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Virtual Reality (VR) Meeting Platform Development Company

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Virtual Reality (VR) Meeting Platform Development Company

One of the biggest technologies to come out during the covid pandemic is the Virtual Reality(VR) technology. Slowly it has become the future of virtual meetings. As technology improves, these technologies are becoming affordable. 

Virtual Reality Meeting Platform Development

Virtual reality(VR) meeting platform development is a trending way to create a virtual office of your own design. In this virtual space, the employees can attend meetings basically like a traditional meeting but the only difference is that it takes place remotely with the use of VR technology.

Bitdeal, who is a pioneer in adopting new technologies is now ready to deliver virtual reality development services and help you in building your own solutions for meetings.

Benefits Of Using VR Technology For Meetings

The virtual reality meeting platforms offer digital spaces for the business meeting that takes place remotely. There are several strong reasons to bring vVR technology into the meetings and conferences.


VR meetings are very convenient as it eliminates all the time spent in travelling.

New Prospects

Conferences need not be limited under the rules of expo spaces.

Improve Retention

There will not be any disturbances from the outside world as your brain will remember things differently.

Enhanced Scheduling

In case of any emergency or need to take a nap, etc you can simply take off your headset and get back once you are ready.

Green Alternative

As VR meetings eliminate travelling, automatically it decreases the carbon emissions.

Cost Effective

There is no need to pay for buying bus tickets, paying for petrol, hotels, food, etc. It totally reduces all the expenses.

Public Safety

Through virtual meetings, a mass group of audiences can share their ideas from their comfort and secured place.

Types Of Virtual Reality Meeting Platforms From Bitdeal 

Virtual reality meetings can be in several types, with many options and solutions that can adopt solutions for businesses.

Virtual Business Meeting/VR Video Call

The virtual business meeting or VR video call is a standard and widely used type of VR for business meetings. Here the user wears a VR headset to take part in the VR call with persons via video or audio stream.

VR Conference

In the virtual reality conference, the users can choose their desired avatars and that can be customized to their wishes. These selected avatars are used to represent the speakers. The host can choose the backdrop whether it is an office desk or any other thing. It is completely based on the host. 

VR Remote Collaboration

In this type of virtual reality meeting, the employees, other than simply discussing their work there, also complete the project. Here the number of participants may be fewer. Because they work to solve the problems and get work done. This VR remote collaboration gives more freedom and reign to bring the creativity.

Virtual Workspace

This type of virtual reality platforms is are represented by comfortable rooms. Here they can cut off from the world can work in a safe and secure environment. This virtual space will contain everything that an employee needs to do their daily work without any disturbances. THis option is very useful for employees who prefer to work from home. 

Virtual Meeting Room

A digital VR meeting space where a community of employees can share their work ideas & even discuss their weekend plans while using their earphones.

The Future Of Virtual Reality Teleconferencing

The Covid19 pandemic has given rise to the necessity of remote working. This automatically rushed the companies to seek alternative ways to improve operations during the peak of covid.  The pandemic gave a blueprint for the future working method.

Virtual reality meetings have become a green alternative for online meetings. As technologies improve, the costs are becoming affordable and accessible. Also the virtual spaces come with a lot of advancements that are more realistic and responsive. The rise of 5G promises that VR will become a more convenient communication tool. 

The virtual reality based platforms will offer the ability to keep co-workers, stakeholders, and clients in a unique and visually exciting virtual space that eventually increases business opportunities.

Industries Using Virtual Reality Technology 

  • Events, conferences and meetings
  • Automotive industry
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • Real estate
  • Architecture
  • Gambling
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Sports

Introduce Virtual Reality Into Your Business

Are you interested in building a Virtual Reality platform for your business? Then we are here to help you. Contact us today to start your immersive journey in virtual reality.

Why Choose Bitdeal For Developing a Virtual Reality Meeting Platform?

There are several key points to highlight Bitdeal in choosing them for virtual reality meeting platform development. Some of them are,

  1. 100% customizable solutions
  2. 27*7 technical support
  3. Expert team
  4. On-time delivery

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