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Build A Splendid Virtual City like Polkacity With Polkacity Clone Script.

Explore in detail about Polkacity Clone Script, Know its features and working of the script.

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Build A Splendid Virtual City like Polkacity With Polkacity Clone Script.

Polkacity Clone Script

Polkacity Clone Script is the ready made alternative source code package of NFT Multichain platform polkacity that promotes Metaverse, Decentralised Finance and non fungible tokens. The polkacity clone script lets you build interactive virtual cities similar to the  polkacity, and the completed project will let the users to easily travel through the virtual platform, and inside the platform users can invest in digital assets and services like taxi, gas station business, air planes, etc and earn passive income. Experts at Bitdeal, coded the script with multichain functionality, that provides access to the NFTS which are built on the other blockchains.   

Polkacity Clone Script Specifications

Script Type: AR Powered NFT Multichain Platform Script
Blockchain Technology: Customizable
API Integrated: All the Prime APIs Integrated
Supported Tokens: Custom Token Support
Version: Version: 1.0

Features Of Polkacity Clone Script

NFT Wallet: Integrated NFT Wallet to buy,sell and store all kinds of NFT.
Integrated AR/ VR: High tech Augmented as well as Virtual Reality integration to provide enhanced user experience.
Advanced NFT Construction Tools: Provided NFT Construction tools with latest SDK
Multichain: Multichain promotes cross-chain transfer between various blockchains
Attractive Storefront: Attractive storefront design to list all kinds of NFTs.
NFT Treasure Hunt: It’s an additional game where gamers have to find NFTs in the treasure hunt.
3D View: 3D view provides realistic experience to the users.

Why you should Start a Metaverse Gaming platform like Polkacity ?

Polkacity commenced their journey as a Defi based NFT Marketplace, later then, they integrated their platform with Binance Smart Chain. 

Within a year, they have gone to the massive height and transformed as the world’s first 3D and AR NFT Multi Chain Platform which supports all the superior tech giants Decentralised Finance, Metaverse and Non Fungible Tokens.

This combo, DeFi, NFT and Metaverse revolutionise the entire virtual reality and gamified ecosystem.

Polkacity offers multiple services like

  • Exchanges
  • Marketplace
  • Bridge
  • Buy Assets

One can sell the NFTs of this platform in the OpenSea, the Popular NFT Marketplace.Currently, at this time, one can buy / sell NFTs either via Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. 

Polkacity let users to buy their own

  • Virtual Land
  • Virtual Houses
  • New Businesses
  • Digital household items
  • Clothings
  • Accessories

This Platform Features unique Assets like

  • Polkacity Debit Card
  • HYVE Car
  • Cable Car
  • Airport
  • Polka Plane
  • Polka City AI
  • TAX Collector


  • POLC is the native token of Polkacity which is used to purchase NFTs in the Polkacity Metaverse which is built on ERC 20 standard.
  • Like any other Cryptocurrencies, POLC is listed on popular crypto exchanges, but one can't directly buy POLC with fiat currencies.
  • Currently, the price of the token is 0.39 USD and $1,661,141is the 24 hours trading volume.

Certik Audited Polkacity Clone Script

Bitdeal Provides Certik audited polkacity clone script that ensures high security in each and every transaction so that the volume of scam would be considerably reduced. Certik is a Popular Blockchain Auditing firm that provides auditing services in popular exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Huobi and even the DeFi based DEX Platform Pancakeswap. 

We are always concerned about the needs and requirements of Cryptopreneurs and don’t compromise when it comes to security. With the noble motto to build a highly secured Metaverse Platform for our clients, we have incorporated Certik audit in each and every service. 

How Does the Polkacity clone script work 

  • First, users need to create an account in the Polkacity platform.
  • To Purchase NFT, Users need to visit the NFT Store and the NFT is Labelled with POLC, The user can buy their NFT with the below mentioned price.
  • One can easily get POLC on exchange platforms. Or else one can swap BNB and ETH on platforms like Pancakeswap or Uniswap.
  • Polkacity allows you to connect the wallet with custom features.

Who We Are ?

Bitdeal, leading NFT Development Company, specialised in building NFT Marketplaces for various domains like art, music, sports, and also in NFT games, Metaverse platforms. With Our Solid Experience we have good exposure to the thicks and thins of the market and know the survival tricks of the crypto market.  Being the dominant company in the domain, we provide multiple NFT Marketplace Clone Scripts.

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