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Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

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Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

We bitdeal, the leading cryptocurrency wallet development company, glad to explore our multi-cryptocurrency supported wallet development services. We outline  “Multi- cryptocurrency wallet development” is a process of designing, developing, and deploying crypto wallets to support (i.e) to store and access “N” type of cryptocurrencies, including the newly arrived crypto tokens. Trustwallet is a real time example of decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that have become a multi cryptocurrency wallet after acquired by BinanceDEX.  Our goal is to create a wallet like Trustwallet upgraded with features that are not even in trust wallet too. 

What is a Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet ?

As Said above “ Multi Cryptocurrency wallet is a wallet application, that can be accessed from any devices like mobile or desktop to store any “N” Type of cryptocurrencies including ICO/STO tokens. 

Why Multi Cryptocurrency Wallets ?

Since we are in this industry from the old age, we have experienced the ups and downs of cryptocurrency industry, and have also aware about the ever evolving cryptocurrency trends. Whatever trends emerged based on trading, the demand for wallet never gets down and its needs will never be negotiated. We are in the decentralization era, so a lot of decentralized exchanges started to evolve We may argue decentralized exchanges don’t need a wallet, so the demand for crypto wallet will no longer exists. But, the fact is we are not using a crypto wallet for trading purpose, instead it is a storage, where we can hold our assets. So, the demand for crypto wallet will never go down, but it will evolve with next generation features. Hence the evolvement begin to explore with the arrival of Multi cryptocurrency supported wallets and Decentralized Wallets.  

Real Life Examples of Multi Cryptocurrency Wallets

  • Trustwallet ( Decentralized Wallet/ Official Wallet Of Binance)
  • Exodus ( Desktop Wallet)
  • Coinomi ( Mobile Wallet )
  • Trezor ( HardWare Wallet )
  • Ledger Nano ( Hardware Wallet)
  • KeepKey
  • Free Wallet ( Online Wallet / web and Mobile Wallet )


Source : Top 10 Multi Cryptocurrency Wallets

Reason For Multi Cryptocurrency Wallets

  • A lot of cryptocurrencies enrolls themselves everyday in side the industry with different characteristics, identity, usage, value, and different blockchain protocols. Though people have different opinions on new cryptocurrencies, and lift flags only for some popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum, there comes some situations to utilize new cryptocurrencies while engaging with some ICO’s, STO’s and dapp communities. 
  • Normal crypto wallets never support to store Tokens, but multi crypto wallets can be customized to store any type of newly arrived crypto tokens. 
  • Decentralization feature can be easily achieved with multi cryptocurrency wallet
  • Eightfold Security
  • Faster Accessing 
  • Support cold wallet, and browser wallet like extension

Bideal- Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

To lift up the security level of traders assets, and to make easy crypto asset transfer we initiate the advancement in cryptocurrency wallet development, with multi cryptocurrency wallet development services. We strongly understand cryptocurrencies will won’t have a secure place to accommodate, unless a wallet. Our aim is to uplift wallet service startups, by helping them to build mobile app wallet, desktop wallet,  and web wallet. 

We provide trust wallet clone app development, to create wallet like trust wallet with enhanced security, cryptocurrencies support and with decentralization feature.

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