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RPG Game Development - Create Play-To-Earn NFT RPG Games

Know what is Role Play game development and its features. Explore how to build a RPG Game with rich features.

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RPG Game Development - Create Play-To-Earn NFT RPG Games

Role Play Game Definition

Nowadays, Gaming Platforms are not just meant to play, they hit different markets. When the gaming industry adopted the "Play to Earn" Concept Many kinds of online games out there gained huge popularity, specifically, Role Play Games are actively played all over the world. The fundamental concept behind RPG games is the player assumes themselves as a particular character in a game and plays accordingly. To get it simple, consider playing PUBG, where the player assumes themselves as a gaming character and gets involved in activities like earning guns, killing rivals, etc.

Role Play Game Development

Role Play Game Development is the process of developing a complete gaming platform which involves game template design, development and release of game. RPG games basically require high-tech user-interactivity, thus Artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality plays a prominent role. Bitdeal, Being the leading Game Development Company, analyzes the complete gaming mechanics and started providing top notch Role Play Game Development services on all kinds of blockchains.

RPG Development in Various Phrases

Gaming Industry has spread its roots to the nook and corner of the market. It does not fit in a single phase. By analysing the scope of this business model, we have segregated the RPG Game Development in various business norms like NFT, DeFi and Blockchain

NFT Role Playing Game Development

NFT Role Playing Game Development is the process of building a Role Play Game that supports non fungible tokens.When it comes to NFT gaming, gaming items, virtual characters, lands are represented in the form of NFTs. Gamers of the platform bought those assets and sold them later.

Defi Role Playing Game Development

DeFi Role Playing Game Development is the development of Gaming platform entirely based upon decentralized finance. These kinds of gaming platforms are designed in a way to stake tokens and the gamers can earn rewards for the tokens they have learned.

Blockchain Role Playing Game Development

Blockchain Role Playing Game Development comes under a general category but it promotes complete decentralization. We have experts with hands-on experience on multiple blockchain like Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Polkadot, etc,

Features Of RPG Games

  • Virtual Characters
  • Ingame Assets
  • Weapons
  • Clothing
  • Armor
  • Special Objects
  • Inventory System
  • Character Attributes
  • Experience leveling
  • Combat System
  • User Interaction
  • Graphics
  • VR Supported
  • Perfect Audio Effects
  • 3D view

Key Technologies In RPG Development

Game Engines

Game Engines are considered as the backbone of Role Play Games. It is responsible for all other prime functions like memory management, game development, gaming graphics , etc, Some best tools involves Creation Engine, Unity, Unreal Engine, etc,

Programming Languages

No matter, what does the genre belongs to, the best Role Play Game is the by-product of complex coding algorithm and functionalities. Thus there is no substitute for programming languages. Some of the popular languages used by programers are C++, Java, Python, etc,

Graphic Design Software

Graphic Design is the key feature when it comes to gaming. Here the contribution of Artists, graphic designers is as important as programming. All the gaming Items, The basic theme of the game, title effects are needed to design attractively.

Audio System

Audio systems play a prominent role in providing the gaming experience. The gaming platform needs to provide multiple audio effects like theme music, background sound, specific audio effects for actions like running, jumping, fighting, etc. Popular sites like Wwise, Fabric, AstoundSound are some of the popular programs that help in audio programming.

Artificial Intelligence

The arrival of AI shifts the gaming industry to the new stage when developers make out the right conditions, the integrated Artificial Intelligence tends to do magic in it. To provide more realistic gaming experience, RPG developers are fine tune their prospects in AI

Random Number Generators

Random Number Generator, it is a kind of algorithm that comes with random sequences; these sequences ensure that the users do not get the same gaming experience.  

How To Build A NFT RPG Game ?

The market cap of the gaming industry is nearly 180 billion USD and which is obviously expected to grow more. This sudden success inspires many entrepreneurs out there to kick start their own gaming platform.

1. Find A Genre

Find your own genre and design your own template, there are many more kinds of RPG games in the market like combat games, detective games, action games, etc. Analyze and spot out which genre does the people love the most.

2. Think in the Eye of Gamers

Provide a unique touch to your gamers by thinking in the eye of gamers. This will act as the key mantra to meet the expectations of gamers.

3. Promote Unique Ideology

Remember, You are not the only one to get into this business, the unique innovative ideology is the important aspect to overcome competitors.

4. Hold hands with latest technologies

Hold on with latest technologies, Always have an eye on emerging technologies in the gaming industry and stick with it to provide superior experience to your users.

5. Design a Adventurous Environment

Design an Adventurous gaming environment, the game should be challenging but not an impossible one to win. 

6. Audio System

Audio System is a prime key in any kind of gaming that provides a rich gaming experience to the gamers. 

7. Test And Launch It

Test your Gaming platform properly and release it as a pilot launch in the beginning. 

The Best Blockchain To Build RPG Games

“Which Blockchain suits my business?” is the first question that strikes any cryptoprener mind.  Actually it is entirely based upon your own business model, budget, scope of the project, technical feasibility,etc. One can’t provide a general random answer to this question. Only Blockchain experts can provide you the precise answer.

Contact Us!

Bitdeal provides RPG Game Development Services on all kinds of blockchain and our services involves:

  • RPG Gaming Development On Binance Smart Chain
  • Role Play Game Development on Solana
  • Role Playing Game Development on Polygon
  • RPG Game Development On Ethereum,etc 

Popular RPG Games In the Market

  • Lost Relics
  • The Six Dragons
  • 9 Lives Arena
  • Crypto Fights
  • Neon District
  • Chain Guardians
  • Lite Bringer
  • Nine Chronicles
  • Crypto Blades

Who We Are ?

Bitdeal, NFT Development Company, Provides optimal services on all kinds of blockchain and NFT related games. Our Strong expert team and keen knowledge in the field let us  explore all the possibilities in product development. We are not limited to RPG Game Development, Our Services involves

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