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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software as a Solution For Cryptopreneurs

Cryptocurrency exchange software making a revolution in the cryptocurrency business startups!

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software as a Solution For Cryptopreneurs

Introduction to the cryptocurrency exchange software

Bitdeal the complete solution for bitcoin and blockchain business services

Bitdeal serves as the the global solution for all the bitcoin entrepreneurs. The unique outcome of the organization is "Cryptocurrency exchange software". The product was designed and developed with the intention of helping the business people who starve's for a cryptocurrency business opportunity.

Currently, the product serves is best for bitcoinpreneurs who comes from 50+ countries, Also it gives better stats and graded as a good product globally.

Functionality and the usage of a cryptocurrency exchange software:

The main usage of the cryptocurrency exchange software is, it helps the needy entrepreneurs to setup their own bitcoin exchange platform, like poloneix, bitfinex coinsecure, bitstamp ...

It segregates its functionality into 5

1. Connecting the traders by matching their orders.
2. Finding the best match by executing a random matching algorithm.
3. Represents the trading flow and stats in a graphical view.
4. Provides a seamless way for traders to transact their cryptos around the world after analyzing their transaction details.
5. Pairing different currencies and records transactions in the blockchain.

The Software is coded to fetch the current price of bitcoin and notifies the traders about up and down of the price chart.

Add-ons which provided by bitdeal to enhance a cryptocurrency exchange software!

A raw cryptocurrency exchange software will become more powerful when it is integrated with some specific add-ons and features!

The notable add-ons are,

1. Build in Bitcoin wallet :

Bitdeal provides bitcoin wallet integration as a separate service also serve it as an addon for a cryptocurrency exchange software.

Focus is to do the following

preventing the traders from bouncing to another website just for holding their digital assets in a third-party wallet.

2. Trading bot :

As described in the bitdeal website " Trading bot is nothing but It is an algorithmic trading, framed with computer codes for the purpose of generating and executing automatic buy sell orders."

Traders don't have to wait for the bitcoin price to meet drastic change, Instead trading bot make trades while the trader sleeps.

3. Liquitidy solution:

It helps to show up the trading volumes and transaction details in counts, for the purpose of attracting the visitors and make them trust you.

So we had a glance about bitdeal's cryptocurrency exchange software, What's next?

Bitdeal serves the same functionality & services in four different names with tiny changes, Each of them has a one step ahead of another in its performance. Bitcoin exchange software, cryptocurrency exchange software, bitcoin trading software and cryptocurrency trading software are the derivatives of Bitdeal.

Products which provided by bitdeal are developed to adapt with global bitcoin exchange business approaches And are easy to customize and upgrade with current and feature trends.

We accept bitcoin price fluctuates, but touching the 6k US dollars is not a normal thing. According to the many entrepreneurs, researchers "bitcoin will become the worlds costliest asset and there will be a successful future for Bitcoin-related startups

So what's next? make your decision

but Don't' miss out the beautiful opportunity when it knocks your door!

If an idea knocks your mind ask bitdeal team for a DEMO of the software

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Hello Bitdeal Community!

We are glad to announce that, Bitdeal is making one more milestone in its journey. As Web3 technologies becomes more dominant and lucrative, bitdeal sets its footmark in AI and Gaming Space. Explore our all-new AI and Gaming Solutions below here.


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