New P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script PHP to Make Exchanges Easier

New P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script PHP to Make Exchanges Easier

The number of people trades with bitcoin, altcoin, and cryptocurrency is increasing every day. Hence, cryptocurrency trading network has witnessed a lot of fresh startups during the last few business years. The risk here is, whenever the crypto industry branches to next level, it roots to a lot of inconveniences, restrictions, and complexities. The main and maximum challenge for existing exchanges is to reduce those risks. This survival test for exchanges makes some to stay with success and many to fired with failure.

Making a long-lasting crypto exchange with high flexibility to adapt dynamic changes, is a highly challenging task for new entrepreneurs. So Being a bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading script service provider, bitdeal extends its warm hands to those struggling entrepreneurs.

Bitdeal always focus to reduce the inconvenience in bitcoin, altcoin and cryptocurrency trading. Hence we invented a new cryptocurrency exchange script, framed with light weighted PHP framework & powered with high trading features.

Reduce Existing Risks With Bitdeal Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

For at least once in a lifetime every cryptocurrency owner will face this problem: where to exchange cryptos for fiat money?. Many existing exchanges are not easy to deal, They charge high commission fees to exchange with various currencies. Also, Some fresh exchanges do not support to exchange with certain national currencies and also have a restriction on the minimum transaction amount.

So to stay strong, A fresh startup should reduce the above risks. bitdeal brings up you an exclusive exchange script which will help you to launch a user to user exchange platform

This script supports..

1. Exchange Cryptos to an unlimited number of fiat currencies

2. Exchange bitcoin to new Altcoin and vice versa.

3. Exchange bitcoin to registered cryptos and crypto to bitcoins.

4. Make exchanges faster and easier

5. Smart contract architecture to make a secure and independent transaction.

Best features of bitdeal cryptocurrency exchange script

1. Super fast trade match engines

2. Multiple cryptocurrency wallet integrations

3. Instant matching of buy order and sell order to avoid transaction rendering

How can you achieve success with this new cryptocurrency exchange script?

The older version of this same script has limitations with its algorithm, but the new script support to exchange cryptos with the unlimited number of national fiat currencies. So by reducing the minimum cost to make exchanges and by making the transaction faster, you can easily attract global audience within a short time.

Why bitdeal?

We are specialist in providing trendy technically advanced cryptocurrency exchange script.

  • Lifetime support to customize and extend add-ons with the script.
  • 100 % source code.
  • Never charge you and claim for profit sharing.
  • Comfortable pricing plan
  • Quick and easy installation


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