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What is a Cryptocurrency Trading Engine

A Cryptocurrency matching engine is simply a software application that aggregates all the open trade orders in the cryptocurrency market and enlists them to execute new trades whenever two orders match or are fulfilled. Every matching engine uses a variety of algorithms to prioritize the orders, mostly “maker-taker” and “FIFO” used among crypto trading engines. In other terms, we can say a crypto trading engine is an order book or order matching engine (OME). This piece of matching application is considered the beating heart of a cryptocurrency exchange. Exchanges can't run properly without the involvement of a crypto-matching engine. For better performance, we can improve the order matching latency, trade execution time, and trade throughput. Unlike the usual brokerage platform, an order matching engine supports traders to execute partial orders, Market orders, Limit orders, Stop Limit orders, and other types of Orders.

The existence of a matching engine lets traders buy or sell digital assets at the most feasible prices based on the bid value and ask price.

Matches Buy & Sell Orders

Ensures Efficiency & Performance

Competency in TPS

Bitdeal’s Crypto Matching Engine Software

Bitdeal, being the leading cryptocurrency exchange development company, offers professional super fast cryptocurrency matching engine software with our cryptocurrency exchange development package. The recent version of Bitdeal’s Matching engine is capable of executing 20,000 orders per second and can process each trade in just 0.05 Microsecond. The significant advantage of using bitdeal's trade matching engine is the guaranteed liquidity which is highly upgraded with uptrend features. Our matching engine is wrapped with a strong security layer, which reduces risks, and shuts the entry door for hackers to exploit the system. We uplift crypto exchanges and encourage efficient trading across all crypto exchanges.

Orders Per Second


Processing Time

0.05 Ms

Trading Pairs


Features Of Bitdeal Crypto Matching Engine

Order Types

Unlimited Cryptos &
Trading Pairs

Liquidity from
third party

Improved TPS &

Supported Order Types

Bitdeals Cryptocurrency Matching engine, supports the below order types, and the order types are not
limited, we can customise it to support more types

Limit Orders

The limit order reduces the risk of making trade at uncertain prices. Limit order let’s traders trade assets at the given limit price. The order will not be executed until the price value reaches the specified limit price or better.

Stop Orders

Stop order executes trades only if the price of a specific digital asset Paases a specific price. For sell order, trade is executed when price falls below $X. For buy order, trade will be executed when price climbs above $X.

Market Order

Orders that get executed instantly as per the market's price as quickly as possible the order gets placed. These orders are subject to market risks and volatility.

Trailing Stop

The purpose of trailing stop is to limit the losses and to lock the profits as the trades become favourable. It's another kind of Stop order which trails the price and never comes back once it is moved.

Why Choose Bitdeal’s Crypto Matching Engine?

We provide tailor-made dedicated cryptocurrency matching engine software for your crypto exchange platform,
which is created by industry-leading professional cryptocurrency exchange developers. The application is fully tested at the end.


Better Liquidity


Extended Asset Coverage


High Performance Matching


24X7 Support

What We Provide ?

We are providing a cryptocurrency matching engine as software along with the complete package of our premium
cryptocurrency exchange development service.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Crypto Trading Engine

Make 20,000 Successful Trades In Just 0.05 Ms

Create a Next-gen Cryptocurrency Exchange With Bitdeal’s Crypto Trading Engine

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Matching engine is the dominant part of any exchange which matches buy and sell orders based on the logic of an exchange leads to a completion of a single transaction. It directly impacts the performance of the exchange by meeting perfect latency and throughput.

It supports 15,000 transaction request per second

The number of pairs are unlimited and it also depends on the server space

We offer a complete solution for an Exchange development - Front End, Back End, Database, Matching Engine, Wallet connectivity & Deployment.


It takes around 1 month of time to develop an exchange and integrate with the Matching engine


Absolutely yes!

Absolutely yes!


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