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ICO,digital tokens,smart contracts-All new cryptocurrency business solutions at one place

Bitdeal the bitcoin exchange solution now extends its services to providing Blockchain applilcations and ICO Solution

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ICO,digital tokens,smart contracts-All new cryptocurrency business solutions at one place

The current biggest talk of cryptocurrency industry is the success of Initial coin offering (ICO), the role of digital tokens, and the importance of smart contracts. These 3 segments to create huge impacts and become the growth factors for many business startups including the mainframe of cryptocurrency businesses.

Bitdeal, a leading Token Development Company is gonna guide you, how to make a successful business based on the above - ICO, Smart contracts, and digital tokens. The goal of bitdeal is to provide b2b solution for starving entrepreneurs who look for a small gap to enter in the cryptocurrency industry.

Let us look at the each of the segment in short and later in the end of the article we will disclose a powerful tip to make business based on the topic which we are discussed.

The Need for Initial Coin Offering!

People may have a business idea, but may not have sufficient fund to execute it

ICO's extends it helping hands for business people to execute their business ideas. It is just similar like crowd funding, But it varies in its functionality when distributing the shares. All the process in ICO is done in an encrypted format.

The main purpose for ICO is to raise funds for a crypto project which intends to release a new coin. ICO's now become useful for the business which is not cryptocurrency startups.

The main focus of the bitdeal is to serve bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading solutions, But now it takes diversions into ICO and blockchain related business solutions.

The Use of Digital Tokens!

Digital tokens are just similar like tokens which we used in the real world.

The main usage of tokens is

"To claim an underlying asset at any time! "

The same concept is kept on digital tokens too. These kind of tokens are coming in encrypted format so we can call it as crypto tokens. In the process of ICO, crypto tokens are treated as shares. Investors invest on a token and help to raise funds for a crypto project. In future, they can share it with others, or they can claim the benefit of the token.

Apart from crypto coin releasing process, the need for crypto tokens becomes strong for other digital startup business too. In future banks, real estate and any other investment related businesses will make use of crypto tokens.

The Use of Smart Contracts



Smart contracts help business people to exchange their money, people to share their property and organization to distribute their shares in a transparent way. Smart contracts avoid the influence of middleman as we do in ordinary contracts.

In general, many business runs based on the contracts, Ordinary contracts need a lot of paper works and need approval from authorities to legalize it. But smart contracts simplify all these processes with smaller efforts. This kind of contracts can be made in seconds, because all it contains is the written of computer codes, and which has published in the blockchain.

All the above three processes give much more importance for ethereum, Becuase In ICO you need to buy crypto token by paying with ethereum and smart contacts accepts ethereum based transaction only.

In very soon, bitcoin exchange will enable the options for exchanging digital tokens with cryptocurrencies especially ethererum.

How do you make business based on ICO?



Many business people are in the intention to raised fund for their startup through ICO, So it is the right opportunity for you, there you can enter as a services provider with ICO platform.

By launching an ICO platform you can attract more of the business owners and investors to execute their ICO process. And as a businessman, you can convert your assets and documents, into digital tokens to perform smart contracts.

Bitdeal focus is to provide business solution For ICO, Smart contracts and digital tokens



Bitdeal having the punch of cryptocurrency business solution now has added three more power packs with it. Other business services instruct you to achieve the success but bitdeal holds your hand and leads you to the top position of the bitcoin industry.

The solution for ICO, Smart contracts, digital tokens are concealed with your ideas and thoughts. There is no place for us to play the dominant role to damage your business idea.

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