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Web3 VS Metaverse: Complete Differences

Web3 & Metaverse are the technologies that are creating great hype between every industry. Check out the complete difference between Web3 and Metaverse.

Web3 VS Metaverse: Complete Differences

Metaverse & Web3 both are technologies that evolved to solve centralized working issues. We hear many buzzwords in technology, but Metaverse & web3 are outstanding tech with salient features. Many users and businesses are confusing themselves with Metaverse and Web3. 

In this blog, we can come to a clear-cut idea about the difference between Metaverse & Web3.

Before that, know some basics about Metaverse & Web3, and how it works. 

What are Web3 & Metaverse?

Web3 is the third generation of the internet, where the internet will act like a superhuman with the combination of AI, ML, & NLP. It also uses blockchain due to its decentralized nature. Web3 offers a wide range of security features for its users. Users can take master control of their data, no one will be able to read/write, or modify your data without your permission.

Metaverse is the virtual space, where users can become a part of that world using their digital avatars. In Metaverse, users and businesses can perform a lot of activities, events, and much more.

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Similarities Between Web3 & Metaverse

Keep one thing in mind, Web3 & Metaverse are strongly interconnected. Let's imagine that Metaverse is a car and Web3 is the road. As a car, Metaverse is running with the help of Web3 like the road. Have a closer look at the major similarities between Web3 & Metaverse:


  1. Both will function on futuristic evolving technologies. The semantic web is the common platform for both Web3 & Metaverse. Artificial Intelligence also plays a major role in building user interfaces. 
  2. Advancements in the blockchain are common for both of them. In the future, if there will be any advancement in blockchain, the Web3 engine will utilize it for powering the Metaverse platform functionalities.
  3. Metaverse and Web3 are in their early changes, the full potential is yet to come. There could be some minor or major changes in the product. There will be some difference between the vision and the actual product.

Web3 VS Metaverse: Complete Differences


Web3 is the advanced version of the current gen internet Web2.Web3 is more secure with its quality of decentralization, and data ownership. 
On the other hand, Metaverse is a Virtual reality program that can automate all the day-to-day tasks in the virtual world using VR wearables.


  • Always keep in mind that Web3 is the processor or engine that runs on blockchain to help platforms, apps, and more. Web3 allows the platforms to perform their tasks without any need & permission for third-party controls.
  • Metaverse is one of the platforms that use Web3 for running its functionalities. Currently, Metaverse is operating in Web2, but for a full-fledged & hyperactive experience, it requires Web3.

Fundamental Dissimilarities

  • Metaverse is the combination of critical programs & technologies which helps in operating the platform. In the process of creating & maintaining a Metaverse, the latest technologies, connections, and decentralized help are required. 
  • On the other hand, Web3 is very simple, it simply achieves its objective of providing democratic internet with the help of blockchain technology and a peer-to-peer network globe. Users can simply connect with the decentralized internet without any centralized tech giant and own the data they provide. 

Representations of Metaverse & Web3
It is one of the important points to be noticed in this entire blog:

Metaverse is the interactive virtual world, where users can interact, play, work, and do daily tasks. For a clear understanding, you can watch movies with your friends in the metaverse theater offered by the creator or your own metaverse platform. 

In Web3, users or creators can create, buy, and sell their content. Web3 acts as a pathway or door that welcomes decentralized activities with its powerful potential.

Intuition of Web3 & Metaverse

The big question with Web3 is who has control over the Web3 internet? are the tech colossal or individual? 
When we come to the Metaverse, the question is simple: How will the user interoperate with it?

Currently, we are using computers, laptops, and smartphones for accessing the internet & other stuff. In future the Metaverse users will use Virtual Reality technology to access the future internet navigating through multiple Metaverse platforms, and dimensions using their avatars. 

For doing all the above-mentioned stuff, there have to be multiple businesses involved in the world of Web3. One has to provide the Metaverse platform, one has to develop the VR technologies that connect with Metaverse via Web3, and more.

Data Ownership

  • As we discussed earlier, the main objective of Web3 is to keep the internet decentralized & democratized from the hands of tech colossal & monopolies. Web3 will fully be governed by the public or users alone. 
  • In Metaverse, many tech giants are trying to recreate or trying to control the metaverse platforms. But many metaverse experts have stated that it will be hard or impossible to run the metaverse in a centralized manner. 

Coming To The Upshot

I hope you got a clear idea about the differences between Metaverse & Web3. Both have some similar qualities and unique purposes. Metaverse & Web3 are amazing technologies that are going to create a significant impact in the upcoming days. 

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