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Will NFTs be the Future of Photography?

Explore here the role of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in Photography and in the life of photographers.

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Will NFTs be the Future of Photography?

NFTs and Its Purpose In Photography

NFTs have unexpectedly become the most popular term on social media and in the press. It's no wonder that the market is booming with new users every day, with some NFTs selling for millions of dollars.

Photographers have many options available to earn money and obtaining credit for their work because most images are digital or can be scanned.And the best thing is that even if the customer owns the copyright, the photographer retains copyright and reproduction rights. 

Example: Snoop Dogg " A journey with the Dogg" a collection of NFTs that he sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. He retains the right to license the photographs and use them on his social media accounts as well as a portion of the cash generated when they are sold. Photographers who participate in the NFT may benefit from having a big audience who is engaged at work.But first, let's dive deep into the issues and understand what NFTs are in photography.

NFTs in Photography, Booming Forward

In terms of art purchase, NFTs are the way of the future.You may put your collection on show in virtual galleries for anyone to see. Curators have discovered new talent and introduced them to a new audience.  The NFT purchaser has no access to any copies of the original file. While copies of these digital items can be purchased by anybody, NFTs are stored on blockchain so that the owner can prove ownership through copyright. In simple terms , NFTs are unique picture or GIFs that have a slight difference in the crypto realm.

How Can You Sell Photos As NFTs ?

Here are the points which show how to sell photos as NFTs .

Initially you need to create your photography or alternatively, search your archives for images that you think will be the most popular.

Choose the site where you want to sell your photo. OpenSea, Nifty Gateway , SuperRare and Foundation are the well known marketplaces.

Decide on the number of editions you want to sell;it doesn't have to be just one. Various NFTs of the same artwork can theoretically be sold separately. It is worth noting , though it almost lower your list price for each NFT.

Select a reserve bid. That is the lowest price for which you are willing to sell your photograph NFT. Consider eBay: if you were selling an old guitar, you probably wouldn't want to sell it for $10!. Consider the  minimum amount you will accept for the NFT but don't go too far and price yourself out. 

Set a percentage royalty to determine however much revenue you will earn if your artwork.

Make a profit from your photograph NFT by selling it. Minting is the process of creating and storing your NFT certificate in the blockchain. This process makes your artwork non-fungible as it cannot be reproduced or copied.

Selecting A Platform And Reaching Collectors

There are a few bright spots in consideration of sites where photographers are succeeding. Let us discuss some of the bright spot marketplaces for minting photographs. 


One of the best options is Foundation (FND) which has surged to the top because of its clear design, decent discovery and new additional collections.

 With the introduction of collections, photographers can now create their own smart contracts, giving them more control over how their collections are shared on other markets and how secondary royalties are generated and gathered. 


OpenSea is the another option for minting your work. It has not yet stood out like Foundation and other due to limited search options, the lack of an opportunity to create your own smart contract, and less appealing interface. 

However, one redeeming feature is that the cost structure for OS transactions is rather cheap. OpenSea charges 2.5 percent of each transaction ,whereas foundation charges 15percent. Anyone can mint on OpenSea because it is entirely open.


SuperRare (SR) an arguable more elite site which has actually made a drive to include other photography in addition to its initial focus on other mediums. SuperRare is known for its high end work and as a result , it frequently features artists at the top of the price scale.

They charge a 15% fee for main transaction and a 10% royalty structure for secondary sales similar to FND. You must make an application that contains a one-minute submission video to be included as an artists on SR.


Ephemera is another option which promised to be a platform for lens-based artists and it was launched in 2020.   

Ephemera charges a 10% transaction fee and allocates a 10% secondary market royalty for sales made on the site. Ephemera has an application process that is temporarily closed owing to a massive backlog


Besides these designated platforms and marketplaces, you can even install your own smart contract to make the work available on your own website or elsewhere. 

This can be accomplished with the use of tools like Manifold or by forming a collaboration with a smart contract writer. This gives you complete control over the terms of the job and removes most transaction fees, but it also adds a layer of complexity and risk of not being exposed.

How Does It Function?

The introduction of NFTs has changed the way we think about photography and its storage. Anyone can photograph your hard copy photos and use them wherever they want, but you retain ownership of the image. As the world became more digital, picture ownership has become more contested.

The original proprietors of the photographs received little or no credit for the photographs they took or owned. NFTs aims to address this issue. Authenticity and openness are guaranteed since they are embedded into blockchain. so regardless of how many people adore your photos and screenshot them, you retain ownership and movable rights to the photo.

Wrapping Up

Finally, this blog gives you some useful information about NFTs in photography. Perhaps it is because of the intrinsic humanity portrayed in the medium or because of the cultural value we have already attributed to it, but photographers have begun to truly find their feet in this field, and collectors have reacted with tremendous enthusiasm.

Whether it is fine art, documentary or long form projects, collectors have reacted positively to high quality, well-intentioned work, giving photographers from all over the world their first taste of success in this field.

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