What are ICO Airdrops

What are ICO Airdrops

What are ICO Airdrops?

ICO – It becomes very popular crowd funding model as soon as it has been introduced to the cryptocurrency industry, especially last year 2017 was one of the promising years for ICO token crowd sales. As the industry grown up, many started to launch their own ICO, and have witnessed huge profit through initial coin offerings. But the increasing competition made it tough for startups to collect new investors to fund on their ICO project.  So to attract more investors towards the token sales, The crown of ICO industry now have been decorated with a one more bounty program called ICO Airdrop.


1.    Airdrop benefits people with a certain amount of tokens for free or by performing any tasks. Just like ICO bounty programs.

2.    You can collect new investors and can create more exposure for your ICO tokens by distributing among a wide network

3.    As Airdrops lets investors purchase tokens at free of cost, it will be a rocket booster, for your ICO Token sales. 

4.    It is a risk-free and cost-effective way of raising awareness for your token crowd sales.

5.    No matter investors are your previous token shareholders, current token holder or new investors Airdrops will bring
back everyone to your ICO crowd sales. 
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