Steps To Build Your Crypto Coin On Exchange Platforms

Steps To Build Your Crypto Coin On Exchange Platforms

The cryptocurrency exchange market is becoming more robust day by day, as the industry evolves to a new dimension, many new cryptocurrencies started to flow into the market. But the concern here is still many people don't know how to showcase a fresh crypto asset on exchange platform? and how to make your crypto coin popular?

To show case a coin on crypto exchange website, it is must to fulfill some basic requirements. this guide will help you to easily showcase your coin. Bitdeal as a bitcoin exchange solution, we provide the best support to promote your valuable digital assets into popular exchange websites. Before that, you must know behind the scene of listing! Let's go!

Here is the route to market your coin on exchange websites

There will be two phases to promote your coin on the exchange website. In the first phase,

it involves,

I) creation of crypto coin

ii) and contacting the exchange website

The second phase is the important one which will explore your coin all over the word
here you need to promote your coin.

Phase I: Register and Show Case Your Crypto

1. Ensure your coin have good quality and worth to arrive in blockchain market

To promote your coin on exchange website, at first you just need a proper & well-coded cryptocurrency. The quality of the coin makes it easily listed on exchanges. You don't have to struggle a lot, already the resource is available online. Except for ethereum, most of the cryptocurrencies follows the opensource architecture of bitcoin.

If you can create a coin based on bitcoin, sure it will ease your listing process. Blockchain won't restrict new cryptocurrency, it always welcomes new cryptocurrencies to rise like bitcoin. But it is upon you to bring a worthful crypto to the industry.

2. Meet the requirements of exchange websites

Every exchange will have their own set of rules to showcase a coin, So in order to list your coin, it must meet all the requirements of an exchange portal. In this phase, you must contact the website individually as an owner of the coin.

Many exchange website will not directly get connect with in person, instead, they get to connect with the authorized hub or organization to showcase a coin. So if you want to showcase your coin on popular exchange website, you should hunt for an authorized people.

Bitdeal -  Being a Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Provider, we can provide support to list a new altcoin on exchange websites.

Phase II: Promote your coin

Listing is not the destination of a new coin. Instead, it gets new birth after getting listed. To proceed a successful journey it must reach everyone in the corner of the world. The most important point here is, exchange website will delist your coin if it does not get a proper capital value after 3 months of listing.

How to market your new coin?

To popularize your new coin, you must provide a bunch of offers, and special discounts during the launch.

1. Give a unique identity and usability for your coin.
2. Give an easy to remember face - The success of bitcoin is it has an easy to remember front face.
3. You may not encrypt the inbuilt features of the bitcoin, but if you add new features, you must ensure that specific code has been encrypted. Get Separate MIT license for the added features.
4. Make a 360 Degree online promotion for the new coins
5. Try to implement token sharing system to get initial shareholders of the coin.

And apart from the above thing, there are a lot of possible ways to promote the coin. Bitdeal can provide you proper guidance to make your coin popular in several ways.

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