Lets get connect-Bitdeal for starting white label bitcoin trade and exchange business

Lets get connect-Bitdeal for starting white label bitcoin trade and exchange business

BitdealTM created an unique business software for the world of digital money (bitcoin, altcoin), based on whitelabeling. We provides software as business solution on automated trading bot, mining, ecurrencies, ewallet, peer-to-peer sharing based on "tokenized ICO” and many other.

Nowadays all we are surrounded by different service providers to offer business software for particular digital currencies. But we connected them all on a single platform - bitdeal.net


About BitdealTM

Bitdeal.net is a modern service provider for whitelabel bitcoin exchange business solution. It is the place where you can feel more convenient for starting trade, exchange business website of various digital currencies or cryptocurrencies.

-   Trading, exchange business solution for bitcoin, altcoin with White Label format

- Lending business solution will allow traders to raise funds for margin on various cryptocucrrencies with White Label format          

-    Digital wallet business solution with a wide range white Label format

-    Mining business solution 

-   ICO business solutions (tokenized model, smart contract model )


Why to prefer a white-label format for your business services ?

Simple, whitelabeling creates win-win on both (B2B, B2C) business services. By choosing white-label services for your business, don't have to worry about marketing and discovering the best ways to sell and buy digital currencies, And they don't need to spend time and money for figuring out the new services to include. 

Bitdeal TM services varied for different business requirements. We have experienced with 150+ clients for bitcoin exchange business development. Everyone is giving their unique business requirements. We have done perfectly for them with taking more risks.  



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