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How To Create A Web3 Wallet - A Step by Step Guide

Web3 wallets are the key for accessing the web3 platforms & web3 dApp. Check out how to develop a Web3 wallet with a detailed guide.

How To Create A Web3 Wallet -  A Step by Step Guide

Nowadays, the term "web3" is echoing everywhere on the tech wall. People have already started to experience the integration of web3 applications in their day-to-day lives. Every application that demands technology, internet connectivity, and involves money would require a secured wallet to fulfill its working operations. Here in this article, we are going to discuss some interesting things about Web3 wallets and how to create a web3 wallet for your future web3 app. 

Before that, we published a complete guide on the topic "How to create a Web3 application". That would help you to find out the step-by-step process of creating a web3 application that you wish to launch soon. 

Now Let's get into "Web3 Wallets"

What is a Web3 Wallet?

A web3 wallet will allow the users to securely store the crypto & digital assets that can be used for interacting with web3-based platforms. The Web3 wallet can be connected to multiple blockchains at the same time. The wallet allows users to perform transactions from the same application.

Why is Web3 Wallet needed?

Web3 wallets will allow users to store their digital assets, cryptos, and non-fungible tokens. Web3 is a fusion of AI, blockchain, interactive platforms & more. To explore the web3 world fully we need a multi-chained wed3 wallet.

Using Web3 wallet can offer improved security & user privacy. Web3 wallets will be under the control of the owner, every process will need to be authenticated by the users.

How Does The Web3 Wallet Works?
Generally, Web3 wallets are decentralized and can be integrated with private keys.

  • Every web3 wallet is different, but every web3 wallets have the same protocols. Everyone can simply create a user account & receive their seed phrase or private keys of their wallet. 
  • One can integrate the web3 wallet into a browser or other mediums using the seed phrases. The seed phrases should be stored in the local storage for avoiding hacking.
  • Then the users can use the web3 wallet for sending & receiving digital assets. 

Types of Web3 Wallets in Use

Generally, Web3 wallets are categorized into two types 
Hot Web3 Wallet & Cold Web3 Wallet.

1. Hot Web3 Wallets
Hot wallets are crypto wallet which is connected to the internet. Hot wallets possess the characteristics of easy usability. The funds stored in the hot wallets will be online, which also serves as a negative for them. Because they are prone to attacks.

There are two types of hot wallets, Web-based & Mobile based wallets.

  • Web-Based Web3 Wallet

Web-based wallets can be used by setting them as an extension for browsers. We can send & receive cryptos & interact with web3 dapps & other web3 platforms with these extensions. A good example of a web-based web3 wallet is Metamask.

  • Mobile-Based Web3 Wallet

Mobile-based wallets will allow users to manage their assets on mobile. We can also interact with Web3 platforms on mobile via the Wallet Connect feature. 

2. Cold Web3 Wallet
Cold wallets are the one which is not connected to the internet.
Cold wallets are offline storages that will store cryptos & digital assets offline. A famous example of a cold wallet is Ledger cold wallet.

How To Create A Web3 Wallet?

Creating a Web3 wallet will involve multiple steps, we will discuss them below:

  • Research & Assessment

Before developing a wallet we need to perform deep market research about the business & field. This analysis can help you out in adding the requirements for the web3 wallet. 

  • Wallet Architecture Development

The next is developing the architecture of the wallet. Before jumping into this step, we need to complete the in & out of the research & analysis step. This architecture will be used as a plan for the rest of the stages.

  • Smart Contract Development

Enabling smart contract will ensure the works of web3 wallets and helps during the situations like recovery, transfer speeds, limits, and more. Web3 wallets smart contract should undergo 
for multiple-time audits & general tests.

  • Testing Phase

After implementing the smart contract with the web3 wallet, it will go through a complete testing procedure. We need to look for any malfunctions or bugs at this stage. 

  • On Air

After completion of the testing, the wallet will be deployed on the platform and becomes available for users.

Benefits of Web3 Wallet
Let's take a quick look at the benefit of the Web3 wallets:

Effortless to Use

  • Web3 wallets are very effortless to use. 
  • Setting up a web3 wallet is a piece of cake process even for inexperienced crypto users. 
  • Web3 wallet can be created easily & can be implemented for usage


  • Privacy is the major feature of the web3 wallet. 
  • The user will feel more secure when using the web3 wallet for interaction between web3 platforms & dApps. 
  • Even the wallet developers will be unable to access the wallet they created.


  • The web3 wallet will be fully controlled by the users, thanks to its decentralized nature. 
  • Users can also send or receive assets at any time they want. 
  • There will be no third-party control for restriction

Develop Your Own Web3 Wallet With Bitdeal

Web3 is a new phase & it is very fresh for everyone. Web3 wallets will evolve with time continuously. In the upcoming days, we can experience some web3 wallets with interesting features.

After knowing that web3 wallets will impact all the platforms, many businesses from multiple industries have started to develop their web3 wallet to travel smoothly in the future.

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