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The Best Cryptocurrency Startup Business Ideas For 2018

Open Your Crypto business profile on this year 2018

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The Best Cryptocurrency Startup Business Ideas For 2018

Hope you are looking to start a bitcoin or cryptocurrency business, but having some trouble to select profitable business, Right? No need to worry! you're in a right place at the right time. As a bitcoin exchange business solution, bitdeal wants to provide a better business consultation and likes to encourage bitcoiners to involve in a successful bitcoin businesses.

In this article, we are going to discuss most profitable and exclusive cryptocurrency business ideas which are expected to rock in the upcoming year.

Let us explore something, which will turn on this session to get more interesting

The root and branches of cryptocurrency businesses


Successful Cryptocurrency Startup Ideas Forever!

When you entered the world or cryptocurrency, this three prime business models will welcome you with warm hands.

1. Exchange/Trading business
2. Mining business
3. ICO business

Exchange Or Trading Business

No matter whether it is 2017 or 2018 the grace for cryptocurrency trading will never go down. And certainly, the upcoming year will be a most promising year for cryptocurrency trading.

"In November 2017, A single bitcoin was valued around 10,000 Us dollars, this is the tremendous success of a crypto coin which is never made by any other cryptocurrency"


Trading with bitcoin becomes hotter as the bitcoin price meets $10K for the first time in its history. This business model will give you furthermore options for you to choose your business profile.

1. Cryptocurrency exchange business

Business profile:

Starting a cryptocurrency exchange portal for traders to trade with limited cryptocurrencies

2. Digital asset exchange business or Altcoin Exchange Business

Business profile:

i). Starting a Digital asset exchange webbsite for traders to trade with any number of cryptocurrencies
ii) Converting the physical assets into digital assets and making them to eligible for trading

3. Bitcoin Exchange Businesses

i). Starting a Bitcoin exchange portal for traders to trade with bitcoin by placing buy order and sell orders

6 interesting tips to boost your bitcoin exchange business

4. Ethereum Exchange Business

i). Starting an Etheruem exchange website for traders to trade with Etherum alone.

For all the above four business models, all you are going to do is set up an exchange portal, and integrate necessary security features. There are plenty of services providers are available online, but bitdeal provides you separate software solutions to set up a bitcoin, etherum, altcoin and digital asset exchange business. The solution provided by bitdeal is easily customizable & white label software too. We give you a 100% guarantee to kick-start your exchange business with a low cost of capital.

ICO Business

If you wanna make one step ahead of trading business, then ICO will be the best suit for you!. Because the year 2017 has witnessed a lot of successful ICO startups. The main goal of this business is to feed cryptocurrency startups by raising a huge capital in a very short time. ICO's helps an entrepreneur in two different dimensions, (i.e) either he can start a crypto business with the help of ICO or start ICO as a business.

Submodules Of ICO business

1. Digital tokens
2. Smart contracts

If you are not willing to start ICO business as a whole then you can start making use of any of the above.

i) Start business as services to create and register digital tokens
II) Help business owner to write smart contracts and listing their new coin on crypto trading portals.

Bitdeal offers you an entire ICO business solutions for developing the digital tokens, writing smart contracts, white paper solutions, and etc. We cover all the ICO services as combo solution at an affordable cost. To know more Consult Bitdeal.

Bitcoin Mining Business

People will never get tired of hunting the easy ways to acquire their bitcoin when compare to trading, Mining is the more comfortable solution to get a bitcoin. By starting a bitcoin mining business you can help people to mine their own bitcoin. Btideal gives you an easy web solution, through which you can start launching your bitcoin cloud mining website.

Why you have to start bitcoin mining website now?

Get all your bitcoin and cryptocurrency business solution at bitdeal!

Bitdeal covers all the bitcoin and cryptocurrency related business, we provide software, services, and add-ons at comfortable pricing. Bitdeal can extend its limits based on the customer requirements.

Exchange script for bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and digital asset exchange business, Bitcoin cloud mining script, bitcoin wallet scrip, ICO website script, ICO business solutions, Are the renowned software solutions of bitdeal. If you want to check demo of bitdeal products,

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