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Move To Earn NFTs : Walk, Jogg or Run - Here's Your Crypto Rewards !

Know what is Move To Earn, How does Move to Earn NFTs work & how to build an M2E app or platform.

Move To Earn NFTs : Walk, Jogg or Run - Here's Your Crypto  Rewards !

The crypto space is making innovations each day and proving to be the dynamic market of the digital globe. There are many new forms of innovations like NFTs, Metaverse, programmable stablecoins, and more after the arrival of DeFi. 

The current trend in the crypto industry is the concept of "Move to Earn" where users get rewards for walking, running, dancing, and more. 

Interesting, Right?. 

Come let us discuss more this concept of "Move To Earn" in detail in this blog.

Scroll down & enjoy reading.

Move-To-Earn - What is It?

The term Move to earn or M2E is the hottest hype that lets users to earn NFTs or cryptos as rewards for actions like walking, running, dancing, or any other movement. This is a gamification concept similar to play-to-earn, but M2M apps allow users to earn passive income via involving in a daily basis physical activities such as running, and fitness exercises. 

Many gamers have an interest in a mobile app-based game called Pokemon GO, which offers players to move around to find rewards or characters. As with this M2E games requires users to participate in outdoor physical activities to earn cryptos as rewards. 

M2E came up with the motto to motivate users to make a healthier life through the combination of Gaming Finance & fitness apps.

Walk, Jog or Run - Here's the Crypto as Rewards is the concept behind the M2E.

Move to Play + Play to Earn = Move to Earn

Difference Between Play to Earn & Move to Earn 

In-Play to Earn, the gamers earn tokens as rewards by winning battles. These tokens can be used for purchasing equipment, clothing, and any other game characteristics items. 

This shows that they should spend time on devices for playing games through which they receive prizes. 

On the other hand, in Move to Earn, the player can employ sensors in their mobile device to detect their movements & automatically offer rewards for physical activities. Thus, the concept of M2E inspires people to live healthier. 

First-Come M2E Platforms

STEPN is the first move-to-earn concept adopter and Dotmoovs, and Geneopets followed the path of rewarding players for their physical movements.

Why M2E is a Hype In The Air?

The governance token Green Metaverse Token (GMT) has created interest in STEPN. 
Some of the venture capital firms Sequoia Captial and other Web3 investors also started investing in STEPN.

GMT's rise can be attributed to the rapid growth of the largest platform STEPN.

Move To Earn Tokens To Look


STEPN is a GameFi platform on Solana blockchain which combines both Play-to-earn & move to earn concepts.


Genopets is the first Solana-based Move to earn platform for making fun rewarding. 
This platform combines the user's step data from their mobile and rewards accordingly.


Dotmoovs is a remote P2P-based sports competition platform that revolutionizes the performance of sports & players as a whole. It incorporates an AI algorithm to score sports tricks.


OliveX is a gamified ecosystem of fitness that enhances the real-world workout via move-to-earn mechanics. OliveX allows players to improve their physic and also earn revenue via gaming activities.


STEP is an M2E platform that rewards players for walking on a daily basis. This platform is available as an app for both iOS & Android devices.

Move To Earn NFTs Development

As Move to Earn NFTs are the current trend of the crypto globe, moving along the trend makes you the best out of the crowd. Thus building a business that rewards NFTs for movements is known as a move to earn NFTs business. Developing NFTs for rewarding the players who make movements are known as Move to Earn NFTs development.

Developing a Platform that detects and records the movement of players and reward them with NFTs on daily basis is known as Move to Earn NFT Marketplace Development.

Who We Are?

Bitdeal - Leading NFT Development Company always move along with the new innovations that occur in the crypto industry. When the concept of Play to Earn became the talk of the industry, we started providing Play to Earn NFT-based games and platform development solutions.  As crypto space echos with the concept of Move to Earn, our Experts started developing Move to Earn NFTs-based platforms and apps. We offer to Move to Earn Platform  Development which rewards cryptos or NFTs for every movement.

We develop Platforms with a combination of Play to Earn & Move to Earn as like Genopets, STEPN,OliveX, and more. Our experts develop an M2E app with an inbuilt combination of both Game-Fi & Social-Fi elements. 

Some of the GameFi & Social-Fi elements that our developers involved in the development of M2E platform are as follows.

  • Game Modes
  • Sneakers
  • Sockets
  • Badge
  • Gems
  • Shoe Minting
  • Energy system and more.

We upgrade ourselves as a Move to Earn Solutions provider who offers any kind of business development solutions related to the concept of M2E. 

Want to enter into the world of Move-To-Earn? Create Your own M2E platform like STEPN. 

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