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ICO - The Next Big Business Opportunity

What is ICO ? How can you use this as a business ? Let's disccuss everything here!

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ICO - The Next Big Business Opportunity

What is Actually ICO?

Initial Coin Offering, Is the process of releasing digital token as an initiative process for introducing new cryptocurrency to the industry!. In Similar to the crowdfunding process, Investors are asked to invest in a certain number of crypto tokens, in order to raise money for the technical development of a crypto coin.

It is a common method used for many virtual currencies- and blockchain-related funding campaigns. During the process of ICO Investors receives tokens which represent the shares of a fundraising company in the blockchain.

How an ICO Works?


Initially, if a company want to raise fund for their crypto coin project, it is a must for them to follow these steps!

1 .A white paper will be released which addresses the needs and outlines the Minimum capital that they have to raise. In the end, If the expected cap hasn't reached, then the ICO is considered as an unsuccessful, and the funds will be returned to the investors. Some ICO projects list puts the maximum capital to prevent the overcapitalization.

2. The another important part of the ICO is Mix ratio, It says how much money that the founders will keep for themselves(5% to 10%), and the remaining will be sent out as a token to the investors.

3.The Team has to announce how long the ICO will be open, how long the amounts could be collected. The usual time period is 30 days

4.Most of the ICO campaigns accepts only cryptocurrencies. and to boost up the process, some ICO will award bonus schemes for early investors and can use affiliate channels to spread the world.

5.ICO will be close when the maximum capital amount has reached, or if the time up.And in the end, the team has to issue the tokens represents as shares in the organization. In Very soon the tokens can be listed on exchanges, investors who missed out the ICO can join here as investors.

What are the business opportunities behind the scene of ICO campaign?

Many startups and well developed organization found this tokenized business model as a successful fundraising method. It boosts the count of cryptocurrency investors. regulate the flow of new cryptocurrencies, and increase the need of ethereum.

So business people ensures that this is the chance for ethereum to mark it wonderful presence followed by bitcoin, Becuase most of the ICO platforms prefer only ethereum for purchasing the crypto or digital tokens. Maybe we can consider this business process is invented for the reason of increasing the flow of ethereum in the marketplace.

What can you do here?

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