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How To Start A Cryptocurrency Exchange As Like BitForex? | BitForex Clone Script

Explore here the ways to start a cryptocurrency exchange as like BitForex.

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How To Start A Cryptocurrency Exchange As Like BitForex? | BitForex Clone Script

Bitdeal - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company offers unique BitForex Clone Script to start your own cryptocurrency exchange like Bitforex. Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions include cryptocurrency exchange scripts, crypto exchange Software, cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts, cryptocurrency wallet development, cryptocurrency trading bot development and lot more. 

BitForex Clone Script 

BitForex clone script is a website clone script which consists of all existing trading features and plugins like Bitforex. Our experts are well-experienced in developing and deploying the best Bitforex clone script with enhanced functionalities to launch your own crypto exchange platform like Bitforex.

Here let us look at some of the special features and services that are furnished by Bitforex to their users and the features of Bitdeal's Bitforex Clone Script.

What is BitForex?

Bitforex is a crypto exchange platform that provides users a safe, secure, professional, convenient digital assets trading solutions.

Bitforex is one of the world's Top 10 cryptocurrency exchange that offers a huge range of trading tools with features like token trading, margin trading, and more. This global crypto asset trading platform is known for its constant adaption of new features to satisfy the market needs.

Trading on Bitforex Exchange

Bitforex is a Global one-stop digital currency exchange platform that includes many features and trading options for their trader.Here are the steps to be followed to trade a Bitcoin in the Bitforex Exchange Platform.

1. First, enrich your account with funds that you want to trade and then go to the trading page for choosing the crypto trading pair that you want.
2. After you have chosen the trading pair, you are asked to specify the order size and order price.
3. Your order will be placed on the Orders Tab only after your order confirmation.
4. Once the order you have placed is executed,  the funds will be credited to your crypto wallet.
5. The orders that are executed or canceled will be moved to the Order History tab.

Here is a video clip that explains " How to Trade on Bitforex Exchange?".

Why Start an Exchange Like Bitforex?

As mentioned earlier, Bitforex known as the top cryptocurrency exchange platform adapts new features to cover more traders. It always provides the safest solutions for its traders to store, buy, sell cryptocurrencies.

Here are some highlights or advanced features of Bitforex Exchange that will let you know the reasons behind starting a cryptocurrency exchange as like Bitforex.

Highlighting Features of Bitforex 

1. Bitforex is one of the Top 10 global cryptocurrency exchanges which serves about 180+ countries across the globe with more than 3,500,000 + active users.

2. Bitforex is a cryptocurrency trading platform launched in  June 2018 with headquarters located in Singapore, a popular destination for cryptocurrency and blockchain-related projects.

3. Bitforex allows its traders to exchange cryptos with more than 300+ trading pairs support and with high-end securities.

4. Bitforex provides different trading options for their traders which involves the following:

  1. Spot Trading - A spot trade refers to the purchase or sale of a cryptocurrency for instant delivery on a specified spot date.
  2. Perpetual Trading - Similar to a traditional Futures Contract having no expiry or settlement.  It is a margin-based spot market, so trade close to the underlying reference Index Price.
  3. Referral - Bitforex allows you to become a partner with them and make your trade on the platform. They provide two types of partnership scheme which differs in the features and commissions provided.

The two types of partnership scheme named as 

  • General Referral
  • Knight

Listed here are the advantages of Bitforex's Partnership :

  1. Attractive Commission Package - Bitforex Provides up to 30% on the perpetual transaction and 50% on spot transactions.
  2. Data Transparency -  Detailed Information about referral and commission details in a Real-Time Report.
  3. Daily Settlement - The commissions are credited to the account within 24 hours.
  4. Advance Referral Management System - Has a user- control panel for analysis of referral details.

5. Turbo - Bitforex Turbo is a premium project accelerator which lists the different projects and its details that are linked with Bitforex exchanges.

6. Polkadot, created by the Ethereum CTO Dr. Gavin Wood offers the BitForex the right to use and launch 10,000 DOT tokens on BitForex under the IOU program.

7. BF Token 

BF Token is the VIP service system of Bitforex exchange that allows users to buy BF tokens with membership privileges and a lot more benefits.

8. Bitforex exchange covers your crypto asset in your Bitforex account with Insurance and also provides a secured cold wallet that allows for safe storage.

9. Bitforex provides a 24 X 7 support system through which they provide their traders effective and instant trading.

10.  The presence of abundant resources and partners on Bitforex provides high liquidity to this platform.

11. Bitforex is one of the fast trading platforms that supports upto 300+ trading pairs and multiple token supports.

12. Bitforex is known for its High-performance matching engine which is capable of processing more than 1,600,000 orders in a single second.

13. Bitforex's main motto is to provide a safe and stable trading environment for traders with high-end Asset Security Management Solutions.

14. Fees in Bitforex

  • Deposit Fee: There are no fees to deposit assets on Bitforex and deposit is free of cost in this platform.
  • Withdrawal Fee: The withdrawal fees of cryptocurrency in Bitforex depends on the network cost.
    Check out here the Withdrawal fees on Bitforex Exchange !!
  • Trading Fee: The trading fees on Bitforex is based on Maker- Taker Mechanism which accounts for a different price for different trading methods.

For Spot Trading, 
• Maker fees: 0.1%
• Taker fees: 0.1%
For Perpetual Trading, 
• Maker fees: 0.04%
• Taker fees: 0.06%

15. Bitforex has REST API and also special APIs for the execution of SPOT trading.

How To Start an Exchange Like Bitforex?

After looking into the special features of Bitforex mentioned above, you might get a clear idea about why to start an exchange as like Bitforex. Right? 

Now, let us look at the way to start an exchange as like Bitforex. 

To start a cryptocurrency exchange as like Bitforex, you need a website that holds the features and plugins as like Bitforex. The best way to start an exchange as like Bitforex is the " Bitforex Clone Script". 

You can get a unique Bitforex clone script enriched with lots of features and APIs from Bitdeal - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script Provider.

Features of Bitdeal's Bitforex Clone Script 

We Bitdeal, develop and deploy the best Bitforex clone script to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange platform like Bitforex. Our Bitforex Clone Script consists of the following features :

1. Automatic KYC/AML Verification
2. Enhanced Trading Methods
3. Two-factor authentication
4. 24 X 7 Instant live chat system
5. Additional Security APIs 
6. User-friendly admin panel
7. Attractive user-panel with additional features.
8. Script with a Fast trading mechanism with low trading costs.
9. Multi-tokens and multi cryptocurrency supports 
10. Multi-language supported to cover global traders and a lot more.

Book a live demo for Bitforex Clone Script at Bitdeal which is 100% free of costs.

Get a demo of Bitforex Clone Script Now !!

Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the BitForex and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term "BitForex" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.

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