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How To Create a Smart Contract Based MLM Website Like Ethereums.Cash ?

Explore about how mlm works and find how to build a smart contract based mlm website like

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How To Create a Smart Contract Based MLM Website Like Ethereums.Cash ?

What Is Ethereums.Cash ? is a smart contract based MLM website, which favors the end-users or the members to acquire 55000 ETH on Every 180 days. 

How Does Etherums.Cash Works? claims that there is no administrator to control the website and to manage the fund transactions, instead they ensure that they are running the entire system under the control of smart contracts. 

To Join in, one should join at level 1 by paying 0.025 ETH. Some of its competitors like and are requiring .0.03 ETH and 0.05 ETH as registration pay to join at level1 never asks passwords to sign in to the website, instead the member can join directly via Meta Mask or Trust Wallet without providing the passwords. The website claims that there is no chance for blocking or account deletion since everything is controlled by smart contracts. 

After joining the system, a member should join at least 2 referrers as their first downline to receive commissions. Initially, a member will be allocated in the free spots of the forced matrix. but after getting 2 referrers one can form a team matrix and can join other members-only inside his/her team.

Watch out the below table to get more understanding of the profit per level

Ethereums Cash MLM Profit Table
Source :

Why are these Kind of MLM Businesses Getting More Success In Recent Days?

The sole reason for the success of smart contract based MLM businesses like is, this is completely risk-free, and which is the fastest also easiest way to earn ethereum's with a minimum requirement of investments. The only risk here is if you do not upgrade to a particular level on time then you would miss a chance to get a huge commission. 

How to Start a Smart Contract Based MLM Business Like Ethereum.Cash?

All you need is a website script, that could build a MLM web portal
which can run under the control of the smart contract. 

Ethereums.Cash MLM Clone Script

This is the fully ready-made Smart Contract based MLM clone script which could build a clone website like At bitdeal you can get free demo MLM clone script. As smart contracts are the pivot element for this kind of website, we give our 100% effort to build secured smart contracts and customized smart contract algorithms. The script will support only ethereum. 

The customizations we can offer

  • Smart Contract Auditing & Reinforcement
  • The required fee for each level can be altered
  • Number of levels and span days to complete a level can be altered
  • Meta Mask & Trust Wallet Integration Available
  • Total earning amount of ETH value can be altered

Having an Idea to Start a Smart Contract Based MLM Business?

Contact our team today, escalate your requirements. We will be back to you within a day with proper prototyping and documentation of resource allocation for the website development.

Disclaimer: We are not the owner of "", and are not doing any direct promotional activities for them. Also, we are not doing any business dealing with "". We sell only smart contract based MLM scripts. Only for the better understanding and easy identification we use the term "".

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