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Best-in-class OliveX Clone Development To Instantly Launch Your Own Robust OliveX Like Fitness App

Explore here how to launch your own Metaverse Fitness Game like OliveX, using Bitdeal's OliveX Clone App.

Move-to-earn games are the trending topic these days that reward players with cryptocurrency for just working out, moving, and being active. These games are also known as move2earn games, move and earn games, and Fitness finance (FitFi). This game concept that merges fitness with blockchain technology will eventually boost mainstream crypto adoption. It also serves as the gateway for millions of people to the crypto world. As an ambitious proprietor if you are interested in creating gamified fitness experience on the blockchain network, then continue to read this blog to know more about developing a metaverse fitness app similar to OliveX.
Let's start to explore more about the OliveX clone development process
To start you need to know, What is OliveX?
OliveX is a move-to-earn fitness metaverse gaming platform where people can earn DOSE for walking every day. The app will track movements and convert them into DOSE tokens. DOSE tokens can be exchanged for benefits such as merchandise, gift cards, and so on. To say in simpler terms OliveX is the best move-to-earn game that is perfect for anyone looking to stay healthy and get rewarded for it.
To make you understand why this move to earn game is popular these days, I will list down some notable benefits that can be gained by building such a full-fledged fitness metaverse app
Benefits of Launching Move to Earn Game Like OliveX

  • No learning curve needed to get started with this gaming platform
  • Players are given financial motivation to keep playing the game
  • Transparent transactions
  • Fitness tracker integration
  • Huge Return on investment

However, you may face some challenges while building your OliveX clone app. Let us see those now

  • Smart contracts cannot be modified once deployed on the blockchain network. So, it becomes essential to assure that your smart contracts are bug-free, fair, and cater to the needs of your players before the platform goes live
  • Cryptocurrencies are known for their instability and such fluctuations may drive away users. So, it is important to bring stability into the game.
  • Blockchain networks are normally capable of processing a specific number of transactions per second and this serves as a limitation for a multiplayer game. Ignoring it will prevent your game from scaling. Therefore, you must be ready to face performance issues.
  • After knowing these challenges you may now wonder how to build a stunning move-to-earn game like OliveX without any hassles. This is where the OliveX clone development process comes into the picture

OliveX Clone Development

OliveX clone development includes the complete process of developing an OliveX clone app that will include all key and essential features and functions of the OliveX app. So, you can succeed in building your own feature-rich move-to-earn application with unsurpassed performance similar to OliveX with an outstanding OliveX clone development process. When you decide to get a felicitous OliveX clone development for developing your own OliveX clone game, then you need to be aware of certain features and factors. Let us see those now

OliveX Clone App

Olivex Clone App is a metaverse-based fitness game app that rewards you for each step you make with tokens like Olivex.

It is a complete replica of the top metaverse move-to-earn game Olivex and has all the fun gaming features which include NFT tokens, Metaverse, GameFi, and web 2.0 & web 3.0 aspects.

We Bitdeal, a leading Metaverse Game Development Company offers OliveX Clone App development solutions with all gaming features & plugins.  You can catch our gaming experts to know the cost of developing your own M2E game app like OliveX.

Features to Consider In OliveX Clone Development

Robust Dashboard
The development process should support the inclusion of a robust dashboard that will enable users to track recorded data and daily development of accomplishments and goals.
Set Goals
With this option, users can set goals for their movement or fitness activity levels. This feature will help in inspiring users to enhance their total activity levels.
Movement Tracking
For tracking the movements of the players, GPS location tracking will be utilized on the devices of the players or will be integrated with the fitness trackers.
Social Media Integration Option
This feature will enable users to share results on popular social media spaces and they will be able to gain popularity quickly and easily.
Marketplace Integration
This will enable users to buy and trade NFTs, entrancing digital items such as sneakers, shoes, etc.
Smartwatch Integration
Users can integrate the fitness application on the smartwatch in order to keep track of goals on the move
Why Choose Bitdeal For OliveX Clone Development?

Bitdeal is a leading Move To Earn Game development company with immense experience in delivering the best NFT game development solutions. Our team of experts will clearly understand gaming concepts and focus on arriving at an impressive move to earn a gaming platform similar to OliveX.

Our OliveX clone development solutions include distinct gaming use cases with the integration of features, development, and implementations. To say, on the whole, we will focus on giving life to your fresh Olivex clone app ideas with our extensive knowledge in game development and usage of cutting-edge technologies. So, approach this renowned move to earn game development company and get their top-notch OliveX clone development services to build your own robust OliveX clone app with unrivaled performance and within your budget.

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