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PinkSale Clone Script | How to Create Crypto Launchpad Like PinkSale?

At Bitdeal, we develop the best-performing PinkSale Clone Script with custom features.

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PinkSale Clone Script | How to Create Crypto Launchpad Like PinkSale?

PinkSale Clone Script

A PinkSale Clone Script is a replica of a software solution that mimics the capabilities and features of the original PinkSale platform. Many users use this platform to create and sell digital assets like memberships, downloads, and subscriptions. At Bitdeal, we will understand your business requirements and create a customized PinkSale Clone Script. Our PinkSale Clone Script will include features like product listing, payment processing, reporting, analytics tools, and more. Get your Demo Now.

What is PinkSale?

PinkSale is a successful launchpad ecosystem that contains its tools effectively. With the help of the PinkSale, Crypto users can now create their own tokens and launchpads to attract other Crypto users. Following the release of its White Paper in 2021, PinkSale debuted its official website of the same year. Did you know that PinkSale was developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform? Yes! You heard that right. In addition to that, users can generate other DeFi Platforms like PinkSwap, UniSwap, PancakeSwap, etc. Interestingly, Crypto users can create their launchpads and tokens by paying the service fees.   

How to Make a Launchpad like PinkSale?

Creating a launchpad like PinkSale is simple. Here are the mandatory steps to create a launchpad similar to PinkSale. 

Step 1: Organizing Launchpad Development

Every project starts with creativity and planning for the creation of a product and its use, each with its own special qualities. Work with the developers to properly plan your Launchpad platform, similar to PinkSale, from concept to launch, including any special features and services you want to provide to cryptocurrency users.

Step 2: Writing White Papers

A white paper will showcase your product development and the services you offer post-launch will be released after the launchpad development strategy is completed. The whitepaper outlines all of the information included in the service and draws attention to the advantages of your product, making it more widely available.

Step 3: Designing and Development

In this step, we will design the launchpad just like how you want. Later, we will design the whole system and implement it on the Blockchain network with all the necessary features. Also, the entire system will be already built by Smart Contracts. 

Step 4: Wallet Implementation

Through this step, users can set up several Cryptocurrency wallets to access various platforms. You can attract many Crypto users to your platform by choosing different wallets for implementation. 

Step 5: PinkSale Features Development

The launchpad is built with features that benefit the users. The platform will gain from the distinctive features created and shown, as they will attract a large number of people to your launchpad ecosystem. Our platform will accomplish several aims in the cryptocurrency space thanks to various cutting-edge features.

Step 6: Deployment of the Launchpad

After all the testing procedures are completed and the issues are fixed, the Launchpad ecosystem will be established for the user. The platform is set up on a web server and released onto the global market, enabling users from all over the globe to access and utilize it. Also, this is the final step of creating a launchpad like PinkSale. 

White Label PinkSale Clone Script

At Bitdeal, we provide white-label PinkSale Clone Script for several platforms and they include Mobile Applications, Window Software, and Web Portal.

Mobile Application: We provide a safe and multiple-featured platform for your mobile user customers. Also, we will offer special features to keep them updating their new updates.

Window Software: We develop white-label PinkSale Clone Script to experience fast transactions. Users from both native and cross-platforms can also leverage this feature.

Web Portal: We design a high-quality web portal PinkSale Cone Script to make transactions faster and more transparent. 

Key Components of PinkSale Clone Script

At Bitdeal, we develop the best-performing PinkSale Clone Script for everyone. Here are the key components of the PinkSale Clone Script. 

1. Creating a Token

Users can create their own tokens with only three straightforward steps. PinkSale Clone offers several token creation standards, including Liquidity Generator, Baby, and Standard tokens. By giving the name, symbol, overall quantity, and a certain amount of service, the token is produced.

2. Creating a Launchpad

After creating a token, users must start creating their launchpad as well. To get your token in front of cryptocurrency consumers it has to be distributed in the digital sphere. By enabling users to design their own launchpad for their own token, PinkSale Clone also enhances token sales and the token economy.

3. Token Vesting

Token vesting is an amazing concept because you can use this feature after your token is locked. After being locked, the tokens will be released into circulation according to the token vesting principle. The length of the token's locking period and the amount that must be locked are decided by the token's creator. Also, the token creator decides how many tokens are released at each time interval. 

4. AntiBot

With the entry of AntiBot, users can attract other users to their platform. The Anti-bot carries out many tasks to stop different types of spam, such as price inflations following exchange listing, managing the total quantity of tokens that may be exchanged in a single transaction, preventing tokens from being sold to the blacklist, etc.

Dynamic Features of PinkSale Clone Script

The reason why to develop a PinkSale Clone Script is because of its excellent features. Here are some dynamic features of PinkSale Clone Script. 

Token Locking: Users can lock their tokens to prevent expansion for your token. After a certain time, you can partially release your token to enhance circulation effectively. 

White Listing: The ability of the token users to distribute their tokens to a certain Cryptocurrency user with their given IDs. Also, it is a key feature of the PinkSale Clone Script. 

Rapid Token Supply: With only three easy steps, a creator may create a token using the PinkSale clone and quickly launch it. From there, the creator can enhance the token's circulation.

Airdrop: The ability to distribute free tokens to certain cryptocurrency users, which promotes token circulation in the cryptocurrency world, is the most appealing feature for the PinkSale clone's token producers. 

Top-Notch Benefits of PinkSale Clone Script

PinkSale Clone Script will benefit both the admin and users in many ways. Here are some top-notch benefits of PinkSale Clone Script. 

  • Offers simple token design

  • Users can create their own launchpad

  • The complete system is decentralized

  • Create an impact on the token economy

  • Grows your crypto community

Hire Launchpad Developers

Bitdeal stands as a top-tier player in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Development. At Bitdeal, we have a team of professionals who are experienced in developing PinkSale Clone Script. We ensure to provide well-structured PinkSale Clone Script services to your specific business needs. Our talented developers will determine your requirements and deliver the exact outcome. Connect with our PinkSale Clone Script developers to take your business to the next level with their support. 

Why Choose Bitdeal to Develop PinkSale Clone Script?

Bitdeal is the best Blockchain Development Company that offers amazing solutions to all industries. Our excellent team will help you develop a custom-made PinkSale Clone Script to perform exchange efficiently. At Bitdeal, we have 15+ years of experience and have successfully delivered 350+ projects. Also, Bitdeal has served many global countries such as Japan, Austria, Malaysia, the USA, the UK, Singapore, India, Brazil, Germany, South Korea, etc. By integrating advanced technology and software, we will provide innovative solutions for your needs. So, what’s stopping you from? Leverage Bitdeal to develop your own PinkSale Clone Script now!

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