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Million Money MLM Clone - A Key to Start a Trusted Smart Contract Based MLM Business

Explore the interesting business nooks of starting a smart contract based MLM business

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Million Money MLM Clone  - A Key to Start a Trusted Smart Contract Based MLM Business

Million Money MLM Clone ​Script

Million Money MLM clone script - it is a smart contract based MLM clone script, that could create an MLM website by having an ethereum based gifting scheme as the core business model. This million money clone script can help you to make a decentralized automated, trustworthy blockchain MLM business like million money. At bitdeal, you can get a fully developed decentralized million money clone script. The MLM website which made with the million money clone script will be under the control of ethereum smart contract, whereas every internal p2p transactions and members allocation will be automatically done by ethereum smart contract.  The Script is 100% hack-proof, fast-performing MLM script. This smart contract MLM script won't allow any third parties to control the funds and the process inside the system.

Million Money Clone Script Features

  1. Fully Automated Transactions
  2. Binary 2X5 Matrix Scheme
  3. 100% hack-proof
  4. Instant P2P Payment
  5. No Admin, Smart Contract Controls Everything
  6. No-Risk, No Scams, since it 
  7. Guaranteed High Return on Low Investment
  8. Can Execute more than 6000 ETH Transaction per hour
  9. Supports MetaMask and Trustwallet
  10. Simple and Easy to go through levels

And more.

At bitdeal, we can customize the above features, joining fee, level up profit, upline profits, referral methodology, and everything can be modified as per the client requirements. You can check the free live demo of million money clone script by filling up the below demo request form. 

How to Start a Smart Contract Based MLM Like Million.Money ?

One can start an MLM business like Million.Money along with the use of a fully decentralized Million Money Clone Script. More over we have included some key points that you should keep in your mind while starting a MLM business like million money. Before starting a mlm business you may face the following bottlenecks. 

Bottlenecks in Starting a Smart Contract Based MLM Business like Million.Money

An MLM business is nothing without the involvement of trustful members, So to expand the network people have to believe there is no risk and must be free to join the system. Here are some of the drawbacks which make a cryptocurrency based MLM business to fall under a meaningless risk. 

  1. Fault information, that is relating cryptocurrency MLM business with Scam systems.
  2. No proper awareness of quick profit earning.
  3. The fear of Investment in cryptocurrency.
  4. No proper knowledge about smart contract based MLM.
  5. Fear of hacks and losing money.

So, how to overcome the bottlenceks?

Smart Contracts - A Solution to Overcome the Bottlenecks in MLM Business

Smart contracts are fully encrypted and are automated under a properly written blockchain algorithm. Hence MLM Business With Smart Contracts are 100% Secure, Hack Free, Decentralized, provides promises for no loss of money and easy claiming of profit directly from the smart contract system automatically. 

If smart contracts can empower the MLM business, then there is no chance for MLM business owners to scam its members.

Business plan to Start a Better MLM Business than Million Money

If you have a desire to start MLM business better than Million.Money then you should consider the below points. 

  1. Properly register the ownership and contact details of your business to generate trust among people.
  2. Create awareness about the smart contracts based MLM.
  3. Create a proper reputation along with the proper information which should explain the business model. 
  4. Ensure the security and be transparent to your customers.
  5. Make your website 100% hack free.
  6. Proper monitoring of each transaction under smart contracts.

So, hope you had a brief session on what is million money clone script, and how to start a smart contract mlm like Now let us have a short review of, so that you can understand why you should start a smart contract mlm like

What is Million.Money?

Million.Money is a recent smart contract based MLM Business website that runs based on ethereum smart contracts. This website guarantees that joining can afford an MLM member to acquire 1500 ETH every 100 Days. 

How Million.Money Works?

The core business model of Million.Money is Multi-Level Marketing but inspite of following traditional MLM, this website follows smart contract based MLM. This website claims that the distribution of incoming transfers among participants is run under a specific smart contract algorithm written on the ethereum blockchain. 

Also, the website claims that there is no administrator, hence it is fully decentralized, under the smart contracts. No one has the rights, or privileges or access to delete and manage the uploaded smart contract coding. 

The Compensation Plan Of Million.Money

The compensation plan works based on the Binary Plan. As the downline increases, you will be paid by the members. So, to join in the tree, one should buy a level from the affiliates. The purchase cost differs based on the level. 

Simply saying this is a 2X5 matrix gifting scheme. So, the scheme is designed to generate a new cycle after every five levels, and each level will be expanded by subscriptions of two new members at each node. 

Pros and Cons of Million.Money ?


  1. Completely Decentralized - No Admin Can Control Money
  2. Easy Downline Making & Network Creation
  3. Real-Time Payout
  4. Members can view the process and the level where they are
  5. Secured under Smart Contracts


  1. Risk Happens If not properly monitored
  2. If you missed out to buy level on time, then it will go up to the upline.
  3. No proper details about the owner. 

Why Choose us ?

We bitdeal, the reputed blockchain developement company who have become the kingpin of blockchain b2b startups by providing praiseworthy enterprise blockchain solutions. We have outstanding professional who are expert in creating smart contracts and dapps. Our goal is to travel with our clients to improve their business idea, and make them real.Also we are ready to commit ourselves to bring innnovations through smart contracts and blockchain technology. Get reay to connect with us!

Our Smart Contract Based MLM Development Services Includes the following,

  1. Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development
  2. Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software
  3. TRON Smart Contract MLM Software
  4. Forsage Clone Software

and more.

Disclaimer: We are not the owner of Million.Money, and are not doing any direct promotional activities for them. Also, we are not doing any business dealing with "". We sell only smart contract based MLM scripts. Only for the better understanding and easy identification we use the term "".

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