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Explore What is TRON and find how to build a dapp In TRON Blockchain

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Tron DApp Development

TRON - The most searched term on the Internet today, Everything about TRON is goes viral and only few people alone knows What Exactly TRON Is? How TRON Works. So we are gonna explore you the complete knowledge about TRON Today. 

Before getting in to this article we just want to give a one line intro about TRON. 

TRON is nothing but a blockchain like  EOS, Ethereum, and Bitshares. Just like every other decentralized blockchain network, TRON is also having some specific protocols, own blockchain explorer, own cryptocurrency and have been introduced with a specific intention. TRON Dapp Development is the process of developing dapps by leveraging the TRON Blockchain Explorer.

So, Let’s look out what is TRON in Detail, why TRON has been created? What is the proprietary cryptocurrency for TRON Network, The current market growth of TRON, & How to build a Dapp On TRON Network. 

What is TRON?

As said above TRON is a blockchain that is specially made to build decentralized p2p  media network all around the world. 

TRON was introduced on september 2017 by Justin Sun, the former chief representative of ripple in China. The team tron have come up with a promising road map, and have launched their ICO  in 2017, Unexpectedly the ICO has raised a huge fund which nearly worth of US$70 Million.  On December 2018 Justin sun, have announced the TRON Foundation have locked up a massive amount of TRX Tokens. (i.e) Around 34.2 Billion TRX Tokens will be on circulation by January 2020.

Troinix (TRX)  : The Official Cryptocurrency Of TRON Network

TRX is the official cryptocurrency of the TRON Blockchain. Unlike other cryrpotcurrency TRX has the focus of becoming humans asset rather than benefiting cryrptocurrency traders alone. TRX can’t be mine, but we can buy TRX on major cryptocurrency exchanges like binance. 

Check out the list of exchanges where we can buy TRX

The states that TRX Transaction Process System (TPS) is higher than BTC and ethereum. The TPS is compared as below.

TRX Network can handle 2000 transactions per second, where as BTC and ETH have only 6 TPs, 25 TPS  respectively.  

Tronix (TRX) Price : The current Value of of Tronix (TRX)/ unit Published by coinmarketcap is, $0.026722 (While writing the article) . And the market cap is $1,781,896,178 USD (i.e) 355,554 BTC. So far the peak price of TRX was $0.254791, which is happened on January 2018. The journey of TRX was started as an ERC - 20 Token in Ethereum mainnet. After the launch of TRX mainnet the entire ERC- 20 Tokens was migrated as Native TRX Coin. The Total supply of TRX is 99,000,000,000. 

Around 58 Million Worth of TRX are traded on daily basis in major exchanges.

Reference : Coinmarketcap

So far, we have discussed What is TRON, What is TRX, and the current market cap of TRX on Cryptocurrency market. Now Let’s discuss why TRON Has been introduced.

Why TRON has been introduced ?

TRON - To Create Decentralized Peer to Peer Digital Media ECO System.
Blockchain For Media & Entertainment Now Becomes True With TRON’s Decentralized Network.

We know blockchain gonna disrupt a set of various major industries, in which media & Entertainment was also queuued. But We don't know how exactly blockchain will benefit the Music, Media, games & other entertainment niches. TRON has been Introduced to answer all these question.

TRON Has been introduced with the intention of making a decentralized peer to peer media & entertainment eco-system. So with this blockchain protocol, publisher can directly deliver their digital content to all the nodes inside the P2P network. 

In simple term, in future people can buy any music album directly from the composer or publisher. Likewise, games and other digital content can be shared via these network directly to the end user. 

So the punishers don’t have to wait for a channel on youtube, itunes or any other centralized medium in order to distribute their media to audience. 

Based on this we can make any kind of dapps on TRON which may be games, gambling, collectibles, exchanges and more. 

How TRON Blockchain Works ?

How TRON Blockchain works  : Functionally

In centralized Digital content delivery systems like youtube,Itunes, google play store and etc. they have full control over the cost of purchase and the content they produce.  So from the consumers side it is become a biggest barrier. 

Tron Eliminates the third parties when a publisher publishes a digital content to the end users. When a publisher publishes a digital media or  content inside a tron network, then he will be rewarded for likes, shares, comments and how many people see his content. So no middle man can decide the amount to be shared for the publisher. 

So TRON benefits both the publisher and consumer 

How TRON Blockchain Works : Technically

To explain how TRON works, let us  explore the architecture of TRON Blockchain
The architecture of TRON consist of Three layers

Storage Layer - This Layer Packed up with all storage protocols, which will consist of wallet blocks, states storages and GRPC, 

Core Layer  - This layer consists of smart contacts, Account Management, Wallet API, SDK and consensus. Programming languages used are : C++,Python, GO, Scala and Java for smart contracts

 Application Layer : Dapps Developers can develop and deploy inside the TRON network and can customize it with the support of this application layer. 

TRON uses a proof-of-stake (DPoS) system. So,  Witnesses can be selected by TRON Power holders and then the witnesses can be rewarded for validating blocks

TRON Dapp Development

How To Build DAPPs On TRON Network?

Hope you had a deep technical introduction on TRON blockchain. Now We have came to the Core concept of this article(i.e) TRON Dapp Development

As TRON is an open source platform & it has a full suit of developer tools it lets the developers to build brand new dapps by leveraging the TRON Blockchain.  TRON network has a wide range of scalability, so we can easily deploy smart contracts which allows high efficiency while transactions happens in side the P2P network. 

Steps in developing a Dapp on TRON Network

  • Decide the idea

  • Create smart contracts

  • Created tokens on TRC10 or TRC20 Standards

  • Inside the TRON Developer HUB Setup your account

  • Read the Developer DOCS

  • Install the Necessary Development Tools 

  • Set up the API’S

  • Build Dapp and customize it

For Visual Reference regarding how to develop dapp on TRON Check out this article 

What kind of Dapps can we develop inside TRON network?

We can develop TRON Dapps based on games, gambling, exchanges, Media,  collectibles like cryptokitties and etc.

Refer the official dapps listed by tron network : TRON Dapp House

How TRX is used in TRON Dapps?

TRX is used as a token in TRON Dapps, or any TRON Blockchain Based Decentralized Network. 

Any user who wishes to get content from a publisher have to pay required amount of TRX tokens. 

As said above TRX can be purchased at any exchanges but only with ETH, BTC, or any other cryptocurrency. Currently We can’t buy TRX for Fiat currency.

What bitdeal can afford you in TRON Dapp Development

Bitdeal - we are a fast growing blockchain & Dapp Development company in India. We now have been getting a lot of requests from our offshore clients regarding TRON Dapp Development. Hence We decided to extend our dapp development services to TRON Dapp Development, as we already did with EOS Dapp Development. Our team of expert dapp developers are doing continuous R&D about TRON Network on a daily basis. Whether it is a game dapp, gambling dapp or whatever, our dapp developers are ready to take any risks in developing the dapp on TRON Blockchain.  

Bring us your ideas to us, Let’s power up the digital ecosystem with astonishing TRON DAPPs. 

Build Your Tron Dapp Now !!

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