OpenSea Clone Script

OpenSea Clone Script is the original NFT Marketplace Script fortified with tight security features, built precisely for budding entrepreneurs who want to start the largest NFT Marketplace like OpenSea. Bitdeal's OpenSea clone script facilitates business people to build a Peer to Peer NFT Marketplace which acts as a hub for creators, collectors and gamers where they can buy, sell, and create NFTs.

Our source code perfectly replicates all the functionalities of a famous P2P NFT marketplace, OpenSea. We develop and deploy OpenSea like NFT Marketplace on any blockchain network such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and more.

  • Upgraded Version 4.0 (2023 Edition)
    What’s New:
  • Multiple Smart Contracts, Liquidity APIs.

OpenSea Clone Script Features

Store-FrontStore Front

Creative and eye catchy store front design to showcase the listed NFTs, so that the users can easily explore NFTs

IPFS-StorageIPFS Storage

Interplanetary File System protocol integration to store NFTs safely and securely.

NFT-Wallet-IntegrationNFT Wallet Integration

NFT Wallet Integration lets users Store all kinds of NFTs in NFT wallet so that they can buy/sell NFTs later

NFT-MintingNFT Minting

Instant, easy and straightforward NFT minting process lets creators to upload their art work without any hurdles

Multiple-Currency-SupportMultiple Currency Support

Multiple currency support comes under customization entirely based upon clients needs and requirements

Royalty-Payment-SupportRoyalty Payment Support

Royalty Payment Support with the purpose of rewarding creators for a lifetime

Metaverse-CapabilityMetaverse Capability

Metaverse support to list virtual lands and real world assets as NFTs within the platform

P2P-TransactionP2P Transaction

Peer to Peer NFT Transaction to transfer special and rare NFTS

Native Token GovernanceNative Token Governance

Native token governance to create your own native token for your NFT Marketplace

Benefits Of Creating An NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea

The potential NFT trend inspires many cryptopreneurs out there to create their own NFT Marketplace and of course, OpenSea holds the Inevitable place among them. Listed below are the spotlight benefits one gets while starting a NFT Marketplace like OpenSea.


High ROI


Brand Identity


Liquidity At Launch


Instant Market Launch


0% Fraudulent Transactions

How To Build An NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea?

How To Build An NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea?

OpenSea Clone Software

OpenSea Clone Development is a process of developing a decentralized peer-to-peer NFT marketplace like OpenSea that supports crypto goods such as collectibles, arts, and any other gaming items. For OpenSea Clone Development, We Exclusively underwent Metadata API Processing and Conventional Processing. Bitdeal incorporates Agile methodologies to enhance project versatility and team performance. Our Experts have hands on experience in handling all kinds of blockchain and have well versed knowledge in the knock and corner of the market.

Current Market Value of OpenSea is 13.3 Billion
90 Million Digital Assets
90 Million
Digital Assets
3 Million Collections
3 Million
Build a largest NFT marketplace like Opensea Using Our OpenSea CloneCollections: 90 MillionsRequest A Demo

White Label OpenSea Clone Script

It is ready to deploy the NFT marketplace script used to launch a peer-to-peer NFT Marketplace like OpenSea. Bitdeal provides a fully Whitelabel OpenSea clone script that can be customized further for better performance and rebranded with new features. Our OpenSea clone script comes with arts, music, virtual cards, digital collectibles and much more NFT categories. Bitdeal's OpenSea clone script has been made to work on top of ethereum, polygon, klaytn, and Solana.


Whats New In Bitdeals OpenSea Clone Script ?

Our OpenSea Clone Script comes with innovative features like Collections , Bulk Minting, Meta Verse Capabilities and a lot more. This Original OpenSea Clone Script helps you the best in building your own universal NFT Marketplace like OpenSea.

  • Discover Your New Creative Work
  • Store Your Favorites
  • Search NFT Filter Options
  • Filter NFT options

Which Blockchains Does Our OpenSea Clone Support


Ethereum was launched in 2015 it is an Open-Source Blockchain including smart contract functionality. The Native Cryptocurrency of Ethereum blockchain is ETH.


Is a unique blockchain that provides secure instant transactions with ETH,DAI and USDC.imagine that Polygon as a sibling to Ethereum.The Tokens are similar but blockchains have differences.


The Purpose of Klaytn blockchain is users can use the Kaikas Wallet browser extension like Metamask to buy and sell klaytn NFTs on Opensea Clone.

Bitdeal’s OpenSea Clone Script Supports Both Web And Mobile App

Mobile App

We provide OpenSea Clone App to get Instant Online and Offline access and Interactive Engagement for your users.

Web App

Our OpenSea Clone Web App is More Manageable, highly deployable and secure live data.

Opensea Clone App Development

Opensea Clone App Development

Bitdeal builds an exact look-a-like clone app like OpenSea with attractive features specially for mobile-based traders.Our OpenSea Clone Mobile App helps you to Track your all NFT Collection and discover new assets from the digital marketplace.

Advantage Of Using Our OpenSea Clone App
  • Discover Your New Creative Work
  • Store Your Favorites
  • Search NFT Filter Options
  • Filter NFT options
Build an NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea With Powerful APIs

Non-Fungible Token API is a set of functions that allows applications to access information and interact with external software components. Build NFT Marketplace App with Powerful API.

Asset ModelAsset Model

The main object in the OpenSea Clone API is the asset model. It is a unique digital item

Account-ModelAccount Model

TIt represents Account holders who have wallet addresses associated with username.

Event ModelEvent Model

This API model represents the status of changes that occur for assets. That includes sale, bidding and transferring.

Collection ModelCollection Model

The Main purpose of creating collections model is used to represent all the assets in a single contract.

Build an NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea With Powerful APIs
Industries We Serve

Our OpenSea Clone Supports Various Industries such as Art, Music, Sports and Games.


Showcase your unique art worldwide through the NFT Marketplace launched using our OpenSea Clone Script . Here you can buy and sell your digital arts


Share your Music globally by creating a Music NFT Marketplace that features a collection of unique musical artworks that can be sold to another person.


Sports Launch a Sports NFT Marketplace by using our OpenSea Clone NFT Marketplace Script, for sports enthusiasts to engage in the trading of sports assets.


NFT gaming stands out as the top earner in the NFT market. Our OpenSea Clone Script allows gamers in trading gaming collectibles in a secured manner.