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How Mobile Apps Can Benefit The Cryptocurrency Trading Businesses ?

Explore the immense business benefits of using mobile apps in cryptocurrency trading

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How Mobile Apps Can Benefit The Cryptocurrency Trading Businesses ?

Introduction - Mobile Apps In Cryptocurrency Trading

Before two decades, our online presence had a certain boundary and 90% of people used online for just checking the emails, Right?. But now it is 2020, the days have rolled out and technology has improved, so we learned to use online mediums to fulfill our daily needs, and we all should accept, our online presence has been tremendously accelerated after the arrival of smartphones.

We can say approximately 9 out of 10 people, are having a smartphone in their hands. So businesses should reach people's pocket to grab their attention. Thus the importance of mobile apps have been impacted businesses vigorously and started to create a huge revolution in the online business world as well as the marketing Industry. The result of the revolution is, it is very hard to see an online business without its own separate business app. 

Note: The bitter truth is, many of the online businesses like food delivery, taxi booking, gambling, and etc have witnessed a 10X growth in the past five years. 

So, what we have to focus here as a crypto greek is, 

“ Every online business is having a separate mobile app, then why cryptocurrency trading business should be an exception ?” 

This huge understanding and wide awareness about the impact of cryptocurrency mobile apps have made the cryptocurrency exchange startups rush towards the cryptocurrency exchange app development process. If you are a cryptocurrency entrepreneur, then you should also keep an eye on this happening. 

For a better understanding of the mobile apps in cryptocurrency trading, in this article, we are about to examine the impact of mobile apps in cryptocurrency trading and are going to exclusively draft the business benefits of using mobile apps in cryptocurrency trading.

Impacts of Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading- A new kind of financial tool that has made many a billionaire within a short time. Since virtual currencies are not controlled by any central authority, cryptocurrency trading has gone viral and has created huge attention on every corner of the world. Let us list what things have come to limelight so that we can understand the impacts of cryptocurrency trading.

  1. The price of bitcoin becomes matters everywhere.
  2. The business started to accept payment via cryptocurrency.
  3. Governments have been urged to decide whether to accept or reject the crypto trading.
  4. Innovative businesses have come online with the support of crowdfunding Likes ICO.
  5. Crypto Tokens have become a Token for the Ideas of Decentralized World.
  6. Trading Industry have been witnessed a lot of potential investors.
  7. Blockchain - The Master technology behind the cryptocurrency has showcased everywhere.
  8. Businesses started to adopt blockchain technology.
  9. Smart Contracts become alternative for business automation.
  10. Blockchain integration with other technologies like IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence has been boosted. 
  11. Most importantly, Cryptocurrency Exchange Startups have been increased in the count, with uncontrollable growth. 

Likewise, we can list out “N” Kind of outcomes that were rooted in the success of cryptocurrency trading around the world. “Bitcoin - The Icon and the bride of the cryptocurrency industry “ was the first virtual currency that has seeded for all this technology growth. 

benefits of mobile apps in crypto trading

So, this is how cryptocurrency trading has become an essential factor for world decentralization. As the businesses, technologies, or inventions arrive by underlying the cryptocurrency, it would directly draw a root to stabilize the cryptocurrency trading across the world. 

Impacts of Mobile Apps

As smartphones become an irreplaceable thing in this modern era, it is hard to get people out of the use of mobile phones. 
From Dawn to dusk, we spend most of our time on Smartphones. As soon as we get up from Bed, we switch into any one of our mobile applications account for checking up the notifications. This smartphone usage has bought everything in our hand and it made our world so small.

Have a look at the rise of mobile applications over the years.

Number of mobile phone users

Source :

We could simply say, mobile apps are a kind of marketing tool, and that could be a big bot of revenue for online businesses. Mobile apps have become more essential for businesses that are looking to grab new customers on a daily basis. For example, hotel booking, ticket booking, food booking, taxi booking apps are becoming more vital elements and revenue-generating tool for such kind of businesses. Let me list out the impact of mobile apps

  1. Businesses have become easily reachable and accessible across everywhere
  2. Banking operation has become faster because of finance and payment mobile apps. 
  3. Marketing & Customer engagement have turned in to a new kind of form via push notifications
  4. The E-commerce industry has grabbed a 10x Growth
  5. Business Deals & Communication have become more shot and smarter.

