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Create Your Own NFT Based Car Racing Game Like F1 Delta Time - F1 Delta Time Clone

Bitdeal provides a One stop solution to create Your own NFT Based Car Game like F1 Delta Time using F1 Delta Clone Script with unique features based on your business needs.

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Create Your Own NFT Based Car Racing Game Like F1 Delta Time - F1 Delta Time Clone

F1 Delta Time Clone Script

F1 Delta Time Clone Script is a Readymade NFT based Car Racing Game Script with which anyone can launch their own NFT Gaming platform like F1 Delta. F1 Delta Time Clone Script, Fully customizable and completely tested NFT Car Race Gaming script inherited with all the features and plugins like F1 Delta Time platform that provides the players the best user experience. Bitdeal’s F1 Delta Time Clone Script is Developed and Deployed with unique Features Such as Racing, Staking, Garage, play and earn, and so on.

Want to launch your own NFT Car Racing Game Like F1 Delta Time? Get launched instantly with Bitdeal’s F1 Delta Time Clone Script.  

Components of Bitdeal’s F1 Delta Time Clone Script 

Script Type: NFT Marketplace Script
Platform Type: Car Racing
Version Update: F1 Delta Time Clone Script V1 (Updated in 2021)
Blockchain Network: Ethereum (Customizable)
Special Features: Racing, Garage, Staking, Play-to-earn.

Features of Bitdeal’s F1 Delta Time Clone Script

  • Action Arcade Racing GamePlay
  • Own Everything
  • Play-To-Earn
  • Staking
  • Garage
  • Multiple Wallet Connection
  • Time Trial
  • Workshop

    What is Formula 1?

    Formula One, also shortly denoted as F1. This is a Global Auto Racing Sport. F1 is the level of Single-seat, Open-Wheel, and Cockpit Professional Motor Racing Contest.F1 Racing is Governed by a Global Body Called the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile).

    Introduction of F1 Delta Time 

    What is F1 Delta Time?

F1 Delta Time is the Official Formula 1 Game on Blockchain. It is entirely different from Traditional games. Items in the F1 Delta Time are Unique and all the items are owned by players. Players can buy their Most favorite Formula 1 Car, trade with other players, and sell the cars. Players can Customize their own cars with a range of car parts. Are you Ready to Race in F1 Delta Time !!! Now let us Look at Fl Delta Time.

F1 Delta Time is an NFT-Based Car Racing Game that is built on Ethereum Blockchain with ERC-721 & ERC-20 standards for NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) and Fungible Tokens. F1 Delta Time Contains Two Main Components.

  • Collectible Game 
  • Racing game

Collectible Game

The Collectibles game of F1 Delta includes obtaining & trading digital assets & rare virtual attributes such as cars, drivers, trinkets, and components. This also adds gamification for the collections of NFTs and the addition of layers such as leaderboards and achievements. 

The collectibles are designed in a way to simulate traditional scarcity-based gaming activities and components such as models, baseball and football stickers, and more.

F1 Delta Time Clone Collectibles Classification

f1 delta time clone collectibles

Racing Game 

In a racing game, the players experience a traditional racing gaming experience where they can take collectibles and race the car in selected tracks, and take actions as per commands such as acceleration and braking.

F1 Delta Time Game Features

  • Garage
  • Workshop
  • Staking
  • Time Trial 
  • Action Arcade Racing GamePlay
  • Own Everything
  • Play-To-Earn


Staking is one of the profitable features in F1 Delta Time. Staking permits owners of F1 Delta Time car NFTs to earn REVV by staking their NFTs. The amount of REVV earned by staking is determined by the rarity of the NFT.

What Is the REVV Token?

REVV Token is an ERC-20 Utility Token. It is the primary currency used in F1 Delta Time Gaming. Players can buy a car, drivers, and any assets using REVV Tokens.

Staking pool

F1 Delta Time has a REVV Allocation of 500,000,000. These Total allocations are split up into 4 Main Pools. 

These are

  • Reserve
  • Game Operations
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Staking

The allocation of the Staking Pool Has  30,000,000 REVV.

Earning Projections

The possible earnings from Staking an F1 Delta Time Car NFT are dependent on the uniqueness of that NFT. This means that a Racing car will have a higher yield than a common rarity car.

Some other factors are

  • Rarity Tier
  • Weight
  • Population
  • Minimum REVV Earn Per-Car

Staking Design and Terminology

  • Earnings
  • Cycle
  • Claim Interval
  • Claim
  • Staking
  • Lock-Up
  • Stacking Transactions

Time Trial

  • Weekly Circuits
  • Under The Hood
  • Rewards

Own Everything

Players can Own Cars, Drivers, and Grand Prix Events.

Action Arcade Racing GamePlay

You can Play the F1 Delta Car Racing Game in All Digital mediums.


Players can Play, Win and Earn REVV

Hope now You got an Overview Of NFT Based Car Racing games Like F1 Delta Time. If you want to launch an NFT Based Game Like F1 Delta Time Get Feature Rich F1 Delta Time Clone Script From Bitdeal !!!



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