Breaking Stereotypes: Study Exposes Growing Female Fandom for Online Gambling in Brazil

Breaking Stereotypes: Study Exposes Growing Female Fandom for Online Gambling in Brazil

Breaking Stereotypes: Study Exposes Growing Female Fandom for Online Gambling in Brazil

Discover a groundbreaking study revealing how Brazilian women are reshaping the iGaming landscape with their growing enthusiasm for online gambling
Aug 16, 2023
Breaking Stereotypes: Study Exposes Growing Female Fandom for Online Gambling in Brazil

Numerous studies conducted over the years have revealed an upward trend in female involvement in gambling and sports betting. While this shift has been gradual in most regions, Brazil stands out by demonstrating a substantial surge in online gambling participation among women compared to other areas.

According to research published by ENV Media, women constitute 49% of online casino players in Brazil. This data suggests that the industry's growth is attributed to the increased interest of both genders, not solely men.

Contrasting previous surveys, like a similar one from 2019, which indicated that women comprised less than 30% of the online casino segment, the current figures represent a remarkable expansion within a short span.

Brazilian Women Are Into iGaming

A 2021 survey also highlighted an increase in female engagement on the internet in general. The Game Brazil Survey for that year indicated that women accounted for 51.5% of individuals participating in electronic sports (eSports) in the country.

Additionally, an investigation conducted by the online betting operator and casino KTO revealed that women engaging in online casinos favored crash games. These games involve placing bets on outcomes that can rise or fall within seconds, with the aim of cashing out before the outcome takes a downturn.

The survey found that about 80% of respondents had tried this type of game at some point. Roulette also emerged as popular, contributing to 27% of women's online gaming activities in the nation.

The new study by ENV also delved into the age demographics of gamblers, revealing an average age of 39 for both male and female players. The age group between 25 and 40 displayed the highest participation rates, although 57% of total participants were under the age of 49. The second-largest age category was between 41 and 56, constituting 28% of the total.

The research concluded that the typical domestic player was "likely under 34 years old and increasingly female." These players exhibited a preference for online lotteries and sports betting, although online slots and table games were also gaining popularity.

Uncovering Consumer Insights

The ENV study encompassed more than just gender and age participation in online casinos. It aimed to unravel the motivating factors driving individuals to engage in online gambling. While some of the findings reaffirm long-standing beliefs in the iGaming industry, they remain misunderstood by regulators and legislators around the globe.

Undoubtedly, the primary incentive for individuals to partake in iGaming is the availability of disposable income, accounting for 48% of the respondents. Simultaneously, the allure and enjoyment derived from the games play a significant role, constituting 40% of the influence, particularly when financial constraints are not a concern.

Approximately 31% of respondents admitted that the quality of an online game ranked as the third most impactful driving force behind their activity. Recommendations from friends or family also held sway in their selection process. However, only 24% considered the regulatory status of a platform.

Interestingly, factors such as game accessibility and the public's perception of the industry played a marginal role in shaping players' choices. Around 20% of respondents acknowledged that these aspects held no significance for them. Consequently, they expressed a willingness to gamble online regardless of the legal or regulatory status of the market.


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