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Play To Earn (P2E) Vs Move To Earn (M2E) Vs Sleep To Earn Vs Wear To Earn NFT Games - Difference Explained

Find out the key differences between the popular nft earning models play to earn, move to earn, sleep to earn and wear to earn.

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Play To Earn (P2E) Vs Move To Earn (M2E) Vs Sleep To Earn Vs Wear To Earn NFT Games - Difference Explained

Apart from being a crypto entity, NFTs are now becoming a biggest money making opportunity for common people. These all new crypto assets are influencing almost all corners of the world, especially industrialists like cine actors, artists, real estates owners and gamers are showing more interest towards adopting NFTs for their personal finance assistance and for business branding. 

So how does one individual like you make money through NFTs? 

If you were the person who has monitored NFTs in all aspects,  you may have heard the term, “Play-To-Earn(P2E).” It is the most common term which has sounded loud in all ends of the NFT Industry. 

Play to Earn in a simple term, 

“If you can play a game, then you can earn money.“

Seems so simple right? But there are difficulties, we will discuss the difficulties later. 


Apart from the play to earn, there are some other methods to earn NFTs, which many people don’t hear, or many people are not showing interest in. Check out the list below here.

Top 4 Methods To Earn NFTs

  • Play To Earn Games
  • Move to Earn Games
  • Sleep to Earn 
  • Wear To Earn

So, what is the difference between each method, let’s discuss in detail below here!

Play To Earn Vs Move To Earn Vs Sleep To Earn Vs Wear To Earn

#1 Play To Earn NFT Games

Play to earn games are the premier NFT gaming model that lets the user earn while they are playing. This type of nft games are mostly adventure games, battle games, racing games. Here the gamer will be rewarded with NFTs whenever they achieve a target, meet goals,  or unlock a level.  Here NFT's are called “Play-To-Earn NFTs” and are considered as In-game Assets. 

Example of Play-to-Earn NFT Games

  • Axie Infinity - NFT Battle Game
  • Zed Run  - NFT Horse Racing Game
  • The Sandbox - NFT Metaverse Game

#2 Move To Earn NFT Games

This is the all new NFT Earning method, here the money earning opportunity vastly differs from the play to earn games. Move To Earn NFT applications let the user earn money by rewarding them with NFTs for completing physical activities like jogging, walking, or for any exercise. These kinds of apps are completely focused on making individuals healthier and let them earn for taking efforts.

Popular Move To Earn NFT Games

  • StepN
  • Sweatcoin
  • OliveX

#3 Sleep-To-Earn NFT Games

This is the most epic and interesting money earning model in the NFT industry ever!! Would you believe that you can earn more if you can take complete rest or a full night sleep of 8 hours? Yes! You can. These all new NFT applications can track your sleeping pattern, and can reward you with NFTs. The highlight of the sleep-to-earn NFT games is that they will reward higher if you can take more rest. All you need to do is just install the app from the play store, and the app will start to calculate all your sleeping patterns.

Popular Sleep-To-Earn Applications

  • MetaGym
  • SleeFi
  • Sleep Future

Do you wanna know more about sleep to earn nfts ? Check out here - Everything about Sleep-To-Earn NFTs.

#4 Wear-To-Earn NFTs

Wear-To-Earn NFTs - It is a completely new concept to the NFT industry. There are a lot of definitions online, which tells the Wear-to-Earn NFTs are gonna be the future of the fashion industry. Most of them are unclear. But, as a NFT Development Company, what we are predicting is Wear-to-Earn NFTs will be the future of fashion industry.With the help of Web 3.0 technologies, like AI, Virtual reality, Metaverse and blockchain, we can transform the traditional fashion design in to virtual wearable in augmented reality. 

Currently this kind of Wear-To-Earn NFTs are used in decentralized gaming spaces like Decentraland to dressup the virtual avatars. The rewards can be claimed for wearing the clothes of top brands to your avatar and letting it influence the other users inside the metaverse world.

Brands Adopting Wear to Earn NFTs

  • DressX
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Akings


Play To Earn Vs Move To Earn Vs Sleep to Earn Vs Wear To Earn NFTs Difference Comparison Table



So hope you have interesting money earning opportunities in the NFT industry, pick your best choice and start making money with NFTs.  Earning money through the above methods can be good, but are not permanent, and can result in less ROI with more effort. As a NFT Development Company, what we are suggesting is, start your business by creating your own NFTs, or play to earn games, move to earn apps, or nft marketplaces. If you have any idea or need consultation, reach our experts any time!

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