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Success Driving Features Of Binance Clone Script

Explore the Premium features of our binance clone script.

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Success Driving Features Of Binance Clone Script

Binance Clone Script

Binance Clone Script - Is our premium clone website script, which has advanced trading features, and functionalities in similar to the ever-popular cryptocurrency exchange binance. After the success of binance, many entrepreneurs have wandered to get the right sources to start a cryptocurrency exchange like binance. For those, we at bitdeal provides the top graded recently upgraded binance clone script, which is come as a upgraded version 2.0. With this ready-made binance clone script anyone can set up a cryptocurrency exchange like binance. Exclusively in this blog, we are going to reveal the premium features of the binance clone script.

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Binance Clone Script Features

The success strategy of binance is, they keep on upgrading their trading features based on their trader's needs. Hence, binance has become the top of the cryptocurrency trading industry. The exchange is popularly known for its eight folded security on trading interfaces and its capability of executing more than 100000 trading orders per second. The cryptocurrency industry must welcome this kind of trading platforms, as they are intended to provide the best trading experience to the end-users. So, as a cryptocurrency exchange development company, we encourage cryptocurrency exchange startups which can provide an effortless trading experience like binance. To Initiate the growth of promising cryptocurrency exchange startups we made our binance clone script with filtered trading features which were the backbone of binance seamless trading success. Here are the notable premium features of our binance clone script. 

Binance Clone Script Features

Success Driving Features of Binance Clone Script

  1. Trust wallet Integrated
  2. Basic, Advanced and Pro Trading Interfaces
  3. Futures 125X Trading 
  4. Multi-Lingual
  5. LaunchPad Integrated
  6. Initial Exchange Offerings ( IEO ) Integrated
  7. Margin Trading API
  8. C2C Trading ( Beta Version)
  9. Binance DEX Integration
  10. Instant Buy/Sell Feature
  11. Supports Unlimited types Of tokens
  12. Perpetual Swaps
  13. Supports More than 150+ Cryptocurrencies
  14. Upgraded Staking and Lending Features
  15. 24 Hours Live Trade Charts
  16. Referral options
  17. OCO Order, Stop Limit Order, Stop-Loss orders, Take Profit, Limit maker Orders Supported
  18. Advanced UI/UX
  19. Admin Panel
  20. User-Friendly CMS

Integrated API’s

  2. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API
  3. Liquidity API
  4. Trading Bot API
  5. Quantity Market Order API

Security Features 

  1. SMS authentication settings
  2. Email Verifications
  3. 2 Factor Authentication
  4. Google Authentication
  5. Device Management, and login History
  6. Withdrawal address management

Binance Clone Development Premium Package

This binance clone script comes up with our premium package on binance clone development. This package cover-ups, binance Clone Script, Binance DEX Clone Development, and Binance Clone App Development For Android/iOS. Explore more details about our binance clone script here.

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