Why Mobile Apps for Crypto Trading?

As we all now know about the impact of Mobile phones and mobile applications over recent days, creating a crypto trading mobile app will be the best choice out there to make more traders.

Here let us look at the benefits of creating a mobile application for crypto trading 

From Traders Perspective

1. It helps in trading instantly irrespective of time, place and all other criteria.
2. Providing handy and easier crypto trading.
3. Eliminates the process of switching on the desktop and login to the website every time to make trading.

From Business People Perspective

1. Increase your crypto trading user-base.
2. Increase the number of trading on your platform.
3. Boost your brand reputation.

These are the key reasons behind developing and launching a mobile app for crypto trading.

Business Benefits of Crypto Trading Mobile Apps

Here are the topmost benefits of developing a mobile application for your own cryptocurrency exchange.

1. Increase in User-Base

Day-by-Day the mobile-users increase uncountably without any doubt. Thus, if you develop a mobile application for your crypto exchange, you can attract more mobile users as the users of your crypto exchange too. 

Develop your own cryptocurrency exchange mobile app now and increase the user-base of your exchange.

2. Brand Reputation

Building a user-friendly mobile application for your cryptocurrency exchange creates trustworthiness among users. This will result in indirect marketing of your exchange by your own traders.

Overall, this will result in an increase in Brand Reputation of your crypto exchange.

3. Trading Per Seconds

Developing a mobile application for your cryptocurrency exchange increase the number of traders which in turn increases the number of trading that occurs per second on your exchange platform.

4. High Liquidity 

You can increase the liquidity of your crypto trading platform with the development of mobile applications.

User experience on your mobile app will lead to great liquidity and this attracts people to exchange cryptos and tokens safely.

5. High ROI 

When you launch a mobile application for your cryptocurrency exchange platform, your user base increases, which in turn increases the trading count on your exchange platform.
Finally, it all results in an increase in the overall revenue of your crypto exchange platform.

These are the major benefits that one can experience by developing a cryptocurrency exchange mobile application.

Popular Crypto Exchange Mobile apps

Let us look at the top cryptocurrency trading mobile apps with a high user-density and trading ratio.

1. Binance

Binance, one of the well-known and the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume which was founded in July 2017. The Binance extended its crypto trading services for android mobile users. 

This Binance mobile application is simple and easy to buy/sell cryptocurrencies. This app shows the trade history, open orders detail and your crypto holdings in your own wallet.

2. KuCoin

KuCoin, a famous cryptocurrency exchange known as " the people’s exchange" is available on both Android and iOS. 

This mobile application comprises of all the trading features of a KuCoin which involves buying, selling, depositing and withdrawing of cryptocurrency.

3. CEX 

CEX is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides its exchange services on iOS and Android devices. This CEX mobile application is an excellent trading application that is so easy to use. 

The CEX users can easily deposit and withdraw your cryptocurrency.

4. Tab Trader

Tab Trader is a world's free trading terminal for cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bitstamp, Coinbase, and some other cryptocurrency exchange. This Tab Trader is available on both Android and IoS.

It allows users to trade with a market order, stop-loss, limit orders, and various crypto exchange functions.

5. ZTrader 

ZTrader is one of the lesser-known cryptocurrency exchange applications that are worthy of your trading time.

They provide easy to trade digital currencies with 17 various trading functionalities. 

These are some of the well-known cryptocurrency exchange mobile applications from the list of top-known crypto exchange mobile apps.

How to Develop Your own Crypto Exchange Mobile app?

I hope you now understand the importance of launching your own mobile application for your cryptocurrency exchanges. I think there is a query rolling in your mind currently? Am I right? 

How to develop your own Crypto Exchange Mobile app? Is this the query that strikes your mind?

Then, No worries. You are at a Right Place.

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