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Start Your Own Decentralized Exchange Like IDEX

Get IDEX Clone Script from Bitdeal to start your own decentralized exchange platform as like IDEX.

Start Your Own Decentralized Exchange Like IDEX

Bitdeal - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development company,  offers the clone scripts of top cryptocurrency exchanges to start your own exchange. We develop and deploy the best DEX exchange clone script IDEX Clone script to start your DEX platform as like IDEX.

IDEX Clone Script 

It is  a website script that has all the features and pulgins as like the popular and real time decentralized exchange platform IDEX. Start your own DEX platform as like IDEX with the help of Bitdeal's IDEX Clone Script.


What is IDEX?

IDEX is one of the fastest and user-friendly Ethereum based Decentralized Exchange Platform which was launched in recent 2017 in the Republic of Panama.
As IDEX is built on ethereum platform, it supports for only trading of ethereum and  ERC20 Tokens. IDEX consists of the smart contract which allows for managing private keys and trading details by users in a secured manner with P2P environment.

Exchange Type: Decentralized Crypto Exchange.
Supported Currency: Ethereum, ERC20 Tokens.
Launched in: 2017
Country: Republic of Panama    

Why start exchange like IDEX?

IDEX is the only real-time DEX Platform with high trading volume. As it provides the experience of CEX with blockchain-based security.
IDEX allows for faster trade continuously across multiple markets and also allows users to cancel orders immediately without gas costs. 

You can also start your DEX platform as like IDEX with many useful features that benefit users across the globe.

Highlights of IDEX 

1. The current trading volume (while writing this article ) of IDEX platform is USD $3,862,442 which is 304.88 in BTC amount. 


Source : CoinMarketcap

2. The trading pairs of IDEX is exclusively within the Ethereum family as it supports for the trade of ethereum and ERC20 tokens. IDEX provides plenty of options for its users.

3. IDEX offers trades with the speed of a centralized exchange combined with the security of decentralization with the support for MetaMask and Ledger Wallet

4. IDEX allows for storing your private key in the browser locally. This inturns provide notable UX as like CEX enabling traders to execute a trade from anywhere within 20 to 50 transactions per second.

5. Trading by MetaMask, the easiest browser plugin to use offers a secured and familiar experience. It still concerns about improvements in speed and usability.

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6.  IDEX allows Users to trade as quickly as they can confirm orders, with multiple trades performed per second with Ledger hardware wallet. This provides the most secure trading experience as the private keys never leave the device.

7. IDEX charges 0.2% for the taker and 0.1% for the maker. Users should also pay gas fees to put their transactions on the blockchain.

Gas Fees 

The fees paid to miners for the process of all transactions in Ethereum Network is known as gas fees. Gas fee on IDEX is 140k gas which is 1.5x higher than EtherDelta.

8. The IDEX exchange has a support chat box which connects users and supports team for answering queries and concerns. They're also a contact form available on an exchange through which you can link with the support team.

9. IDEX has reached more than 50,000 users within its first 5 months of launch. Its community of supporters is still growing and nowhere near the size of centralized competitors with user experience better alternative to EtherDelta.

10. The Ledger Nano S integration is another key benefit of IDEX with the exchange’s overall decentralized nature, which makes IDEX one of the most secure trading experience platform.

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What Bitdeal can afford?

We, Bitdeal have 200+ blockchain experts who are experienced in various blockchain networks and can deploy the best cryptocurrency exchange on any network.
We offer the user-friendly IDEX Clone Script with enhanced features and security plugins to start your decentralized exchange as like IDEX.

It is time to build your own DEX platform as like IDEX to grab market attention and make high revenue.

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Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the IDEX and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term "IDEX" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.

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