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Genopets Clone App - An Easiest Way To Launch Your Own M2E Game Like Genopets

Genopets Clone App Development Solutions from Bitdeal to create your own M2E Fitness Gaming App like Genopets.

Genopets Clone App - An Easiest Way To Launch Your Own M2E Game Like Genopets

Genopets Clone App 

Genopets Clone App is a Move to Earn NFT fitness gaming application that makes rewards for an active lifestyle. It is a web3.0 fitness game app that incorporates GameFi, Social-Fi elements, and fun gaming features that ignite people to make physical movements and earn passive income. A digital pet is being inherited and whose growth & evolution implies your own physical actions & growth, which is a Non-Fungible Token(NFT).

We Bitdeal Leading Move To Earn Game Development Company offer Genopets Clone App Development Solutions to launch your own M2E fitness app like Genopets. 

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Genopets Clone App Development

Genopets Clone App Development is the process of developing a mobile application with all the GameFi elements, fun game elements, and all the features included in the most famous move to earn NFT game, Genopets. We also develop & deploy our Genopets clone app in a way that can be customized easily whenever required. Before the initiation of the development process, we clearly collect all your game development requirements and assist you in the successful launch of your own M2E Game like Genopets. 

So, before knowing about why to develop an M2E Game like Genopets, Let us briefly look into the Genopets game.

What Is Genopets? 

A best free-to-play, M2E Fitness game application that rewards gamers to make them live an active life. Shortly, Genopets is gamification that aims for the concept of playing passively & rewarded actively. 

Move-to-Play + Play-to-Earn = Move-to-Earn Gaming

A Genopet is your digital pet and that grows & evolves as you are active. If you are walking around the mall? or Jogging at the gym or running in your office/home? Your genopet is by your side always & evolve when you stay active.

Important Aspects in Genopets Game App

Listed here are the main factors involved in Genopets gaming platform.


It is an NFT that represents the digital pet that can be evolved, upgraded & customized. 


It means the NFT home for Genopets which unlocks advanced gameplay.

Terraform Seeds

Terraform Seeds are Semi Fungible Tokens, which can be used for the creation of new habitats.

GENE & KI Token

Gene is a fungible, staking & governance token that can be used for participating in NFT Sales along with KI.

KI token is a fungible token earned as a Habitat owner through the conversion of steps into energy.


Experience Points (XP), a state in Genopet's NFT Metadata that increases when the conversion of energy occurs from banking steps.

Foundational Principles of Genopets

In a motto to build a sustainable Web3 Gaming economy, Genopets has been launched. 

From meaning comes the value, and from the value comes the earning. 

Thus we create a sustainable GameFi economy where players can earn by these 3 foundational principles.

1. Creating a game that rewards gamers not solely on how much they are willing to invest financially than the dedication & skill of the players.
2. Creating a platform where gamers can create & transact values between players in the marketplace & continuously make the decision on how to earn.
3. Creation of NFTs worth playing that allows for deflationary sinks for the stabilization of the in-game environment.

Game Pillars of Genopets

Listed here are the pillars of Genopet's players for gameplay.

  • Move to Play
  • Nurture
  • Evolution
  • Habitat Terraform
  • Habitat Rental
  • Harvesting KI
  • Crafting
  • Battle System and more.

Business Benefits of Launching M2E Game App Like Genopets

Creating a M2E Game App like Genopets offers the following benefits.

  • As Move To Earn is a trend, you can gain a huge Userbase
  • You can play a vital role in the digital market
  • You can Generate huge ROI
  • Acquire more gamers as there are more mobile users.
  • Be an early adopter and be in pioneer in the massive race. 

Features of Our Genopets Clone App 

Listed here are the stunning features of the Genopets Clone App. 

Move To Play

The concept of our Genopets clone app is as same as Genopets. Being active is the initiation of the game. All the gamer's steps are converted as the energy required for gameplay.

A Digital Pet

The fuel makes the digital pet grow & evolve. Your day-to-day steps and physical movement makes the pet grow accordingly. 

Step History

The app records the steps and rewards gamers by banking their steps throughout the day.


The gamers should care for, train, and play with a digital pet which encourages them to be active.


When gamers convert their steps into energy & XP. XP is the state where NFT metadata of pets can be tracked.


Feeding, playing & caring makes Pet get evolved. When pets are happy, it banks the energy at an efficient rate.


Gamers have the ability to terraform or breed additional Habitats. As a Habitat Owner, the gamers can sell or lease it to other players.

Owning a Habitat makes gamers earn by 

  • Selling Habitats to another player (or)
  • By renting it to those who want the benefits from Habitats.

Habitat Renting

This Renting a Habitat comes with two roles that the respective habitat owner grants renters at their discretion.

The two roles are 

  • The Harvester - offers gamers the ability to convert energy into the native token.
  • The Alchemist - provides the ability to craft NFTs & other gaming items like Power-ups & nurture items, and so on.

Battle System

This Battlefield allows players to engage in many minigames for healthy life habits. You can also challenge other players through your pets on the battlefield.

Why Choose Bitdeal for Genopets Clone Development?

We Bitdeal having 7+ years of steady experience in building blockchain games, now transformed ourselves into a Move To Earn Game Development Company.

Listed here are the hidden reasons behind choosing Bitdeal.

  • 250+ Skilled Game Developers 
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Expertise in NFT & Metaverse technologies
  • Advanced gaming features & addons 
  • Effective & attractive gaming platform development and so on.

Why Still Wait to go with Bitdeal for your M2E Fitness Game App Development? 

Get in touch with our experts now and they offer world-class M2E Game Development services to launch fitness games like Genopets. 

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