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How to setup an ethereum exchange site

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How to setup an ethereum exchange site

Just like bitcoin,ethereum also started to power a lot of cryptocurrency startups! So sure starting an ethereum exchange website will benefit you a lot in future. No need to struggle!! You can launch a professional ethereum exchange site using a customizable ethereum exchange software.

For those who are mad in ethereum exchange business, bitdeal is offering you a technically advanced and white label exchange solution.

The solution comes with two different web products.

1. Ethereum Exchange Software
2. Ethereum Exchange Script

Ethereum Exchange Software

How to make use of an ethereum exchange software?

It is a web application, which powers your exchange business, by creating an ethereum exchange website. This kind of exchange software particularly designed to support ethereum trading alone, and the matching engine will deliver a very fast support to match ethereum buy-sell orders.

Why separate software for ethereum exchange?

You may ask "why not to use a cryptocurrency exchange software instead of ethereum exchange software ?" Let us clarify, A cryptocurrency exchange software is developed to accept and adapt any kind of cryptocurrency trading. In case if you set up an ethereum exchange website using a cryptocurrency exchange software, it will not give you the better output. There are a lot of possibilities for security issues to arise.

You have to understand, Ethereum is an entirely different cyptocurrency. While other cryptocurrencies share the common public ledger, Ethereum has its own blockchain and exchange protocols. Sure the entire trading mechanisms will differ in several cases.

So to start an ethereum exchange it is must for you to make use of specialized and advanced ethereum exchange software.

What is special in an ethereum exchange software?

An ethereum exchange software is inbuilt with following trading features and highlights,

1. The Matching Engine/ Algortithm
The matching engine will filter out exact buy/sell order and match them in a micro second.

2. Super Fast Trading Engine
The trading engine is capable of generating millions fo successful trades in just a few minutes.

3. Specialized Inbuilt Wallet
As the exchange portal is ethereum based, obviously it should need an integrated wallet especially to store ethereum.

Bitdeal Ethereum Exchange Software

Bitdeal offers you a cost-effective solution to start ethereum exchange business, we offer you a customizable and white label ethereum exchange software. It is inbuilt with all the necessary trading feature so you can launch your exchange business as soon as you brought. If you expect to customize the software, you can do it with the help of our expert team.

Ethereum exchange script

If you want to create your exchange website from scratch you can make use of etheruem exchange script, using that you can build your exchange website as per your wish.

You can ask a free demo of the software here!


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