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How to make use of an altcoin exchange script

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How to make use of an altcoin exchange script

Launch your own multi cryptocurrency exchange platform using altcoin exchange script. Using the script you can manage all your cryptocurrency exchange business modules on your exchange portal.

Bitdeal is popularly known for bitcoin exchange script, but the increasing demand from numerous clients pushed up the bitdeal team to provide a new cryptocurrency trading solution, and hence we started to provide altcoin exchange script and software.

The Benefits of Altcoin Exchange Script Over Cryptocurrency Exchange Script!

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script :

This kind of exchange script powers an exchange portal to trade only with predefined and popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, etheruem, XRP, Dodge coin. So in further, if you want to make your exchange portal to trade with new cryptocurrencies then you have to customize it and have to modify the entire currency pairing options.

Dare to face the following:

1. You have to halt your exchange website until the customization process completes.

2. Creates confusion to manipulate the cryptocurrency transaction.

3. Your valuable traders may direct to third-party trading websites.

The Benefit Of Using Altcoin Exchange Script:

This kind of exchange script powers an exchange portal to adopt new cryptocurrency trading. So you can add numerous cryptocurrency pairing options with your exchange portal. You don't need to customize your exchange website every time you wish to add a new cryptocurrency.

Currently, there are more than 1000+ cryptocurrencies were registered in the blockchain. In future there are a Lot of possibilities for few more crypto coins to shine like bitcoin. So creating an exchange portal with altcoin exchange script will power your exchange portal for future purpose too.

What Is Special In Bitdeal Altcoin Exchange Script?

The specialty of bitdeal altcoin exchange script is, it can be customizable at any time with current trading features. You can add ore more than 100 + cryptocurrency pairing options with your exchange portal. Cost of Purchasing and Cost of Customization is very low when compared to other services providers. The script is completely yours there is no way for bitdeal to claim your business profit in future.

Altcoin Exchange Script - Powered With High Tech Security Features!

Bitdeal altcoin exchange script is covered high tech business features, we cover the following features with our exchange script.

1. Enhanced buy/sell system and deposit/withdrawal system
2. Coded to generate understandable trading graph chart
3. Support limit order, stop order and instant order 4. Efficient matching algorithm
5. Multilingual feasibility
6. Two-factor authentication
7. Support ticket system
8. Feasible cryptocurrency trading pairs
9. Inbuilt features to manage and regulate financial arrangements


Ready to Launch and Cost-Effective Altcoin Exchange Software

If you are not interested to build your exchange website from scratch, then you can make use of ready to launch altcoin exchange software. This exchange software is easily installable and helps you to quickly launch your exchange website with inbuilt trading features. [ To get a demo of the software Inquire bitdeal]

Form Your Own Crypto Empire with Bitdeal Altcoin Exchange Script and Software!

Bitdeal satisfies its customers by providing advanced altcoin exchange script and software. Our team of experts is flexible to accept and adapt customer requirements. So don't hesitate to reach us, and don't have to doubt bitdeal. No matter how big your business idea is, we are ready to help you in reaching your business goals digitally.



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