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Top 7 NFT Use Cases That Could Go Mainstream in 2023

Looking for successful NFT use cases, here is the list of top nfts use cases that could go mainstream

Top 7 NFT Use Cases That Could Go Mainstream in 2023


The NFT is expanding its services and problem-solving features to every industry. The NFT marketplace growth value was around 33.7% in 2022. NFTs are mostly known for the digital arts and boring Apes. But the NFTs have more effective use cases which can make a great impact in the industries and digital world.

Before entering into the use cases let's have a basic idea about NFT. 

What is NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It is a type of cryptographic (digital asset) that is non-divisible and created on Blockchain. NFT contains unique identification codes that differentiate one from the other. NFTs cannot be traded or exchanged like the other cryptos and fungible tokens. The NFTs are mainly created for securing the ownership of real-world or digital assets in the form of NFT tokens which cannot be replicated.

When the NFTs entered the digital world, they successfully created high ROI and proved themselves as a promising feature in every area they were involved with. 

In this blog, we will discuss the successful use cases, where the application of  NFTs is offering great value for creators & consumers.

Top 7 Use Cases of NFTs

1. Digital Art NFTs

Before the entrance of NFTs, artists struggled to keep ownership of their digital arts. Because there were the chances of easy piracy and replicas of art and images. 

But, after the introduction of NFTs artists were able to prove themselves as the only owner of their digital art by minting them with NFTs and it can be authenticated and create ownership digitally. The NFT art cannot be sold or swapped for its value.
It reduced the chance of duplicates and piracy of the ownership of the digital arts, thanks to Blockchain technology's immutability.

The NFT art ownership can be gained by the collectors via auctions in the NFT marketplaces. The original owners will also get a cut each time when the NFT art is sold. The value of art in the future can bounce with the circumstances.

Recently Anthony Hopkins's NFT art collection auction created a great impact and motivated many to create, collect or start their own NFT marketplace by working with NFT marketplace Development companies.

2. NFT Collectibles

The NFT collectibles are also one of the most profound uses of the NFT. Many platforms or creators are offering NFT collectibles which could be the most demanding and highly valued ones. 

Digital collectibles such as Pancake bunnies, Binance anniversary NFT and NBA top shot NFT collectibles are having a higher rate of demand in the industry. 

In most cases, the NFT could play as a Digital art piece and Collectible. Crypto kitties are one of the first digital collectibles in NFT. Crypto kitties are mostly collected for their unique fur and eye colours.

Now the latest trending use case is minting the Tweets into NFT and making them NFT collectibles. Recently, Jack Dorsey's first tweets were minted into NFTs with his autograph.

3. Finance NFTs

Many are thinking that NFT is playing a major role only in music, images, and collectible items alone. But in the DeFi ecosystems, the NFTs are lending unique financial benefits.

For a clear understanding, users could stake one or more pairs of NFTs on a liquidity pool and can gain NFT which can be used to participate or enter into the next pool. The NFT will be destroyed once it was used to participate in the new pool.

The NFTs can also be used to decode the problems in long supply chains. Minting the payment contracts into NFTs which is a payment-guaranteed financial mechanism with smart contracts, will be welcomed by larger companies and SMEs(Small and Medium Enterprises).

4. Gaming NFTs

The gaming platform has most use cases with NFTs. The gaming platform has multiple tradable and purchasable items which will be unique and distinct. The value and price of those items will be determined by their rarity of the items.

Every gamer is already familiar with the collection of digital items and abilities. The in-game purchases and VIP pass transactions for accessing special scenarios have laid a plot for the development of many Billion dollar gaming industries which can get enriched with NFTs.

Multiple projects have already implemented their games with Blockchain technology, NFT collectibles, and tokens for playing the video games such as Crypto kitties, Axie Infinity, and much more. 

In those games, users can get abilities or in-game items by purchasing them with cryptos or by play-to-earn, and more ways. Then the users can sell it on NFT marketplaces. The price and value of those items will vary with the popularity and situations in the future.

5. Music NFTs

Music NFTs are allowing artists and fans to connect in totally different and unique ways. With the music NFTs artists and fans can get amazing experiences by having individual live concerts, collectibles, and digitized unique autographs.

The NFT acts as a platform for artists to strengthen their bonding with fans. The fans are also willing to invest in NFT independent artists. In other platforms like concerts, and staged functions, the funds will go to the conductors, the event organizers, or the ticket providers. But with NFTs, all the funds will directly go to the creators.

The fans can get exclusive digital collectibles, music, and tickets for the VIP sections in the form of NFTs. Even NFT is the first platform that offers digital signatures or autographs in unique art from NFT independent artists. Which can be a perfect fanboy moment in a digital world.

6. Real World Asset NFTs

NFTs are mostly spoken in the art, music, and gaming industries. The real-world asset NFT is getting only less spotlight. Yet it offers potential use cases that could be the way of trading assets in the future.

We can convert the paper works of real-life physical assets, things, land, or properties by minting them into NFTs. This will be one of the safest ways to secure ownership in every situation.

If a user gets an exclusive edition or 1st copy of a Book or watch or anything, then it can be converted into a digital asset by minting the paper works and getting digital ownership of the asset. The NFT ownership can be used to claim the ownership or data about the ownership transfers digitally and more secure manner.

7. Fashion NFT

As we discussed above NFTs are spreading their wings in every industry and now it is making a viral trend by offering NFTs in Fashion industries.

Fashion NFTs have many use cases and offers in various varieties such as inside Virtual Environments, Digital Contents, digital twins of the physical creations, and Virtual store experiences. 

Many leading apparel brands have launched their NFT projects, and every week we are hearing the news from small to large apparel brands launching their NFT projects.

The pandemic situation has led the brands to take their fashion experience virtually and Metaverse offered the circumstances. The users are also eager and excited to show off themselves in the virtual world.

Augmented Reality clothes are becoming the trending use cases of fashion NFTs. Users can purchase virtual garment NFTs and can view or experience the garments via camera footage.

The leading footwear brand Nike has released 20,000 NFT Cryptokick sneakers shoes and users can experience them using Snapchat filters.

Wrapping Thoughts

In the future, the NFT can acquire more industries and next-gen use cases. We are now just experiencing the younger version of NFTs. The NFT could be the future when it covers every industry with its tremendous features that work with immutable Blockchain technology. 

Many industries are working with NFTs to begin their services in the virtual world and digitalize their services. It could be the right time for Businesses or Entrepreneurs to start their own NFT platforms and services by working with a leading NFT development company like Bitdeal that can offer futuristic NFT-related development services.


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