Forsage Clone Script To Start a 100% Decentralized Smart Contract MLM

Wolfie Zhao
May 5, 2020 at 05:42 PM
Updated May 5, 2020 at 05:58 PM

Forsage MLM Clone Script

Forsage clone script, it is a fully decentralized and ready made smart contract MLM Clone Script, Which can build a commission based Smart Contract MLM Scheme like forsage on Ethereum Blockchain. The Script is made with a customized smart contract, so that one can customize the joining fee and commision fee, also the MLM Plan can be customized with Binary level, Unilevel and various Matrix plans.

If you are looking to make money from home with cryptocurrency during this coronavirus pandemic time, then you can choose to start a MLM like forsage. At bitdeal we are providing the ready made smart contract MLM clone script, you can claim the free demo of the forsage MLM Clone Script Below here.

What is is a smart contract based MLM scheme, aslo their official website defines it is “ Ethereum Blockchain Matrix Project”. The Company claims that their smart contract works on ethereum blockchain, and it is fully decentralized. Forsage started to appear online from the mid of march 2020. The domain was registered on february 9,2020. Of course forsage is not the first decentralized smart contract, but they claim to have an advanced smart contract which can automate the cryptocurrency MLM matrix project under ethereum blockchain protocols.

The company claims, “forsage developers have deployed an self executing automated smart contract on ethereum blockchain, which can’t be changed or modified”.

Also Forsage claims “The revolutionary smart contract can provide the ability for participants to directly engage in the peer to peer business transactions or personal transactions between the participants inside the system”.

How Works? works based on Commision or gifting schemes under binary matrix, whereas two kinds of matrix cycles are used.

  • X3 Matrix - 3X1 Matrix, which requires only threes positions to be filled
  • X4 Matrix - 2x2 Matrix, It starts with two positions at first level and will expand to 4 positions at 2nd level. And it continues as a binary 2x2 Pyramid scheme at each level.

To join the matrix scheme, you should pay 0.5 ETH as registration. Once you join you can ask your friends and family to join the MLM by giving them the invitation link. If anyone joins the link, they will immediately join under a position beneath you on X3 Or X4 Matrix which you prefer.

When your friends decide to join under you, then you will get 0.025 ETH as commission from each person sign up and the remaining 0.475 ETH from 0.5ETH will be funded to the admin who is  the anonymous top of the scheme. The Pyramid scheme will be collapsed when no new position can be opened.

At last the business model of the entire Cryptocurrency MLM Smart contract scheme is, The more you refer people, the more you earn. That’s the profit formula for every MLM. But the real hero, who becomes the millionaire with  no hard work is “ The Admin” Of the website.

Forsage prefers two types of wallets,

  • Trust Wallet for Mobile Users
  • Meta Mask For Desktop Users

Forsage Profit Claims

As of May 5, 2020, the company claims they have profited around 13267 ETH on May First week, and the overall profit is 48898ETH with 22105 New comers, and 71518 total participants. Also forsage claims they earn a profit of Nearly $1.2 Million each week.

Features Of

  1. Scam Free and Risk Less
  2. Less Expensive
  3. Instant Peer to Peer Payment
  4. Transparency and Privacy
  5. Lucrative
  6. Immutability

How To Create a Decentralized Cryptocurrency MLM with Smart Contract ?

To Create a decentralized Blockchain MLM Matrix Project like forsage, you need support from smart contract developers and a ready made forsage MLM Clone Script with customized smart contract. Since Matrix projects are the pyramid schemes, the constructed smart contract should be self executing to automatically recruit the participants at right and at right level. Also the smart contract should automatically collect the transaction fee on each new joining. So, to create such a customized smart contract you should get connected with expert smart contract developers.

Benefits of Starting a Smartcontract MLM like Forsage

If you decided to start a MLM Smart contract, then the business will be highly lucrative based on the below metrics.

  1. Can make millions from home during this coronavirus pandemic time.
  2. Since it is controlled by smart contracts there is No Risks.
  3. Can get legal approval from your national government and can make more trust.
  4. It is a win-win model, since it benefits both the refer and the joiner.
  5. Ultimately the self executing smart contracts will not be collapsed through the intervention of any technical or security failures from outside of the system.

How Bitdeal Can Support You To Create a Smart Contract MLM Like Forsage On Ethereum Blockchain?

We at bitdeal, helps business people to build blockchain dapps and smart contract applications on any blockchain, and with any business nature. Now, exclusively We are providing tremendous support only for Smart Contract MLMs projects. Hence We started to provide the highly secured Million money clone script and followed by the forsage clone script now. We hope this pandemic situation creates a huge financial need for everyone. And we are able to see many people looking to make money from home. If you are also one of them, then we can guide you to be the owner of an online business and not as a participant.

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