Bitdeal On The Roads to Attend India Dapp Fest 2019

Bitdeal On The Roads to Attend India Dapp Fest 2019

We are glad to announce that our team of blockchain enthusiasts are on the road to attend Asia’s largest blockchain summit, India Dapp Fest 2019.  

Why Bitdeal is Excited About this India Dapp Fest?

Bitdeal is a blockchain solutions company, powered by Osiztechnologies Pvt. Ltd has been established a lot of blockchain and cryptocurrency startups all around the world by providing blockchain as a service. We are so energetic about this blockchain summit, as this event may create a lot of opportunities for startups in blockchain space and will lift up India’s digital growth with decentralization. Our team of experts has joined with osiztechnologies to attend the biggest conference. Hope this dapp conference may explore a lot of ideas, opportunities, and possibilities for us to grow further in Indian blockchain marketplace. 

India Dapp Fest 2019

This conference is gonna held on India’s Leading Tech Capital, Bangalore, Karnataka and will be conducted for 5 days from June 11 - June 15 at The Lalit Park.

We all know, the influence of blockchain technology have created a huge impact on digital transformations all around the world. Especially, countries like the United States, UK, and European countries are witnessing a massive corporate growth along with blockchain technology. But, the influence of blockchain in Asian countries has just started to bloom. So, to boost up the blockchain impact, and to explore a wide knowledge in decentralization Blockchained India, has committed to stage this biggest dapp fest in India. 

The Motto Of India Dapp Fest

Blockchainedindia, The host of this biggest blockchain conference left some words in their official blog,  that this dapp fest is planned to inspire and enhance everyone, who are passionate about blockchain technology and are looking forward to be a part of future innovations  In India.  

India DApp Fest’19: Highlights 

  • The Head of BlockchainedIndia, Mr. Akshay Agarwal says that The conference will showcase plenty of Decentralized applications, they may be under beta development.
  • There will be a hackathon for blockchain developers in the first three days  (June 11- 13)
  • This summit will be concentrate on Decentralization, startups in blockchain space, permissioned blockchain, and BaaS (Blockchain as a Service).
  • And most importantly, there will be a launch of Digital asset regulation policy In India. So sure this summit will give an idea whether India will regulate digital currencies or not. 

Likewise, there are a plenty of discussions and official announcements are gonna be happen in this summit. So, sure we will get answers for what is the future of India in blockchain system, and does India is in the need to regulate digital currencies? 

If you want to know why this India dapp fest is very special? check out this article :

You can check out the official website here:

Notable Sponsors, Speakers and Professional Who Gonna Rock This Conference 

This blockchain summit is going to get crowded with a lot of professionals from leading Software companies like IBM, Mahindra group, Tezure, Consensys and etc.

For this program, a lot of reputed sponsors like Algorand, Matic,CoinDCX and more are agreed to support officially. 

You can check out the complete list of partners community here : Media and Partners

Our Team Of Experts Who Gonna Join India Dapp Fest

1. Guhana. V - Business Consultant 
2. Gayathri. B - Business Consultant 
3. Sathya Priya. N - Business Consultant 
4. Sowmiya Devi. P V - Business Consultant

Meet our Consultants directly @ India Dapp Fest 2019, and Fulfill your Queries in Person!

Blockchain Dapps Development India Dapp Fest 2019

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