Ready Made Bitcoin Exchange Script To Start Your Own Bitcoin Exchange Website

Ready Made Bitcoin Exchange Script To Start Your Own Bitcoin Exchange Website

Bitcoin Exchange Script

Bitcoin Exchange Script is a trading website script which has been coded with all the necessary functionalities to create a bitcoin exchange website. The Script can be made of PHP, mean stack, javascript or any other framework. The main characteristic of a bitcoin exchange script to support bitcoin trading, cryptocurrency trading, ethereum exchange and any other altcoin trading under decentralization concept. 

There are many bitcoin exchange script providers online, but only familiar bitcoin exchange website development Company can provide a full source of a bitcoin exchange script. We can consider this as a Blockchain application. 

Bitcoin Exchange Script Features:

Bitcoin Exchange Script is a raw trading script which will be inbuilt with some basic feature in order to meet all the requirement to build a bitcoin exchange website. Here is the complete list of bitcoin exchange script features.

1.    Structured Code

2.    Know your Customer Module

3.    Enhanced Buy/Sell System

4.    Proper Registration/ Authentication System

5.    Trading chart generator

6.    High-Speed Matching Engine

7.    Inbuilt Bitcoin Wallet

8.    Attractive UI/UX Design

9.    Mobile-friendly features

10.   Algorithmic trading/ Trading Bot integration

11.   Client/Server Responsible Template

12.   SEO Friendly Features and implementations


Features are general aspects, but in order to make your bitcoin exchange website more powerful,  you have to integrate some special add-ons, plugins, and API’s. What are they?




Bitcoin Exchange Script Plug-ins and API’s


1.    Market Making API

2.    Liquidity API

3.    Rest API

4.    Price Ticker API

5.    Coinmarket Cap API – Real-time bitcoin and cryptocurrency price tracker

6.    Cold Wallet API

7.    Bitcoin Live Trading API

8.    Cryptocurrency Converter API – To convert amounts from USD and any cryptocurrency

9.    Crypto coin Price alert API – To Notify user when bitcoin prices cross a certain value

10.    E-wallet API


And etc.


Bitcoin Exchange:

It is a platform where traders can trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without any government, banks or any other intermediates.  Here the trade will be done under the concept of peer to peer mode. So any buyer or seller who wish to trade bitcoin, must place buy orders and sell orders accordingly.


Okay, Hope we discussed a lot of stuff technically about a bitcoin exchange script, Right?

Have you got any idea why we all discussing all these?? If your mind replies “ To Start a Bitcoin Exchange Website “ then you are on the line.. let’s discuss further.


How to start a bitcoin exchange website?

You can start your own bitcoin exchange like binance or anyother popular bitcon exchanges by purchasing a binance clone script. Also you can start a bitcoin exchange by purchasing your own bitcoin exchange script from a bitcoin exchange website development company. After purchasing it you must get connected with the company for further optimization, design, development and installation support.

Why should you choose bitcoin exchange script?

For everyone who looks to start a bitcoin exchange site, there is no way,  bitcoin exchange script alone will be the first and best option. When you should buy a bitcoin exchange script, you should have to customize it, and have to implement it, because of this you will get a feel of creating your bitcoin exchange website on your own.

Where to get a bitcoin exchange script?

There is a lot of online marketplaces, and software selling websites, are available online, where you can buy bitcoin exchange script, but the sad truth is the script will not come with basic features, there will be only limited features, and there is no assurance for security. You have to optimize it for 3x Times to meet the basic features, In the end, you just have to spend a lot of money on optimizing the script you purchase.

To avoid all this inconvenience, you can get a readymade bitcoin exchange script with premium features from a bitcoin exchange website development company.

Bitcoin Exchange Script Free Demo

As a dead end user, you may ask me “ I did everything, I purchased my bitcoin exchange script, and I have set up my bitcoin exchange website!! Right? What will be the result for me? How bitdeal can help me to create my own bitcoin exchange website? And how can I yield billions of dollars within a half of the year? “ 

I have answer for all your questions, The aim of every entrepreneur is to kick-start a big business online, so completing all these steps (ie)  “buying a bitcoin exchange script, customizing it on your own , and setting up your bitcoin exchange” will definitely leads you to run a big business of this year 2k18 and henceforth 2k19 too.

When compared to other online business, bitcoin exchange business will lead you to witness 10 x profits higher than other. 




Optimize your Bitcoin Exchange Website to meet 100% ensured profit

You just have to implement trendy features and to trends of bitcoin trading industry in order to keep in touch your regular customer and to keep on engaging them

Improve the technical elements of your bitcoin exchange website:

To see the real success of your exchange, you just have to update the existing technical aspects and have to implement new technical features

1. Increase the security level

2. Integrate highly secured wallet

3. Never bring a restriction based on the minimum amount of transaction

4. Make your exchange as decentralized exchange website

5. Integrate Easy monitoring system.

6. Enhance the website to place Instant buy/sell order

7. 10X faster trade match engine.

8. Reduce the time to complete a trade.


Boost  your bitcoin exchange website Traffic with updated cryptocurrency trading methodologies:

1.    Bitcoin SIP

It is just a simple investment program on bitcoin, for people to easily buy bitcoin with their pocket money.

2.    Bitcoin Margin Trading

It is a concept that lets the trader to "Trade with bitcoin even if you don't have money"

3.    Smart contract exchange

ICO smart contracts are also can be exchanged between traders, creating  a space for people to exchange their smart contracts, can boost your bitcoin exchange business growth

4.    Trading with Digital tokens

Integrating the trading options for crypto tokens can bring  high traffic, for your bitcoin exchange

5.    Multiple cryptocurrency trading pairs

Integrating an unlimited number of cryptocurrency trading pairing can bring you a brand identity, and can help you to beat the leading bitcoin exchanges.

6.    Ultrafast Trade matching Engines

The ultimate requirement for an exchange to be user-friendly is a high-speed trade match engine. When you reduce the time to complete the trade, people will often come back to your website to do more trades

How bitdeal can help you in creating your bitcoin exchange website

Bitdeal provides you a white label bitcoin exchange script, so you can market your bitcoin exchange within a short span of time, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Bitdeal gives high priority to the customer’s requirement and works for 24x7 to bring better result.



  •  Preliminary base

During this base, we discuss the scope & project confirmation with you(Our Client)

•    Secondary base

Presentation of a business plan to tech team& allocation of technical resources

•    Image creation Of plan

Storyboard preparation based on the modules& features

•    Design phase

Designing all pages based on the module sheet

•    Development phase

Execution of each functionality

•    Deployment phase

Delivering file to live


Highlight of bitdeal

1.    No revenue sharing

Bitdeal never claims for profits at any stage of your bitcoin exchange business

2.    24X7 Support

Our team, will always available to rectify all your problems and to discuss everything in order to proceed with further improvements

3.    Easy Customization

You can customize our bitcoin exchange script with the help of our development team.

Hope you understand the use of a bitcoin exchange script, and how to start a bitcoin exchange site, Bitdeal is always looking for an innovative, technically challenging, and next-generation business ideas in cryptocurrency industry.


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Author : Stacey Roberts

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