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Bitdeal Attends World Blockchain Summit 2019 In Dubai

Explore the interesting facts about world blockchain summit 2019 Dubai.

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  • Bitdeal Attends World Blockchain Summit 2019 In Dubai

We Bitdeal, The Leading Blockchain Development Company in India, again going to attend the world blockchain summit 2019 in dubai along with osiztechnologies.


World Blockchain Summit 2019 Dubai - Powered By Trescon Global 

World Blockchain Summit 2019 - It is a world wide blockchain conference which has been planned to staged at different countries at different times. Now this is time for dubai to grab this opportunity. We have already attended this Blockchain Summit in India, to know why blockchain is important for enterprises growth in india. Now We have formed a new team for dubai blockchain conference to know how blockchain could transform the government transactions in middle east countries. 

This is a great platform for us to exhibit our blockchain products and services, and a pleasant opportunity for our team to get connect with investors from different countries especially in Dubai.

Important Facts You must know about World Blockchain Summit 2019 Dubai

#WBSDubai #WBSDubai2019

Date : 23- 24 Oct 2019
Venue : Jumeirah Emirates Tower, Dubai
Organizer : Trescon Global
Chief Guest : Mohamed Al Banna, CEO & MD of LEAD Ventures


Events Schedule : 

22 Oct 2019  - Desert Safari and Pre Event Party - 3.00 pm to 9.00 pm
23 Oct 2019  - Conference, Exhibition, Investor Connect - 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
23 Oct 2019 - After Party - 7.00 pm Onwards
24 Oct 2019  - Conference, Exhibition, Investor Connect - 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
24 Oct 2019 - Pitch  Competition for Startup  4.30 pm to 5.30 pm
24 Oct 2019 - Industry 4.0 Master Class- 8.30 am to 5.30 pm

Notable Discussions that Could Heat up the floor 

  1. Blockchain For Enterprise : Unblocking the Value Of DLT
  2. The Role Of Exchanges in an Ever Evolving Market
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain
  4. Blockchain & The Future of Finance
  5. Blockchain in 2019 : The Trends Driving Investment and Products
  6. Asset Tokenization & STO’s
  7. The Rise Of Stable Coins and the path to Mass Adoption
  8. Gaming and Dapps
  9. Technology as an Enabler in Driving UAE’s Economic Growth
  10. Blockchain as a Services : Enterprise Level Platform Service

Why Governments, Enterprises, Investors and Startups should attend World Blockchain Summit Dubai?

  • For Governments , This blockchain conference could help them to draft new kind of regulations and policies to adopt blockchain technology for the economical growth of their nation. 
  • For Enterprises - Enterprises could identify the innovative and emerging blockchain products from various organizations. Also this would be a greater chance for them to network with potential partners and governments.
  • For Investors - This could be a place for them to take part in innovative blockchain projects from ICO’s, Enterprises, and also governments.
  • For startups - This could be a potluck for startups to showcase their products and network with potential investors and enterprises. 

What We are Going To Do ? - Bitdeal Plan Towards World Blockchain Summit 2019

We understand this could be a wonderful opportunity and a great platform for us to showcase our blockchain products as well as services. Our team of blockchain experts will be waiting for you to discuss a lot more, and we are very excited to meet our existing and new clients in person. 

Apart from this, we have been teamed up with fresh mind to explore our knowledge in blockchain technology, and we would like to grab a lot more information from this conference. Hope this would be a booster for us to implement new kinds of business models and technologies in our business to business services. We hope the “Blockchain 2020 along with industry 4.0” will be enlightened during this monumental meetup.

Get Ready to Meet our experts 

  • Kamalakannan - COO, Osiztechnologies
  • GnanaPrakash - Sr. Blockchain Consultant
  • Punith Kumar - Sr.Blockchain Consultant, Bitdeal
  • Balaji Haridoss -  Sr. Blockchain Consultant
  • Prathish Gunasekaran - Sr.Blockchain Consultant, Bitdeal.

Get Ready To Meet our Team at #WBSDubai 2019

Hello Bitdeal Community!

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