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Release Notes - What’s New In Bitdeal’s Binance Clone ?

Explore what is new in Binance Clone Script and it's upgraded versions

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Release Notes - What’s New In Bitdeal’s Binance Clone ?

Binance Clone Script is a technically enhanced source code which is purposefully constructed to create an instant cryptocurrency exchange with similar features and functionalities of Binance.

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Version 1 launched: July 2018

07/07/2018, On this fine day, With Immense hope and futuristic vision, We had launched our year of hard work, The Binance Clone Script.

Tech Stack:  
Backend: React , Node JS

Bitdeal understands business people better and launched a very first version of binance clone script with basic features like crypto wallet, order book, payment gateway integration,etc, to let traders proceed with trading smoothly. 

Version 1: January 2019

# Launchpad Integrated

The increase in the ratio of tokens let us integrate launchpad feature in our script that comes our first update in the launched version via this token creator can list their tokens in the built exchange.

Version 1.1 June 2019

# Derivative Trading Features Integrated

Derivative Trading features attract professional traders to the platform. Our experts considered things in their mind and updated the script accordingly.

Updated features of Binance Clone

  • Spot Trading
  • Future Trading
  • Options Trading

Have a Look : Bitdeal’s Official Press Release

Version 2.0 launched: March  2020

# Binance DEX Clone

When the crypto industry began to talk about decentralization, we realized its prominence and derived strategies to upgrade our clone script to the next level.then, the second version was launched. 

Which provides features like

  • Peer to Peer Protocol
  • Private Keys Under User
  • Decentralized Order book
  • Quick Matching Mechanism

Version 2.1 Update: November 2020

# Binance Smart Chain supported

The Binance Smart Chain launched in September 2020 which promotes superior functionalities. Our developers updated the second version of the script so that the buyer of the script can build a crypto exchange on Binance Smart Chain.

Version 2.2  Update : April 2021

# Certik Audit Integration

Certik is a popular auditing firm that audits the smart contracts of global industries via CertiK BSC Security Oracle. We are concerned and care for security more and have integrated Certik audited smart contract as our second version. With this certik audited binance clone script, entrepreneurs can build an unhackable crypto exchange platform.

Bitdeal’s official Press release: On Cerik Audit Integration

Version 3: September 2021

# NFT Marketplace enabled

In the year 2021, NFTs dominate the major industry. Epic crypto exchange Binance also launched its Binance NFT Marketplace. We followed the footsteps of binance and have enabled NFT Marketplace in our clone script.

Version 3.1 : In Progress

# DAO enabled Binance Clone

As a Dominant company in the industry, we continue to run with the industrial trends and now our Experts are working with DAO.

Get Demo Of Our Binance Clone script here : Binance Clone script

More updates coming Soon…

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