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DxSale Clone Script To Create Token Sale and Management Platform

Bitdeal’s DxSale Clone Script to start your own Token Presale Platform like DxSale.

DxSale Clone Script To Create Token Sale and  Management Platform

DxSale Clone Script

DxSale Clone Script is a fully decentralized script that is inherited with token management features to launch a platform like DxSale for building cryptocurrency venture capital. With DxSale Clone Script anyone can launch a token management ecosystem that lets end users perform a token journey that includes minting tokens, raising funds, locking tokens, swapping, and farming along with a listing of tokens on any decentralized exchanges.  

Bitdeal creates DxSale Clone Script which is completely developed on blockchain and supports token development on any blockchain network along with Launchpad options.  

Components of Our DxSale Clone Script

  • Version - DxSale V.3 (Updated in Sep - 2021)
  • Blockchain Support - Almost all trending networks such as Solana, polygon, and so on. (Customizable)
  • Tokenomics - Customizable (As per requirements)
  • Launchpad - Available
  • Features - Swap, farm, stake, and more (As per requirements)


  • Half of total supply being burned
  • Half of total supply being provided to stakers
  • Receive airdrops from token sales
  • Receive rewards for staking

Features of Bitdeal’s DxSale Clone Script

Listed here are the basic features of Bitdeal's DxSale Clone Script.

  • Blockchain-powered
  • Truly Decentralized
  • Automated DAO Support
  • Multi-chain compatibility
  • Highly Interoperable
  • Customizable token economy
  • Token Yield Farming
  • Instant Liquidity 
  • Token Swapping
  • Integration of NFTs
  • Ultra Governance Components
  • Locking 
  • Staking and more.

How Does DxSale Clone Script Work?

The Platform launched using our DxSale Clone Script works in the following manner.

  • A clear understanding of business functionalities & requirements
  • Enabling transaction features
  • Know complete token specification
  • Tracking full fees details
  • Wallet Integration 
  • Minting token on any network such as polygon, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum.
  • Token launching on native launchpad 
  • Automated farming and swapping 
  • Token Staking and so on.

DxSale Clone Development 

We, Bitdeal provide DxSale Clone Development Services to launch your own Token Management Platform based on completely decentralized blockchain technology. Our DxSale Clone Development Process involves DxSale Clone Script, DxSale Clone Software, DxSale Clone App, or DxSale App clone to start your own token presale business. 

As in DxSale, our script also contains main features such as

  1. Token Mint
  2. Token Swap
  3. Token Stake
  4. Yield Farm
  5. Token Launch and more.

Why Choose Bitdeal for DxSale Clone Development?

Bitdeal - Leading Blockchain Development Company offers A to Z crypto and blockchain solutions for any kind of startup and enterprise. Our services involve cryptocurrency exchange development, NFT Development, Token Development, Token Sale Platform Development, NFT Marketplace Development, and so on.

We have a team of experts who can develop and deploy DxSale Clone Script to launch the Token Presale Platform. Here are the reasons to choose Bitdeal for DxSale Clone Platform Development.

  1. 7+ experience in Industry
  2. Best Token Management Development Services
  3. On-time delivery with qualified output
  4. 24X7 technical support
  5. Skilled Blockchain experts and so on.

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DxSale Overview 

What is DxSale?

DxSale is a completely blockchain-based decentralized token management platform that aims to offer the best user-friendly experience of the token journey. 

The term Token Journey includes.

  1. Minting of utility token
  2. Importing custom token
  3. Raising capital amount using tokens for your venture
  4. Locking your LP tokens or team token
  5. Listing your token on a DEX platform.

DxSale follows development from scratch and it does not involve any clones or fork projects. As DxSale aims to build first and then approach market strategy.

Tokenomics Of Dxsale

Token Supply 

  • Circulating Supply(Presale + Liquidity) - > 13,763,486.78 SALE Tokens (Currently)
  • Liquidity Tokens - 12,895,643 SALE tokens
  • Team Funds - 7,737,386 SALE tokens
  • Future Funds - 15,474,771 SALE token
  • Private Funds - 5000000 SALE tokens (50%)
  • Consensus - Proof of Liquidity Burning

Special Features of DxSale Platform

Listed here are the features of DxSale, the platform to build a crypto venture capital ecosystem.


DxMint allows anyone to mint their own token on any blockchain network and token standards which they can sell on the DxSale Platform.


DxKLaunch is an agnostic launchpad that has governance support with various blockchain networks. Through DxSale anyone can create token sales easily and be listed instantly on the platform.


The feature to instantly lock the DxLaunch sale via DAO. The platform also has external token locking along with incentives.


This is to provide instant liquidity and swapping of tokens after the sale closure of launched tokens using DxLaunch. This platform feature uses Uniswap-like decentralized protocol functionality to offer a seamless transition to the crypto market.


The platform is integrated with a feature that lets for automated yield farming features in the DxLaunch.

How To Launch A Platform Like DxSale?

To launch a Token Presale Platform like Dxsale, you need a Token Management Software with which you can start your own Token Journey Platform like DxSale. The best and easiest way to launch your own Token Pre-sale platform like DxSale is DxSale Clone Script. 

Get feature-rich DxSale Clone Script from Bitdeal now and generate passive income instantly.

Benefits of Launching Token Presale platform like DxSale

Here are the advantages of launching a presale platform like Dxsale from both end-user and platform owner perspectives. 

Business People Perspective 

  • Less Capital Investment
  • Generates More ROI
  • Less or No Maintenance
  • No Technical Knowledge 
  • Easy gain of market and use base.

End-User Perspective 

  • Easy to Mint Tokens
  • Simple Token Launching
  • Automated Swapping 
  • Ultra Liquidity 
  • Collect Capital and more

Ready to launch your own Token Management Platform like DxSale?

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