Web3 Platform Furrend Bridges: Pet Lovers, Creators, and Consumers

Web3 Platform Furrend Bridges: Pet Lovers, Creators, and Consumers

Web3 Platform Furrend Bridges: Pet Lovers, Creators, and Consumers

Experience the joy of pet-related content like never before, while creators monetize their passion through NFTs, fostering a new era of engagement and creativity. Join us and be a part of the ultimate destination where pets, videos, and Web3 innovation unite.
Aug 09, 2023
Web3 Platform Furrend Bridges: Pet Lovers, Creators, and Consumers

Furrend, Web3 pet video-sharing social network, has emerged from stealth mode, unveiling its beta version that introduces a groundbreaking financial rewards system for creators of pet-related content. Furrend's platform integrates economic tools and engaging gamification elements, leveraging NFTs to empower pet content creators to monetize their work and interact with their community in new and rewarding ways. By providing financial incentives to creators, Furrend aims to empower their passions, bolster creativity, and foster the production of captivating pet-centric content that resonates globally.

Currently, over one-third of pet owners maintain dedicated social media profiles to share their pet-related content with fellow animal enthusiasts. As the global pet industry surpasses $261 billion this year, as reported by the World Animal Foundation, the potential for pet-focused content to become more widespread and lucrative is evident. However, conventional consumer apps have become standardized and fail to prioritize the interests of content creators and users. Traditional social media platforms, beholden to advertisers, frequently undervalue creators, thereby diminishing the significance of their contributions.

Furrend disrupts this cycle by introducing economic tools and gamification elements that enable pet content creators to nurture their passions, cultivate creativity, and produce exceptional pet-focused content for a worldwide audience.

"Furrend is committed to serving the global community of pet owners, animal enthusiasts, and pet content creators who are deeply devoted to the pet realm and are seeking both creative expression and financial recognition for their contributions," stated Jun Gong, Co-Founder of Furrend. "Furrend is revolutionizing the potential of a Web3-based app for creators and pet culture alike. In the same way that Soundcloud and OnlyFans transformed the music and creator landscapes, Furrend aims to do so for pet content creators. Through Furrend, millions of creators worldwide can receive fair compensation for their creativity."

Abby Murphy, a prominent pet content creator behind the well-known TikTok channel Fearless Fred, shared her perspective: "As an animal/pet content creator, I've been consistently posting videos of my boat cats for years. Despite the effort put into filming, storytelling, editing, and engaging with followers, I never found a straightforward way to monetize or see returns on traditional platforms. Furrend not only connects me with an audience passionate about my content but also enables me to make a living through an encouraging and user-friendly space for animal lovers. I'm excited to witness how Furrend reshapes the pet content landscape!"

In its beta phase, Furrend's platform introduces a range of distinctive features, including:

Gamified Rewards: Leveraging Web3-based gamification for content monetization and community engagement.

Royalty Sharing: Introducing additional revenue streams through NFTs, revenue splits from sales, and royalties sharing.

On-chain Ownership: Providing creators full ownership of their content, from NFT-secured membership and content to digital merchandise releases.

Enhanced Creator Engagement: Allowing users to directly support their favorite creators, granting access to exclusive content and rewards through weekly fan campaigns.

Presently accessible by invitation only, Furrend plans to unveil the full live version of its platform in the fourth quarter. Aspiring pet content creators can apply to become part of Furrend's vibrant community and join the waitlist to gain access to the innovative social network while exploring the hosted content.

About Furrend

Introducing Furrend, the revolutionary Web3 platform dedicated to pet video sharing. Our mission is to equip content creators with the essential tools, resources, and framework to not only monetize their creations but also foster community engagement through NFTs. 

Established in 2023, Furrend serves as a dynamic hub where creators can seamlessly offer a constant flow of top-tier content to users, nurturing their adoration for pets, igniting innovative sparks, and delivering invaluable insights and amusement. Our objective is to embolden these creators, allowing them to chase their passions, amplify their creativity, and persist in crafting extraordinary pet-centered content that resonates powerfully with our worldwide audience.

Source: Business Wire

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