How to Make a Successful Business Through Initial Coin Offerings

How to Make a Successful Business Through Initial Coin Offerings

Hope you know, Initial Coin Offering is now emerging as a promising fundraising model, it feeds a lot of startup businesses by cultivating huge capital in short time. So by realizing this fact, investors eventually getting grace about ICO's and falls in to invest. We promise that you can also start a successful business through ICO, but how ?. Remember ICO can feed your business idea in two variants of dimensions, What are they? Let's get in.

Solution to Start Business Through Initial Coin Offering

Initial coin offerings are used to collect funds for projects, business growth and so on, This is how we heard about ICO Ever before. But there are some interesting business ideas which are kept as secret...

Bitdeal is exclusively revealing the hidden secrets

1. You can Start Business Through ICO
2. You can Start ICO as a Business

The above terms look same but differ slightly in meaning.

The first one is a general process which you may know already (i,e) Launching Your Own ICO, and collecting funds by letting the tokens to crowd sale. But the second one is entirely different, but simple than the previous model, Isn't Interesting?

How to start ICO as a Business?

If you wanna start an ICO business with the cash on your hand, This will be a better idea for you!

The core functionality of this business is to provide services for each sub-portions of ICO and simplifying the ICO launch. This business model is all about "Providing solution for Asset Issuance andCreating a platform for owners to execute their ICO"

There are some submodules in this business

1. Create tokens and sell them to business owners or developers, so that they can use it for crowd selling.
2. ICO is all about smart contracts, so you can help project owners to write their smart contracts.
3. White paper creation.
4. Helping to manage supply and demand of tokens.

Hope you may impress of this business, Don't need to search for a perfect solution to covers all these services. Bitdeal is there for you!

Bitdeal solution to start ICO business

Bitdeal is ready to serve for both the ICO Business dimensions, we can help you to launch your ICO, and also we can help you to start ICO as a business. All your ICO business services will come in a comfortable price package and can be customized. To know more feel free to contact bitdeal or ask a demo of the solution here!

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