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What is Lisk ? How to build a dapp on lisk ?

Know what is lisk blockchain and how to build a dapp on lisk blockchain network here.

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What is Lisk ? How to build a dapp on lisk ?

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We all may come across the terms Etherum , EOS , and Tron. Right ? Does  LISK sound jargon to you? Here we gonna discuss about LISK, one of the Upcoming blockchain network and developing dapps on lisk platform in detail . Are you ready to unlock the knowledge about Lisk ? Without a gap , let us jump into deep discussion .

LISK - What Is It Actually  ?

Lisk is a decentralized open source blockchain platform that allows for developing a blockchain based DApps via sidechain to lisk main network . It works on the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS ) consensus algorithm.

Simply , Lisk can be termed as 
1 . A Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin , whose token is termed as LSK .
2 . A framework to develop blockchain based applications using JAVAScript.
3 . A sidechain Platform .
4 . A blockchain services platform
5 . A blockchain application platform.

Origin of Lisk 

Lisk has its origin in back January 2016 . Lisk actually has origins in Crypti, an open source blockchain application platform by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows . Lisk has aimed in of bringing blockchain development to the public .

In  2017  16th November, Lisk hit a 1 Billion Dollar market cap and was in the top 15 cryptocurrencies in the globe .

LSK - Cryptocurrency of Lisk 

LSK coin is a cryptocurrency or token associated with Lisk platform. 

Lisk ( LSK ) Price : The current value of Lisk ( LSK ) / unit published by coinmarketcap is , $1.99 USD ( While writing this article ) and he market cap is $231,911,228 USD (i.e) 41,823 BTC .



Features of Lisk 

1 . JAVAScript Based Framework 

The key feature of lisk platform is that the whole decentralized application framework can be build using javascript which is so familiar and quite easier for developers .  Lisk SDK comprises of easy to use tools that allows developers to develop any kind of decentralized applications like games , storage apps,messengers , gambling and lot more applications.

2 . Sidechain 

Sidechains are independent blockchains which are linked to the main blockchain of lisk network in such a way that they donot get modified or altered with its performance. Lisk allows developers to build dapps on separate sidechain under the main lisk network .The main chain provides security and stability which is required to run the decentralized applications developed on sidechains .

3 . Modularity 

Modularity is a mechanism in which different applications can interact with the main blockchain network through sidechains or subchains. Modularization concept of LISK helps to  overcome scalability problems and make for faster transactions .

4 . Delegated Proof Of Stake

Lisk's main key feature is that it uses Delegated Proof of Stake ( DPoS ) consensus algorithm that allows all LSK holder to vote for the main lisk chain delegates that secures the network . Only a maximum of 101 active mainchain delegates always get most of the votes and rewarded for block generations.Every other delegates are standby and secures the lisk's sidechains.

5 . Greater Documentation 

 Lisk is an open source network that has greater documnentation which provides for easy on-boarding for developers and also users. 

Competitors of Lisk 

As we said , lisk is not a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin . It is a blockchain network like Ethereum . So , all the blockchain networks other than lisk is termed as a competitors of Lisk . The notable key competitors of Lisk are Ethereum , EOS  , Stratis NEO  and TRON .

Building a DApp on Lisk 

Lisk is one of the popular blockchain application development platform like Ethereum . Unlike Ethereum , Lisk doesnot requires developers to know the Solidity programming language for the development of decentralized application. Instead , Lisk uses JAVAScript to develop decentralized application on it .

Most of the blockchain networks allows for the development of application on single blockchain or custom blockchain . Lisk is the only blockchain platform that allows for deploying applications on "Sidechain" , a flexible alternative that integrates with main lisk chain network .

Building a decentralized application for developers will be quite easy as they can deploy the entire decentralized application in javascript, a language that is more popular and easier to code .

Why Lisk for building Decentralized Applications ?

1 . As lisk uses JAVAScript to build a dapp , it is easier for developers to deploy dapps on lisk than on ethereum or EOS .
2 . The use of Sidechains , for developing dapps on lisk reduces scalability issues .
3 . Lisk software development kit (SDK ) allows developers to build anykind of dapps like games , gambling , storage or shopping apps and so on.
4 . Lisk DApp provides Easy onboarding for both developers and user as well .

Future Scope of Lisk 

As there are lot of applications devloped on lisk, there is no such killer decentralized application on lisk blockchain network yet . Since , the lisk platform has many unique features and use cases there arises many blockchain frameworks to competate in lisk .

 As more applications begin to implement the Lisk blockchain network, we will get a much clear picture about the future of lisk network .

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