Tokenize Real World Assets and Regulate Crowdfunding.

Acquire security token offering services to tokenize financial assets under a single distributed ledger, and gain trust from accredited investors to invest in regulated digital assets.

STO Development Company

Security Tokens are the next gen legalized crypto tokens that derive values from external assets like financial assets or real world assets. Being a leading Token Development Company, at bitdeal we render the unparalleled security token offerings services. Our experts have extensive experience in creating security tokens and bringing them into live crowd sale with proper security tags. We help you to get more traction with your token sales subject to the federal securities and regulations.

Highlights Of STO

STO - An innovative crypto crowdfunding model has replaced the need for so-called fund-raising concept ICO, and are regulated as it sells selling security tokens to the accredited investors across the globe. The success of STO is it promises, the investors with guaranteed returns either as a profit, share and through an asset. This issuance of security will return on an unchangeable encrypted digital agreement known as a smart contract.


Quicker Settlement

As STO smart contracts written on the blockchain, the settlements will be finished in minutes.


Dealing With Accredited Investors

As the STO process is completely powered up with accredited investors, there will be no chance for illegal activities, money laundering, or issues related to issuance.


Dividend Of Ownership

Unlike ICO, STO’s sells security tokens, So here the token holders will be treated as shareholders who will have equal rights of shared ownership to the issuance company.

Our STO Development Services

White Paper Creation

Our team can assist you in documenting your entire STO project with a clear representation of vision, mission, token characteristics, project scope, problem and solutions.

Legal Compliance

Our advisory team can provide you proper guidance with STO regulations, and will be responsible for the Intermediary selection, AML Assestment, and Token sale agreements.

Security Token Development

We create various types of security tokens, like Equity, Reserve Assets, and Debt Tokens with proper smart contract development on Ethereum or any token issuance

Custodian Integration

Cross verify the accredited investor, AML & KYC, funds processing, fiat backed digital assets, accounting & data retention with custodian integration services.

Technical Support

We provide the complete online and offline support for the entire STO process. Get clear with understanding and ask queries to our experts 24X7.

STO Marketing

For the betterment of your ico project growth we can immediately get suited up, to improvise your ICO landing page with better UI/UX.

Types Of STO Development


Equity Tokens

Tokens that derive its value from the stock of a company, whereas the token holders will have the same rights as the stockholders of the firm.


Reserve Assets Tokens

Tokens that derives its value from the real world commodities like gold, Land. etc


Debt Tokens

If you don't have any stocks or real world assets, then you can launch your STO with Debt tokens, Whereas this kind of tokens packed with promises of guaranteed payback of profits, assets or shares.

How to launch Your STO


Action Speaks More Than Words

Make powerful actions in your business, by launching your own STO platform with Bitdeal now. Starting from consultation, developing security tokens and issuance platform for pre-sale & post-sale of STO, get complete STO Solutions from Us.


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