypto coins on exchange, you must follow these guidelines as well. 

1. Research Deeply and Choose the Best Exchanges

Always choose the best exchange platform to list coins. Also, keep in mind that not all the exchanges are legitimate. Check whether the exchange has a larger user base and follows the right policies. 

2. Analyze the Exchange’s Needs

Try to prepare yourself to thoroughly understand the exchange’s needs. Some of their requirements might include security measures, trading volume, community support, etc. By understanding their needs, you can choose the right exchange.

3. Establish a Strong Community

Since many exchanges focus on establishing a strong community, why don’t you do the same? Build a robust community to support you through social media and other forums. As a result, this will help you to list your crypto coin on the exchange effortlessly. 

4. Consistent is Key

Last but not least, consistency is the key. As listing your crypto coin on exchange might vary, you must try constantly. Many exchanges take more time to list your crypto coins on their exchange. So, watch closely and list your coins on the exchange. 

Leading 6 Crypto Exchanges We List Your Coins

With over 15+ years of experience, Bitdeal offers effective Coin Listing Services organically. Here are the six crypto exchanges we use to list your crypto coins. 

  • KuCoin

  • Koinpark

  • BitMart

  • Bybit

  • Coinstore

  • Bitget

Along with these six brilliant crypto exchanges, we can also list your coins on other exchanges as well. So, you can trust Bitdeal to list your crypto coins on the exchange legitimately. 

Why Choose Bitdeal for Coin Listing Services?

Bitdeal is the top Cryptocurrency Development Company that provides Coin Listing Services with advanced features. We have an extraordinary expert team to assist you with your Coin Listing Services on various exchanges. Bitdeal is notable for offering Coin Listing Services in various global countries such as the UK, Japan, India, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, the USA, South Korea, Austria, etc. Our excellent team will help you list your crypto coins on a legitimate exchange easily without any trouble. Also, we can proudly say that we have delivered 350+ projects right on time. So, you can confidently leverage Bitdeal’s Coin Listing Services and reap organic benefits. 

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