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Connect accredited investors and fundraisers at one place to raise funds for innovative blockchain & non-blockchain projects, ventures and startups. At Bitdeal we provide White label ICO Development Services that could re-define the potential businesses, enterprises and startups to hopefully raise in a new digital path

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Every business or innovative project must need a kick start, and it would mostly get stumbled by lack of capital funds. Bitdeal - Being a Leading and trusted ICO Development company, we entered into the Digital space to endeavour the capital fundraising mechanism and strengthen the growth of both blockchain and non-blockchain projects by providing white-label ICO development services.

Our expertise, intelligence, and deep domain knowledge in ICO platform development can leverage the best practices to create an interactive ICO token issuance platform that connects accredited investors and fundraisers from all around the world. We experiment with various blockchain platforms to serve the best-in-class ico development services for uplifting potential startups, ventures, enterprises, and industries starting from virtual games, real estate, supply chain, logistics, and health care to more areas.

Pre ICO Development Services

We follow a stepwise development process to provide the highest quality ICO development services to our esteemed clients..

Wireframe Creation

Create a complete wireframe that outlines the entire ICO projects operations and functionalities with a clear cut pictorial representation.

Landing Page UI And UX Development

We make trustworthy, crystal clear, and highly user friendly ICO front end websites that could create more hope for your investors and clients.

Logo Designing

We Create a vibrant, and eye-catching logo, that creates trust, brand-identity, and a hopeful impression for your ICO website platform.

White Paper Creation

Our experts can create an outstanding whitepaper that will outline the goal and roadmap of your ICO project with proper documentation.

Light Paper Creation

Create light paper for your ICO project that documents the architecture, guidance and scope of the project in an easy to understand format.

Token Development

Create your ICO tokens based on the renowned ERC 20 / ERC 223 tokens protocol and boost your crowd sale to attain exponential growth.

Smart Contract Development

We construct a complete bug-free smart contact for your ICO project that could decentralize the entire process under a single transparent blockchain protocol.

Wallet Development

We configure the best wallet setup that suits your fundraising platform, based on the requirement and blockchain blockchain you choose.

Server Setup Deployment

Host and deploy your ICO website on a dedicated server, and make the ICO platform accessible from all over the internet with no hurdles.

Token Migration

Migrate your tokens to any other token standards by underlying the relevant blockchain frameworks at any stage of your ICO.

Multichain Support

Make your ico smart contract to allow transfer of assets between multiple chains by integrating Multichain smart contracts.

White Paper Improvement

In case of any changes in your ico road map, and token issuance, or entire project changes, we help you to rewrite the white paper to justify the changes.

Smart Contract Audit And Configuration

Audit the smart contract at any stage, and configure the entire token issuance protocol without disturbing the security of the raised funds, and investors hope.

Server Maintenance

Diagnosing the issues in servers, and resolving them is mandatory, at bitdeal we render proper server maintenance after deploying your ico project.

Landing Page UI And UX Improvement

For the betterment of your ico project growth we can immediately get suited up, to improvise your ICO landing page with better UI And UX.

Post ICODevelopment Services

We follow a stepwise development process to provide the highest quality ICO development services to our esteemed clients..

The Need Of
White Paper In ICO
Why It Is Essential?

The Cryptopreneurs Spot
The Cryptopreneurs Spot
Dear Bitdeal'ers,

It is very important for fundraisers to understand, it is not an obligation for the global investors to invest in your project, it is their choice. Investors will never invest in anything, unless they understand the scope, return, and most importantly the TRUST. So, it is important for fundraisers to influence the investors by connecting all the above mentioned dots.

If you are seeking funds for your project or business, then you should create hope, guarantee the returns, and ensure the future growth of the project you have started. All the above things should be written in a document and should be available as digital content for investors, so that they can easily access it and go through it to know about the motive of the ico launch. This entire thing can be fulfilled by the crystal clear “White Paper”.

An ICO white paper is a digital document that conceptualises the entire ICO functionality, project scope, investors benefits, return on investment, roadmap, tokenomics, ico stages, expected capitals and everything related to the token sales. The white paper should be digitally represented and should be available for anyone to easily access it.

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Road Map To Launch Your ICO


Decide goals, and declare the number of tokens to be created, sold, and to be burned. And also determine the funds to be raised.

White Paper Creation

White Paper Creation

Draft the better and crystal clear white paper that could conceptualise the entire project scope, net worth, investors return, and the project growth at every stage.

Front-End Development

Front End Development

Prepare a better eye-catching front-end that could host your entire token development process and gather all your investors at one place.

Create Smart Contract

Create Smart Contract

Code your smart contract under the preferred blockchain and write down the entire token issuance protocols.

Token Development

Token Development

Create a token by picking up the right token standard, declare the tokenomics, tokens to be sold in pre-ico, token name, symbol and more.

Wallet Integration

Wallet Integration

Integrate wallet to securely store, deposit, withdraw, transact with no security issues.


Bug Fixing ICO Launch

We conduct a wide range of bug-bounty to identify the micro level bugs, and launch the ico after confirming the technical aspects.

ICO Token Development

At Bitdeal, we create ICO tokens on the token standards included below, but not limited to that.













Hire OurICO Developers

Need more compatible tech support to launch your ICO?, then hire our expert ico developers, who can assist you from their desktop at any time. You can hire our developers hourly, monthly, or periodically, for the betterment of your ICO project from scratch.


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