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Bitcoin Exchange Script With PHP, MEAN Stack and Laravel Framework

Find out the special features of bitcoin exchange script made with MEAN Stack Framework

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Bitcoin Exchange Script With PHP, MEAN Stack and Laravel Framework

This blog may help full for those who are interested in creating an advanced bitcoin exchange website. Yes, here we are going to discuss about how MEAN Stack, Laravel and PHP framework will be the best choices to build a bitcoin exchange website, and also we will index the things related to the bitcoin exchange script made with such frame work.
We have already discussed a lot of stuff about why PHP will be the best choice to develop a bitcoin exchange website.

You can refer one of the articles here Why you have to choose PHP script to start a bitcoin exchange

So Let’s discuss the advantage of other frameworks laravel and mean stack in bitcoin exchange website development

First let us discuss

Bitcoin exchange script with MEAN Stack Framework

MEAN stack stands for Mongo DB, Exrpress JS, Angular Js, and Node Js.  Before the arrival of MEAN Stack the only open source web development stack is LAMP that is Linux, Aapche, MySQL, and PHP

MEAN Stack is completely a both client - server side development framework. Here the Ever known LAMP stack has been replaced with as follow,  

Operation systems linux replaced with Node.js which includes Mac, Linux, and Windows. Web server Apache has been replaced with Mongo DB, which is completely No -Sql database. PHP has been replaced with Express js. And the only programming language used in MEAN stack is java script which is completely client side language along with Angular Js.

Benefits of MEAN Stack Frame work

1. No Need to learn PHP or python
2. Mongo DB can store documents in JSON format
3. Json queries  written on Express Js, and Node js can retrieve data quickly
4. Easy to debug the each objects
5. Completely open source and Free
6. Easy to design websites and applications
7. Single language for both client and server end
8. Exchanging of clients and server code become easier
9. Java script support both the browser and server
10. Express js on server side&  Angular Js on client side can enhance co operative functions

In near feature this modern technology will be the most likeable framework for all developers and also can bring enhanced web applications.  .

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By understanding this fact we at bitdeal adopt this development technology very earlier and started to provide our bitcoin exchange web solutions in MEAN Stack. We already to start to serve our clients with our updated development technology. You can check the demo of the script at any time.


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