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Bitcoin Price Hit The Shot 1000$ ! Time To Start Your Bitcoin Exchange Website!

Good news for Traders! Bitcoin has touched another milestone!

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Bitcoin Price Hit The Shot 1000$ ! Time To Start Your Bitcoin Exchange Website!


Good news for Traders! Bitcoin has touched another milestone!

At last the most awaited moment has happened yesterday! During the first day of 2017 bitcoin, price has tops 1000$ as expected. Bitcoin price has reached it highest price level after 3 years, During this 3 years of journey bitcoin has faced a lot of ups and downs. But we should mention that 2016 is one of the progressive years for bitcoin industry.

January 01, 2017

Trading was started with 965.36 approximately at 10.00 am, after an hour there was an immediate spike in price and its reach 974.59. Then again there was a steady period of trading. For every hour there was a significant growth in bitcoin price. After 18.45 (UTC) bitcoin has hit the shot 1000$.

Review of 2016!

Though 2016 was the successful year, there were some unstable moments has happened in bitcoin price and trading. The year has started with the trading price less than 500$. Federal reserve bank announcements in march made a little impact on bitcoin. And we can strongly say that the price the start of 2016 was not fair. But in spite of that bitcoin had a support via geopolitical events. After the Brexit election in June, bitcoin has started to climb the milestone. But in august, the security issues of bitfinex has crashed the growth of bitcoin. Traders have jumped outwards because of the bitcoins theft. Then again price has climbed above 750 and it continued to peak. India's announcements of currency demonetization also made a huge impact on the Indian cryptocurrency marketplace & it played a major role in the bitcoin price growth.

What Celebrities stated over Bitcoin price prediction - 2017!

“2017 will be the year which can stabilize the bitcoin price near $ 1500” – Said Joe lee, Founder of Magnr
“2017 will be the continuation of 2016, and bitcoin bull market would not end until the previous price” - Bobby lee, CEO of BTCC
“Bitcoin price will end between 2000$ and 3000$ in 2017!” - Vinny Lingham, Founder of Civic
“The average of bitcoin will be 1200$ and the price will end with 2000$ in December!” - Petar Zivkovski, COO of whale club.

Why Traders Should Aware of This Growth?

According to the price prediction, there was no negative statement. And we can assume that bitcoin is gonna be a better investment than investing in others. Because of this growth, there was a high possibility of newbies to invest in bitcoin. Also, traders will make top trades. If you are a trader who is interested in bitcoin then this is the right time for you to use the business opportunity. Confused? If you are trader why not to start an own bitcoin trading website?. Starting a bitcoin exchange website will be the one of the best and shining business opportunity in 2017!.

How to start a successful online bitcoin exchange business?

If you are eager to start an own bitcoin exchange business online you must follow below factors and standards.
1. Choose the best service providers online. 2. How many portfolios in which they have engaged with success 3. They should capable of doing advanced security mechanisms for bitcoin exchange business in online. 4. Notice the features of the software service provided (i.e)it should be extra ordinary not ordinary 5. Bandwidth should be high for the cause of unlimited and immediate transactions. 6. Check whether they are providing option for you to start a white label exchange

Here bitdeal is ready to provide you the opportunity to start a bitcoin business online bitdeal offers unique and advanced bitcoin exchange solution over the globe. During the 5 years of the successful journey, we offered business to entrepreneurs who came us to as clients. As a service provider, we are willing to understand our client's needs and could satisfy them with our best service.

Keep trading! Cheers!

Build your own bitcoin Exchange website and start your business!

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