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Time To Transform From a Pro Trader To Crypto Exchange Owner! Here Is Why?

Know the advantages of being a Cryptocurrency Trader to build your own cryptocurrency exchange

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Time To Transform From a Pro Trader To Crypto Exchange Owner! Here Is Why?

Are you a Proficient Cryptocurrency Trader? Is your inner voice telling you to start your own cryptocurrency business?

Listen to it , We will lay you the path !!

While Thinking about starting a Business, your head would generate so many interrogatives and start spinning. I Assure, You will find some better solutions in this blog


Every Expert was Once a Beginner!

Let's Begin

Why should you start a Cryptocurrency Exchange ?

Cryptocurrencies are no more the ideal object. People really want to acquire cryptocurrencies and get into it. When we look back at the calendar for a year, we will obviously spot out the Cryptocurrency Exchange Business in a spotlight even in the COVID-19 Crisis. At that time, Cryptocurrency Exchanges earned all time high revenue as many newbies started crowding in an Exchange Platform. Very Recently, The Price of BTC hit 50K USD and made strong waves in the crypto Industry, Experts predicted that the price of the BTC would reach 100K USD and more in the upcoming days. Thus, this business will not have an expiry date in this era and one must not regret starting Cryptocurrency Exchange in this crucial time.

Advantages of Being a Crypto Trader

Being the Cryptocurrency Pro Trader, You know the nook and corner of the market. Actually, you are in the Perfect View Point!

That lets you build your own Cryptocurrency Exchange from the eye of Traders and that would give you nothing but success!

An Experienced Cryptocurrency Trader has realistic trading experience in  many cryptocurrency exchanges so that they can easily separate pros and cons of the Crypto Exchange. They can spot out the most convenient and user friendly trading features in the Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Things to Consider

Switching from a Cryptocurrency  Pro Trader to the Crypto Exchange Owner is such a massive Transformation and a business person needs to grasp more things than a trader

Legal License

You Need a proper legal license to run a Cryptocurrency Exchange and one need to choose the country which has crypto friendly rules and regulations

Payment methods

Try to integrate various payment methods in your Exchange to proceed hurdle less trading.

Incorporate Best Security Practices

Show the traders how secure your Cryptocurrency Exchange by incorporating various security measures like Escrow Protection , Multi-Signature Wallet, Offline Wallet, Data Encryption, etc,

It is highly advisable to design your Cryptocurrency Exchange with Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Standards (CESS) so that your Exchange will remain hack-proof.

Take Care of Liquidity

Liquidity is the important factor that comes first in every trader's mind. Try to Launch your Crypto Exchange with Instant Liquidity with integrated Liquidity API

Read More: Importance of Liquidity in a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Start Your Crypto Exchange In One Click

How to Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

How to take my first step in building a Cryptocurrency Exchange ? It is the very first question for many.  Actually, building a Cryptocurrency Exchange is not rocket science.  There are some simple and efficient solutions available in this Digital Era.

You can either build your cryptocurrency exchange from the scratch or develop it with a Template , i.e Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Scripts.

By Making use of raw ready-made Cryptocurrency Exchange Script / Software,  Any business person can kick start their own Crypto Exchange Instantly and easily. 

There are many top crypto exchanges are there in the world such as Binance, Coinbase, Wazirx, Remitano and more. You can also build a own crypto exchange platfrom like those top exchanges (Eg: If you want to build a crypto exchange platform like Binance) You can purchase a Binance Clone Script from any cryptocurrency exchange development company like Bitdeal, Binance Cone Script is a ready made software solution which contains all the features as of binance exchange which anyone can customize it according to their business needs and then can launch it instantly.


Don’t Limit Yourself in the limitless World ! Any business Person with good knowledge in the crypto industry can start a cryptocurrency exchange but being a cryptocurrency trader is an added advantage for you!

Think out of the Box and Take your Bold Step ! We Bitdeal Take Care of Bold Startups.

Just a Click Away Between You And Your Dream

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